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  • Red Rock CanyonRed Rock Canyon Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a pristine 787 acre plot of land that is between the cities of Manitou and Colorado Springs, featuring beautiful red rock formations that have been compared to the Garden of the Gods. In 2003, the city of Colorado Springs purchased the land to preserve it for all people wishing to explore this untouched haven of natural beauty and exciting trails. The geologic history of Red Rock Canyon started over 300 million years ago, when the sandy gravel of the ancient Rocky Mountains washed down to the edge of Manitou Springs and formed alluvial deposits of fountain sandstone. After 50 million years, the fine sand began drifting into the Red Rock Canyon area becoming red Lyons sandstone. Another 100 million years went by, and the canyon was going through numerous changes caused by climate and rainfall; and eventually a sea appeared causing the future canyon to become the bottom of a mud and sand pit that gathered in the seashells and sharks' teeth and numerous formations began to grow. After the huge geologic upheaval, called the Laramie revolution, the new Rocky Mountains were formed and the deep layers of sediments were thrown up, corrupted and bent over until the Red Rock Canyon strata was standing on its end. The millennia that followed caused the erosion of the strata and after many more millennia passed, the results were an array of parallel ridges and canyons that look like they do today.  Cottonwood and aspen grow along the base of the canyon, with conifers growing in the cooler shaded areas along the ridge. These Douglas fir and ponderosa pine trees are thriving in this environment while along the many slopes can be found pinon and juniper trees. Much of the open areas are full of shrub vegetation, that is often dominated by Gambel oak and mountain mahogany, with areas of grassy plots that contain yucca, prickly pear and pincushion cactus. The area is a haven for coyotes, deer, bear and mountain lions since it is an area that is uninhabited and serene. Many wildflowers can be seen everywhere, with an abundance of horned lizards, spiderwort, dogbane, bush morning glory, sage, mullein and harbingers of spring. 

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  • Glen Eyrie CastleGlen Eyrie Castle Colorado Springs, Colorado
    This spectacular 67 room Tudor castle was built in 1871, by General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was his dream house, located in the foothills of the Garden of the Gods rock formations that has become a city park. The huge carriage house was constructed first, where the family lived while the house was being built on the magnificent 800 acre estate. He and his wife, Mary (Queen) Mellen constructed a 22 room house on the estate to begin with, and then refurbished in 1881 to add the tower and more rooms, that soon looked like a stone castle, like the ones that Mrs. Palmer was used to in her native land of England. Queen Palmer opened the first public school in the city in 1871, when she was just 21, and they had three daughters; Elsie, Marjory and Dorothy. In 1880, Queen had a minor heart attack, and told by the doctors to move to a lower altitude; which caused her to move to the east coast of the nation, and eventually to England. General Palmer would visit as often as he could, but Queen passed on in 1894, just 44 years old. The general went to England to bring her body and their children back to Colorado Springs. The castle grew to 67 rooms, with 24 excellent fireplaces, with early inter com system, and a chimney system that held the smoke until just the right wind would carry it out of the valley. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and presently owned by the Navigators; an international Christian para-church organization that is centered in Colorado Springs, with the express purpose of training Christians to share their faith. The public is allowed to visit the bookstore ad cafe, located in the carriage house, with many marvelous trails meandering through the property. The valley is enclosed and has become a haven for herds of deer, bighorn sheep and wild turkey. It has become a conference and retreat center for Christians and other programs throughout the year.

January 11, 2011