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  • Diamond Lakes RegionDiamond Lakes Region Hot Springs, Arkansas
    The plethora of adventures await you and your family at the Hot Springs and Diamond lakes region of Arkansas, with more outdoor activities and recreational opportunities than just about anywhere else in the world. The five lakes that make up the Diamond Lakes are Lake Ouachita and Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Lake Catherine near Malvern, Lake Greeson by Glenwood and Murfreesboro and DeGray Lake at Arkadelphia. With over 70,000 acres of total water, and hundreds of miles of shoreline, the most magnificent views and vistas that greet your eyes will simply amaze, inspire and most often tranquilize your inner being. There is plenty of room to sail, swim, ski, float, rent a houseboat, fish, picnic, enjoy a party barge, or just relax in the serene sunshine in the clearest, cleanest waters in the world. The opportunities become endless, with tranquil streams wandering down the mountainside of Ouachita Mountain, and some of the best steam fishing in the world, with great spots for smallmouth bass and trout. But that isn't the only kind of fish that is possible to catch here, there are a number of bass, like striped, largemouth, hybrid, crappie, spotted bass, white bass, and more. The rainbow and brown trout are so exciting to catch, by fly or cast, and you can enjoy the freshest fish you ever took out of a frying pan. There is just about nothing as wonderful as sitting by a slow moving stream in the early hours of the morning, sun finally coming up to warm the chill of that morning air, and you cooking that first trout in a iron frying pan along with some fresh onions and potatoes. Not only is the fishing incredible and edible, but you can float down some of these lazy rivers on inner tubes or rafts, just laying on your back watching those fluffy white clouds float by.

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  • Hiking the Trails of Hot SpringsHot Springs Trails Hot Springs, Arkansas
    When or if you get tired of fishing, or more likely have caught your limit, then the wide open spaces of hiking trails awaits your pleasure. This is just another venue that you and your family is absolutely going to enjoy. Most of the hiking trails in the Hot Springs area are short, but some can be strenuous, all depending how often you hike or exercise that body of yours. Whatever condition or expertise of hiker you are, the views, the vistas, the gorgeous natural wonders that await you on the trails will lift up your spirit and give you renewed strength to carry on with whatever adventure you want or that will befall you. There are the West Mountain trails; five of them that are as short as .7 miles, up to the longest, Mountain Top trail that is only a mile and a half, but with the beautiful panorama that greets you, it won't matter at all. There are the Hot Springs Mountain Trails; fourteen of those with the shortest being 270 feet along the Fountain Trail, up to the longest Hot Springs Mountain Trail which is 1.7 miles. Stonebridge Road section has two trails, the Sunset, which is 4 miles and the Dead Chief that is .7 miles. Sugarloaf Mountain section has the Sunset Trail of its own that is 2.8 miles and last is the West Mountain section that has its Sunset Trail 2.9 miles long; and as you can imagine, all the Sunset Trails mentioned will undoubtedly have the most magnificent scenes of sunset anywhere.  But there are more things to do than fish or hike, you can jog or run the trails if you are so inclined, go camping in the national and state parks, go mountain biking which is so fantastic and thrilling here that you might just buy a bike to do it, take your camera to shot every kind of bird or other animal that crosses your path, or even go horseback riding; taking you back to the days of the frontier and imagine yourself being chased by wild Indians.

March 09, 2011