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  • The Sixth Floor MuseumSixth Floor Museum Dallas, Texas
    This museum located at Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas, contains a monumental historical display that looks at the life, death, times and legacy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States; and this is the spot, the exact location of bullets that were fired upon the best loved president that this country has seen in over a century, and most probably, one of the two best loved men in the presidency of the nation. The museum uses photographs, artifacts, relics, historic films and interpretive displays that document the historically exact events that occurred during, before and after the horrible assassination of our president. It, the museum, is completely self-sufficient, getting enough in donations and ticket sales to pay for itself, renting the space in this building from the county of Dallas, Texas. It was opened on President's Day in 1989, and is found in the Texas School Book Depository structure, sitting at the intersection of Houston and Elm Streets by Dealy Plaza in downtown Dallas; where on November 22, 1963, one Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the President of the United States. It has evolved into one of the most controversial events of our time, with numerous ideas of speculation and hypothesis, conjecture, guesses and any other way of deciding who, what, where and why this happened.  Since its opening, the museum has welcomed over 6 million visitors from all over the world, coming here for understanding, clarification, information and insight into one of the most memorable disasters of our history. This event has evoked more response, more conjecture, more misery than any other murder in our history, and has continued to be an enigma right up to the present day. As the years continue to pass by, and small bits of information are brought forth, nothing can definitely solve this murder, and after almost half a century, it is beginning to look like it will never completely be solved; although there are many that believe Oswald was alone and did the dirty deed by himself; while others cannot believe that one man, and that one mentally disturbed and distressed, could possibly commit this atrocious crime without help. It shall remain a mystery forever. All we can do now is to remember, the man, the president, father, brother, son, husband, friend and advocate of the downtrodden, the less fortunate and the meek, humble and disassociated of this wonderful country.

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  • Dallas World AquariumDallas World Aquarium Dallas, Texas
    The Dallas World Aquarium is both an aquarium and zoo found in downtown Dallas, Texas, that continues to save and educate the public with housing animals that are endangered or on the verge of extinction, being part of a cooperative breeding program with various zoos around the nation and world. The many levels contain aquariums that showcase jellyfish, anemones, coral and fish from around the world, with 10 main tanks holding the aquatic life of the Solomon Islands, Japan, Fiji, Lord Howe Island, Indonesia, South Australia, Sri Lanka, the Bahamas, British Columbia and Palau. There are other marvelous tanks as well that house many creatures of the sea, like the one with a tunnel going underneath the center of it where you can see the sharks and stingrays swimming about the waters and corals. Besides the magnificent aquarium, there is a fantastic zoo with plants, animals and birds, like the bats, monkeys, snakes, frogs, jaguars, tarantulas and the only display of a three toed sloth in the nation. Also part of the complex are three restaurants and two gift shops; with partners in initiatives between the public school system and many local companies or corporations. A wonderful work study program has developed between the students at the School of Business and Management at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet High School and the aquarium. The first building to house the aquarium was the old warehouse on North Griffin Street that opened in 1992, although the warehouse had been built in 1929. Vacant lot nearby were purchased and developed, opening in 2004, which is called the Mundo Maya exhibit.  The entry way is filled with the flora and fauna of the Wilds of Borneo, and is 200 feet long with animals and plants from this wonderful region of the world. Once inside, you step into the Orinoco - secrets of the river rainforest that features mixed avian species flying freely about looking for food, making nests, caring for their babies, or cleaning themselves on top of the 40 foot waterfall. Tiny vampire bats fly around, while big Antillean manatees swim in the pools, all sharing the rainforest with the fish, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles that thrive in this beautiful environment. Next to the spectacular aquarium sits the outdoor South Africa display and the seasonal Madagascar exhibit. On the inside, the path continues onward on the bottom of Mundo Maya after going through the 40 foot tunnel going through the tanks filled with stingrays and sharks. Rising up into the upper levels, small hummingbirds sprint back and forth among the flowers, while the bigger raptors buzz the huge Tree of Life.

January 11, 2011