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  • Museum of World Treasures in WichitaMuseum of World Treasures in Wichita, Kansas
    The museum began in 2001, when Dr. Jon and his wife, Lorna, Kardatzke wanted to create a gateway to the past that would bring inspiration to the community, as well as educate and entertain them with artifacts that would increase lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence. It opened in the Garvey Center in downtown Wichita, Kansas and within two years had outgrown its facility. They relocated to the Farm and Art Market in the Old Town area of the city transforming an old warehouse into the showcase it has become. Although the museum isn't old in terms of existence, the magnificent artifacts that it exhibits and displays are from around the world and through the ages of time. Their unique collection includes dinosaurs and fossils that have the T-rex Ivan, a Hall of Presidents, a European Hall of Royalty, Egyptian mummies, music and Hollywood stars exhibit and a military collection that goes from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam. The first floor contains a marvelous collection of antiquities from the ancient world starting with the dinosaurs, with an Edmontosaurus being attacked by a Daspletosaurus and the terrible Ivan, a superb T-rex. Other relics in the floor area include; those from Rome, southeast Asia, Greek, Etruscan, Egyptian, African, Pre-Columbian, Mesopotamia and more. There are also displays of cavemen, ancient weapons, 2 Royal Egyptian mummies, gold jewelry, a sarcophagus and fantastic statues and pottery. Another real gem and they do mean gem is a huge amethyst-lined geode. The second floor contains one of the best collections of European Royalty with gold jewelry and memorable autographs with the most prominent kings and queens of the continent going back to the 12th century. The Revolutionary War collection contains artifacts of weapons, early documents that include autographs of Benedict Arnold, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and John Hancock. The Hall of Presidents is another exciting venue with all the autographs and pictures of the 43 Presidents and George Washington's lock of hair, whether it is his own or the wig is for you to find out and so much more.

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  • Custer's House in Fort RileyCuster House Fort Riley, Kansas
    The Custers came to Fort Riley from Monroe, Michigan in 1866, with Custer being quite famous for his exploits in the Civil War. He had been a major general in the volunteer army and when it was reorganized after the war, he was given the rank of Lt Colonel in the 7th Cavalry; which was a new regiment that was being set up in Fort Riley. Although there is a big difference in rank, Custer continued to wear his stars and had the honor of being addressed by his brevet rank as general, and his wife was Mrs. General Custer.  The house was built in 1855 of native limestone and is the only set of quarters that is left of those early buildings. Most of the house remains as it was then, and is furnished with furniture of that time.  Sadly though, the house that George and his wife Libbie lived in burned down, but since this one matched it so closely, it became his home.  There have been rumors about it being haunted, although if  it is the general, it may be he is upset that we are giving honor to a house that he wasn't living in.  Either way, it is really the man that we honor and his contributions to the American way of life and his great dedication in the Civil War.

March 09, 2011