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  • Kansas City Zoo Kansas City Zoo Kansas City, Kansas
    The Kansas City Zoological Park, also known as the Kansas City Zoo, is the 10th biggest zoo in the country and is located in Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been since 1909. It has a Friends of the Zoo program and was voted one of the nation's best zoos in 2008. It was named the number one zoo in the nation for African Animals and Exhibits, with the authors, Jon Wassner and Allen W. Nyhuis applauding the 95 acre Africa exhibit, which represents 5 nations, as "one of the most extensive collections of African animals they had ever seen". It is ranked in the top ten for Australian Animals and Exhibits, as well as for Pachyderms: Elephants, rhinos, hippos. The authors also re-quoted the famous ape expert, Jane Goodall's compliment that the Kansas City zoo contains one of the best chimp exhibits in North American. The America's best zoos of 2008, said the city's zoo is the number one in the country to view both kangaroos and chimpanzees. The zoo started in 1909, and sits on 202 acres that has become home to over 1300 animals, and sitting inside the Swope Park, which is the 29th biggest in the nation, has been separated into five different themed areas; KidZone, Africa, the Valley, Tiger Trail and Australia. All through the park, except in the Africa area, there are common peafowl that wander freely about, but in the Africa, they are helmeted guineafowl.  In the Africa area, it has been divided into 5 sections named; Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya and the Congolese Rainforest. In Botswana the African elephants live, Kenya as cheetahs, lesser kudu, common eland, warthogs, rhim gazelle, waterbuck and rare Scimitar-horned oryx, saddle-billed stork, southern ground-hornbill, Marabou stork, lappet-faced vulture, vulturine guineafowl, Batelur eagle, aldabra tortoise, blue duiker, lilac-breasted roller, dik-dik and red-ruffed lemur. Tanzania has the African lion, black-footed cat, serval, bushbaby, rock hyrax, lovebirds, gold breasted waxbill, black rhino, chimpanzee, Grant's zebra, Masai giraffe, ostrich, slender-snouted crocodile, hippo, secretary bird, Kori bustard and bat-eared fox. Uganda has the African wild dog and guinea baboons; while the Congolese Rainforest has red-capped mangabey and black mangabey, African leopard, red river hog, western lowland gorilla, yellow-backed duiker, lowland bongo and African crowned crane. 

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  • National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial
    The National World War I Museum is the nation's official museum devoted to WWI, that has been designated by the Congress, and opening in December, 2006. It is housed in a subterranean structure that enormously increased the size and space of the previous buildings that are still located on the main deck of the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri. The museum tells the story of that horrific war and the related events that happened around the world, from before 1914 and to the armistice that was signed in 1918, and the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Visitors are welcomed to the museum by crossing a glass bridge that spans across a glorious field of 9000 poppies, every flower representing a thousand dead soldiers. Inside are two theaters, a 20,000 square foot research center and library, museum store, multi-purpose conference room, and displays with period relics like guns, maps, a tank, uniforms ad photographs of the main forces. The final group of galleries showcase the military and civilian contributions to the war and President Woodrow Wilson's attempts at peace. The museum occasionally hosts authors, films about the war and prominent guest lecturers. There is a spectacular frieze outside that tells of the progress from war to peace that is 148 feet long and 18 feet tall. The museum has many interactive areas that will allow you to view various aspects of the war, like the Portrait Wall, an interactive video wall that lets you learn about those involved in the war, interactive table that lets you make your own propaganda posters, then email them and so much more. The guardian spirits is a stone sculpture that has four figures that represent courage, honor, patriotism and spirit. There is a 20,000 square foot research library, 1200 propaganda posters that tell how to recruit men, get money, walk of honor, over there cafe with music from that period and food likewise, Horizon Theater that shows many films about the horrors of the war and the people involved; and the question "Why Did American Enter the War?"

February 11, 2011