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    Arizona State MuseumArizona State Museum Tucson, Arizona
    Beginning in 18893, the Arizona State Museum became a repository for the collection and preservation of archaeological specimens, but today has broadened its scope to include the storage and exhibition of relics, along with providing outstanding education and research opportunities, located in Tucson, Arizona and part of the University of Arizona, who runs it. Great evidence shows that the Native Peoples have lived in the North American continent for thousands of years, which has created a niche for the museum to investigate their habitation, their lifestyles, communication and art. Emil Haury, one of the earliest and most important directors of the museum would conduct many such excavations in the southwest region, instructing students and others his outstanding methods and discoveries. The museum today, houses many such relics that were made by the past cultures, along with those currently living in the area. The artifacts include; clothing, pottery, textiles, jewelry and baskets; that have been discovered at many of these types of excavations. There are also other archaeological relics that were donated by Native American tribes, getting them from individual people and the purchase of by the museum. The museum showcases these artifacts in their exhibitions, like a recent pottery exhibition or masks made by Mexican artisans and textiles woven by Native American masters. There are many opportunities for students that are studying art, design, archaeology and anthropology and other mediums of investigation who work with the museum to get better educated about the techniques, objects and materials from the museum's collections, with some taking part in their excavations.

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    Arizona-Sonora Desert MuseumArizona-Sonora Desert Museum Tucson, Arizona
    this fabulous museum occupies 98 acres in Tucson, Arizona, that began in 1952, and today houses both a museum and a zoo, along with two miles of outstanding walking paths that allow you to explore some 21 acres of various landscapes and is one of the most visited destinations in the city today. It has combined the facilities of a museum, botanical garden and zoo all into one institution that concentrates it attention on the animals and plants native to the Sonora Desert and had been a pioneer in the construction of naturalistic enclosures for their animals. They chose a site some 12 miles from Tucson, which included 98 acres of desert lands that did have some original structures located there that had been constructed by the CCC and been known as the Mountain House. The zoo has a junior docent program for teens that offers them the opportunity to learn about the various animals and plants located at the museum, who then volunteer one day a week to present information to the visitors. In 2005, they would create the Center for Sonoran Desert Studies that conducts scientific and educational aspects of the museum and has become the hub for education, conservation and research of the Sonoran Desert. The museum offers regular demonstrations during the day with animal talks and demonstrations in the Raptor Free Flight exhibit, twice a day, where a number of raptors are flown for the audience's enjoyment.

February 23, 2013