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  • Louisville Slugger Museum & FactoryLouisville Slugger Museum & Factory Louisville, Kentucky
    The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory can be found in Louisville, Kentucky, on Museum's Row, in the West Main district of the city's downtown area, and highlights the marvelous history of the Louisville slugger brand of baseball bats that were manufactured by Hillerich & Bradsbury, as well as a plethora of information about the exciting and American sport of baseball. In the museum, the production of baseball bats is explained and shown, as well as some very historical bats used by numerous baseball greats; like the 1880s Pete Browning bat that was just found and the bat that Babe Ruth used to hit his last home run as a NY Yankee. Outside the structure, there is a huge six story bat that looks as if it is leaning against the building but is really standing against the building and weighs 34 tons. It has been billed as the world's biggest bat, but it is really hollow and made of steel, so that it doesn't deteriorate. The facility is now the company's corporate headquarters and production plant, with a wonderful mural painted on the wall that faces the Louisville Glassworks down the street. The mural is of a shattered window, with baseball that looks as if it could have been hit by the bat that stands by the factory. The ball looks as if it was a hemispheric circle made of plastic painted to look like a real baseball, right down to the stitches.

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  • Louisville Slugger Museum
    If you played baseball years ago, you would know and love the feel and sound of these outstanding bats as you swung into a pitch with all you had and heard that excitable smack, at least you hoped, that you knew would be a base hit or home run. It had a particular sound, not the kind that meant a foul ball or a loose fly or low running single, but a solid kind of thwack that made you shudder for a split second as you started your run to first and slowly, lovingly swung the bat behind you. That was a great feeling for a young lad, and the Louisville slugger was the only bat that could do that. The aluminum bats of today sound, feel, look and are different, but a baseball player, that loves the game can use just about anything as long as he hits the ball with all he has and feels that familiar shudder inside him and of course, his heart.

February 16, 2011