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  • Stonehenge of ArubaStonehenge of Aruba
     Somewhere northeast of Hooiberg, the mysterious Stonehenge of Aruba stands like stark sentinels against the purple night's sky. Here, very rare and very unique, borrowing owls dig underneath huge boulders, that no one, not scientists, geologists or anthropologists understands or has any inkling of why. This amazing puzzle has long stumped all kinds of scientific minds for many years; and no one on the island can understand or knows of any legends or stories that related to the strange events.

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  • Natural Pool, ArubaNatural Pool, Aruba
    The Natural Pool in Aruba has become the island's most popular destination, since it is so unusual, beautiful and secluded. The only way to get to this spectacular destination is by jeep, so if you should go to Aruba to visit this fantastic site, you might consider using Alamo Rental Cars, which has a great printable coupon discount going on right now. The cool, refreshing, crystal clear waters entice many people to spend the day here enjoying the marvelous sights on the way to and from this magical pool. A couple of historic sights on the way are the Natural bridge, which fell some years ago, and the California lighthouse. The traveling is half the fun, as the road twists and turns all over the place, since they don't have the modern equipment to put a decent road in the country. The ride will give you some extra excitement since it can be somewhat bumpy and throw you around as if you were riding some hairy coaster in the states. You can take a tour or just go by yourself, where you can stop anywhere along the road and enjoy the magnificent countryside, animals, ragged volcanic peaks, huge iguanas sitting atop rocks enjoying the sun, the fantastic divi-divi trees and anything else that catches your fancy. Once at the pool, you will marvel at the beauty, sights and sounds as the waves break against the rocks and splash over into the pool. It is a great place for romance, and as mentioned earlier, you can spend as much time as you want, if you aren't part of a tour. Really, save your money and use it on a reliable jeep from Alamo, and you will be the captain of your own ship. There are many pros and cons about doing it yourself, but by leaving everything to someone else, you also have given up your right to do whatever you feel like doing. You will have to do the research and decide for yourself. There are plenty of places to get directions, and there should be many people going to the site themselves. As said above, it is one of the most popular and fantastic places to see on the island, other than white sandy beaches or scuba diving, which are fun and quite exciting in themselves. The area around the pool is usually deserted, with the waves continuously pounding the volcanic rocks that surround the pool.

January 11, 2011