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  • Atomic Testing MuseumAtomic Testing Museum Las Vegas, Nevada
    As the United States prepares to build two more nuclear plants in Georgia, perhaps now is a good time to visit the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada that documents the history of nuclear testing that happened at the Nevada Test Site in the desert, just north of the city. The first test was done here in January, 1951, and the museum tells you about that test and the others that followed up to the present day.  Included in the numerous exhibits that span the unbelievable history of nuclear testing, the one experience you must try is the Grounds Zero Theater that simulates this unimaginable event. There are other displays that show radiation testing devices, radio badges, Geiger counters, pop culture memorabilia that is related to the atomic age, still continuing today, Native American relics that were collected from around the test area and the equipment that is used in testing these various devices; plus exhibits that focus on the prominent figures involved in the facility, interactive displays about radiation and videos. The museum is managed by the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation, a non-profit that is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. Other support comes from the buying of license plates that have the commemorative NTS emblem on them, that are issued by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.  This city is famous for the bright lights, shows, gambling and other sinful accesses and excesses, but at one time, many decades ago, it became famous for the "secret" atomic tests that were going on just 65 miles outside the strip. During the fabulous fifties, visitors would go to downtown Las Vegas just to watch the huge mushroom clouds that rose up from the desert floor at the Nevada Test Site. It was this country's main nuclear testing facility that was in operation from 1951 to 1992. The site was started by the nation's Department of Energy since no one really knew of the effects of nuclear explosions, although the horrific sights, pictures and stories that came from Japan's Nagasaki and Hiroshima cities and people could have told them. The NTS conducted atmospheric testing until 1962, when officials began to fear the fall-out dangers that might occur, so they moved their operations underground. 928 nuclear tests were conducted with 828 being done underground; with all pertinent data being saved and shown at the Atomic Testing Museum. Science is amazing, when shown and presented in the correct light, which is what this museum attempts to do. It was opened to save the legacy of the NTS and to encourage public accessibility and general knowledge of the site. It is housed in the Frank H. Rogers Science and Technology building that is only a mile off the strip. The 10,000 square foot structure contains artifacts of the NTS, recording the dramatic and perhaps fascinating history of atomic explosions by interactive modules, films, timelines and real authentic gadgets and equipment that came from the site. They do show both sides of the story, from the protestors of the site to the on-site workers that experienced this incredible phenomenon. They strive to inform, educate and document the impact of the nuclear tests that affected the world, not just this state or country; just as the testing of the nukes in North Korea and the enrichment of uranium in Iran. 

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  • Titanic: The Artifact ExhibitionTitanic: The Artifact Exhibition Las Vegas, Nevada
    Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition reveals the authentic relics from that fateful ship, that were brought up from 2.5 miles down deep in the North Atlantic ocean, and attempts to unfold the story behind the famous ship's short journey from construction to destruction to discovery and finally recovery. Come here and imagine walking the decks, looking into the cabins and then meet the crew and passengers. The huge 25,000 square foot exhibit showcases the plethora of relics that were recovered from the RMS Titanic that includes; an unopened bottle of champagne, luggage, coins and currency, floor tiles from the first class smoking room, a window frame from the Verandah Cafe, part of the Titanic's hull, a fully recreated Grand Staircase, the outer Promenade Deck that has the frigid temperature that was felt by all passengers on that unimaginable night. She was considered a floating palace, a practically unsinkable ship by the White Star Line and the builders of this immense ship. Personal artifacts that will haunt you creating a forlorn feeling of various emotions and an opportunity to walk through the recreated first and third class staterooms containing the furnishings by the companies that originally built them. Over 300 relics reside here, plus the many recreated items will help you to imagine the horrible excitement that permeated the people of the ship as they waited to enter the lifeboats, or the even more horrific thought of entering that freezing water, only to sink into a black oblivion. Exhibit staff will tell you some of the personal stories of these passengers, other than those shown by the expansive movie "Titanic".

January 11, 2011