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  • Museum of Archaeology of CataloniaMuseum of Archaeology of Catalonia Barcelona, Spain
    The Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, or MAC was started in 1990, under the Museums of Catalonia Act, and is located in various sites throughout the city that include; the Archaeological Museum of Barcelona, that contains works and artifacts from ancient Greece and Rome that include the magnificent statue of Asclepuis from the 3rd century B.C. that was uncovered in Empuries; the Archaeological Museum of Girona that is located in the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants; the Greco-Roman city of Empuries that is located on a small isthmus settled in the 9th century B.C. and archeological excavation started in 1908, and only a quarter of it has been completed; the Iberian settlement of Ullastret; the monuments of Olerdola; and the submarine archaeology center of Catalonia that was started in 1992 to preserve the underwater archeological sites; as well as inventory, protect, preserve and study the underwater heritage sites that exist in Catalonia.  This collection includes relics from the various civilizations that settled in the Catalonia region and the Balearic Islands from the Paleolithic to Visigothic period. They have created dioramas about the life of cavemen with great models; and a blind room for those with vision impairment that includes a restoration lab, artistic and pedagogical department.

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  • Joan Miro FoundationJoan Miro Foundation Barcelona, Spain
    The Fundacio Joan Miro, Centre d'Estudis d'Art Contemporani, or Joan Miro Foundation is a museum of modern art that honors Joan Miro and is found in Montjuic Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The museum building is in itself a marvelous example of modern design getting its ideas from the areas traditions and was finished in 1975 by architect Josep Lluis Sert, who wanted it to be an open space concept with large open terraces and interior courtyards that help the flow of visitors circulate. In 1986, the museum was enlarged to incorporate the auditorium and library. The foundation contains the most complete public collection of art by Joan Miro in the world that is made up of textiles, ceramics, prints and drawings, sculptures and paintings by this fantastic artist; that includes over 14,000 items that include; 4 ceramics, 178 sculptures, 217 paintings, graphic art that is almost finished and 8,000 drawings. Besides the works of Joan, the museum houses a small collection of contemporary art, that was started a year after he died with donations and loans of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other objects by well known artisans. Their exhibition agenda welcomes the establishments of historical vanguards that have become the latest trends in artworks of today. The Area 13 has been a research lab where experimentation has been about the innovative and daring aspects of art; and is located on the first floor, which has been the pioneering area for over 30 years. This fabulous arena is where up and coming new artists show their works for the curators of other museums and galleries that are always looking for new talent and exhibitions for their respective audiences.

January 11, 2011