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  • Calgary ZooCalgary Zoo Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    The Calgary Zoo is located just a bit east of the downtown area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a major part of the zoo located on St. George's Island in the Bow River. It was one of the first accredited zoos in the country and in 2006, was home to over 1000 animals of 290 species that does not include the fish or insect populations. It is also the second biggest zoo in the nation, with exhibits organized by geographic locales. These include; Destination Africa, Canadian wilds, Australia, botanical gardens, Eurasia, prehistoric park and South America. The zoo opened in 1929, and the most recent addition was the Destination Africa that included two new areas called the TransAlta Rain Forest and the African Savannah. An Asian elephant was born here in 2004, but sadly was rejected by the mother and died 3 weeks later. In 2007, a giraffe named Richard was born at the zoo, and is doing good. Also that same year, a Siberian tiger named Vitali was born and is doing well. A baby gorilla was born to Zuri in 2008, and after extensively looking through the 1400 entries for her new name, was given Yewande; which is a Nigerian name that is given to girls after the death of an elder in the family. In January of 2009, a Turkmenian markhor that was two years old got entangled in a play toy called the boomer ball and lost its footing from a suspended log and died later from this accident. The first Colobus monkey was born in February of 2009. Articles have begun to be written about the loss of animal life at the zoo, but the director said all the incidents were unrelated and that it is part of the process of birth at zoos.  The many regions of the zoo house all kinds of animals that are living in their natural habitats, that allow them to feel as if they were in the wild, yet shown enough for visitors to enjoy the sights and sounds of these marvelous beasts. Destination Africa is a complex of four buildings that include the savannah and rainforest. The rainforest is 31,000 square feet with Red River hogs, giraffes, hippos and a baobab tree, and allows an 80,000 gallon indoor pool for the mighty beasts, that allow the visitor to have a marvelous view of their underwater antics. In the summer, there are doors that lift up to allow the area to become part of the savannah, which is home to ostriches, lions and zebras. The Canadian Wilds contain the biggest part of the animals of North America, including the birds and has three zones called the Northern Forest, Aspen Woodlands and Rocky Mountains; with wolves, moose, wood bison and grizzly bears. In the Australia section, also known as the Creatures of the Night, there are birds, mammals and reptiles that come from Oceania, with outdoor and indoor enclosures. The critters housed in here include; koalas, bearded dragons, kangaroos and wallabies. The Botanical Gardens and Dorthy Harvie Conservatory have become one of the most popular venues in the zoo, with beauty and brilliance everywhere.

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  • Glenbow MuseumGlenbow Museum Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    The Glenbow Museum is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is one of the biggest museum' in the western part of Canada, with over 93,000 square feet of display space that is housed on over 20 galleries that feature many selections of Glenbow's million objects. Eric Harvie donated his huge historical collection of antiquities to the people of Alberta in 1966, and began the Glenbow-Alberta Institute. In downtown Calgary, the institute manages the Glenbow Museum that is open to the public, and contains its museum collections, library, archives and huge art collection. A new permanent display was opened in 2007, called the Mavericks, on the third floor, that follows the history of the province via 48 influential and colorful people. Today, there are four main collections; mineralogy, ethnology, cultural history and military history. The cultural history houses over 100,000 relics that came here from around the world, that pertains to the life that existed in western Canada from the late 19th century to the present day; and tells how people worshipped, were governed, made their livings, relaxations, dress styles and eating habits; and also the amount of family mementos that were needed to make a new home a home. This collection contains important relics of Alberta pottery, northern explorations, pressed glass, western Canadian folk studies, numismatics and textiles. The Glenbow ethnology collection houses over 48,000 relics that were made or used by the indigenous people of the continent, especially the northern plains, the northwest coast, subarctic and arctic areas and certain areas of South American, Asia, Oceania and Africa. The military history has become the most diversified in western Canada with 26,000 relics that span numerous countries over 5 centuries, but mostly the European, North American and Asian firearms and edged weapons; as well as Japanese arms and armour, Canadian medals, decorations and orders. Their mineralogy collection has many minerals, precious and semi-precious stones from all over the world, but mostly western Canada, with the selections being chosen for their overall value and mineralogical importance and Treasures of the Mineral World display that is a favorite with rock hounds, geologists and visitors of all age groups that come here to marvel and view the magnificent minerals of their earth. Exciting displays of glow in the dark minerals, fool's gold, a piece of the earth's oldest rock and rock crystals of every color in the rainbow. Their Asian collection is on semi-permanent loan from the Bumper Development Corp. Ltd. that contains masks, reliefs, sculptures and paintings in wood, metal and stone from the Hindu and Buddhist cultures of Asia that date from the first century to the 18th century. The exciting art collection has 28,000 artworks, mostly from the 19th century to the present day, that is historical, contemporary or modern that relates to the Pacific northwest. There is also a spectacular collection of landscape paintings, Sybil Andrews well known Canadian prints collection, American illustrations, western and wildlife artworks, First Nations and Inuit art; with some works from other parts of the world to give a national and international depth to the collections. The library holds over 100,000 maps, newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets and books that relate to western Canada, from the roaming of the buffalo to the arrival of the railroad, then settlement of the west, to social, political and economic events that occurred in the province. In this wonderful collection, there are very rare illustrated equestrian literature from the 15th century, books from a one room schoolhouse and volumes and various material that relates to the other collections.

January 11, 2011