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  • University of Michigan Museum of ArtUniversity of Michigan Museum of Art Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The University of Michigan Museum of Art, or UMMA, occupies the Alumni Memorial Hall of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that was constructed as a war memorial during 1909, to honor the deceased that had fallen in the Civil War. The hall did contain the Alumni program, originally, as well as the growing art collection. The museum itself was started in 1946, focusing on European and Asian arts, with over 18,000 artworks that include Whistler, Picasso and Frankenhaler. UMMA closed for a while in 2006, so that a $34 million expansion and addition could be completed; which opened in 2009. Their collections now contain beautiful and exciting artifacts and artworks that include; African, Prints, drawings & photographs, American, modern and contemporary, Asian, middle eastern and European works. While the African artworks gallery continues to grow, it now houses over 1000 works from Africa. These include metalworks, ceramics, masks, sculpture, textiles and architectural elements. In the American gallery, there are works from the 19th and 20 centuries that include; a Rembrandt portrait, Peale, Hudson River school landscapes, an early Whistler seascape, sculptures by Hiram Powers and Randolph Rogers, and Tony Smith; works by Frank Stella, Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, Jim Dine, Ansel Adams, Sol LeWitt, Sally Mann, Paul Strand, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Alfred Stieglitz and Walker Evans. The Asian collection contains the biggest collection of Asian art in the state, that contains over 4500 relics from the 3rd century BC. to the current times and hold cultural works from Java, Japan, and Afghanistan, with Chinese and Japanese paintings, and Chinese and Korean ceramics. There are Indian religious sculptures and miniature paintings; with the newest collectibles coming from Japanese prints and textiles, Korean ceramics, Chinese folk art and southeast Asian decorative arts and sculptures. The European art comes from the late medieval period to the current times, being represented by all the mediums in the museum. These include; works on paper, sculptures, paintings, and decorative arts. Some of the earliest works include; carved ivories, sculpture and enamels, and Italian renaissance panel paintings. There are Flemish works by Baroque artists David Teniers and Philippe de Champaigne; with innumerable collections of metalworks, ceramics, sculpture and textiles. Paintings contain Monets, Natoire, Delacroix, Perronneau and Bourguereau.  The middle eastern, modern & contemporary and prints, photographs and drawings also include some magnificent pieces that will marvel and surprise you.

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  • Exhibit Museum of Natural History at the University of MichiganExhibit Museum of Natural History Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Exhibit Museum of Natural History started in the 1850s, and was quickly expanded by the donation of Joseph Beal Steele, a UM alumnus who gave the museum over 60,000 specimens in the 1870s. In 1928, the Ruthven Museums Building was finished and the collections moved there. This building includes a planetarium, as well as displays of geology, paleontology in the state, Michigan wildlife, Native American anthropology and culture. It also contains the Museum of Zoology, Museum of Paleontology and the Museum of Anthropology, that house over 15 million specimens that represent all the orders of insects, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mites, as well as four-fifths of the orders of mollusks and fish. The exhibit museum contains the biggest exhibit of dinosaur specimens in the state, and the specimens of the state fossil, the mastodon, the only one in the world today that has both female and male; the Buesching and Owosso mastodons.  Permanent exhibits at the exhibit museum include; the Hall of Evolution, located on the second floor and containing the biggest display of prehistoric life in the state; with over 600 million years of life on our planet that can be seen by its fossils, mastodon skeletons, prehistoric whales, dioramas, dinosaurs and much more; the Michigan wildlife gallery on the third floor has a huge collection of native Great Lakes birds, amphibians, mammals and reptiles with habitat scenes, taxidermy mounts and the biggest mastodon trackway in the world. Included in this gallery are many exhibits about the environmental problems facing us today in this area of the country; the anthropology exhibits on the fourth floor that house artifacts from human cultures from across the globe; and geology exhibits on the same floor that contains a big collection of minerals and rocks. Temporary or rotating displays include; Collecting for Science: Collections, Science and Scholarship in the U-M Research Museums; Explore Evolution; Archaeology! Current Research in the U-M Museum of Anthropology and Reaching for the Stars and Beyond: Astronomy at the University of Michigan.

January 11, 2011