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  • Stranahan HouseStranahan House Fort Lauderdale, Florida
     The Stranahan House is also called the Pioneer House, and is a historic building that is found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; along the New River. Constructed in 1902 by Frank Stranahan as a trading post, the founder of the city had started a ferry service across the New River here to carry the traffic that flowed along the new road that went from Lantana to what has become North Miami; now called U.S. Route 1. The trading post soon became the town hall and post office, eventually becoming his home when he added a second floor in 1906, and then renovated the structure for his wife, Ivy Julia Cromartie Stranahan. Ivy was the first teacher for the young town and also a co-founder since she married Frank in 1900. The trading post had been built to accommodate the settlers of the new village and the Seminole Indians that came here to trade with the young man from Ohio. After the house became their home, they would have grand parties, dances and festivals on the upper floor and it was the personal residence of Ivy until she passed on in 1971. Frank became unpredictable during the depression and eventually took his life, which caused Ivy to rent the lower floor to a restaurant, as she spent her time upstairs. In 1973, it was added to the National Register of Historical Places and after the restaurant closed in 1979, the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society took over management. It was completely restored to its glorious early days and opened for tourists in 1981.

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  • Fort Lauderdale Antique Car MuseumFort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    The Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum was started to preserve and show the history and cars of the Packard Motor Company; as well as the progress and development of skills involved in American automotive engineering. The museum itself, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a replication of Packard showrooms that were around in the 1920s. Shown are 22 marvelous Packard Motor cars for the 1900s to the 1940s, all in full working condition. Some are roadsters that have compartments for golf clubs, medical bags and a 1929 645 Dual Cowl Phaeton that lubricates itself as it rolls along the highway. Many, especially the founder, Arthur O. Stone, believe these awesome rides were some of the best ever made, and comparable workmanship is difficult to find even today. All 18,000 square feet is stuffed with thousands of items and memorabilia, as well as a gallery devoted to the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hundreds of old dashboard clocks needing winding by hand, rare carburetors, hood ornaments from all kinds of autos, custom gear shift knobs and period side lamps are included in the magnificent collection. Twenty years of collecting and five years of planning went into creating this wonderful museum that allows the visitor a chance to see, explore and touch a special genre of American history and automobiles. The Packard Motor Company produced some of the best cars in the world today and you can see them all at this museum. Arthur Stone, the former CEO of Buning the Florist, Inc. and his wife, Shirley, started collecting Packards and memorabilia for this special museum in the 1940s, when the Packard was the Rolls Royce of automobiles. The collection includes some of the finest autos ever made and you can't find the kind of workmanship like this in the autos of today. Curator Russ Gagliano Jr. has also been in love with cars his whole life, collecting and restoring these fine cars and has created many award winning classic cars during his 30 years in the business. Some of the fantastic relics in the collection include; vintage auto literature and photos, headlights, clocks, ignition magnetos, pre-war chauffer badges, chassis jacks, wheels and tires, roadway signs, music boxes and jukeboxes, tools and equipment, spark plugs, gear shift knobs, parking meters, accessory trunks, greasers and oilers, Texaco Oil Co. memorabilia, Texas Gas Station replica, taillights and so much more.

January 11, 2011