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  • Orlando Theme ParksOrlando Theme Parks Orlando, Florida
    There are so many theme parks in Orlando, that you either need a month of vacation time, be retired or just independently wealthy so that you can visit all of these fantastic theme parks that have kept so many families happy, from around the world and will for decades to come. Besides the many parks located in Walt Disney World Resort, there are two parks at Universal Orlando, Wet-n-Wild a marvelous water park that keeps all the family excited all day long, Sea World, which is another theme park that has started expanding into the water theme park venue, as has Disney and others. Disney is home to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood studios, Disney's Blizzard Beach water park, and Disney's typhoon Lagoon which is another water park, and don't forget the Disney's Downtown area where there are all kinds of shops, boutiques, restaurants and other exciting venues to keep you and your family busy all day and night. There are so many theme parks that belong to the Disney family that they have multi-day multi-park tickets that cost more, but allow you to visit more than one park a day; although to get the fullest value for your buck, it is much better for you to spend a day in each park, where you will still be running from one ride or show to another all day long and into the night, with barely enough time to enjoy them all. The two parks at Universal are also day long parks that will have you running from one end to the other all day long to take advantage of all the rides and shows. The two parks are Universal Studios, which is geared more to the movie rides and adventures, while the other, Universal's Islands of Adventure is more rides which will keep you going upside down and backwards the whole day with many rides, themes and the like. Sea World is where all the marine animals play and entertain you with a few rides, although the majority of the park is watching the beautiful marine animals that you can often touch, feel or even feed; and the ride portion of this attraction is in Tampa, the famous Busch Gardens; which are an hour and a half journey eastwards on the Interstate 4. You can take some magnificent balloon rides from the city, as well as travel along the rivers in great airboats that fly along the water's top and can go anywhere. There are helicopter rides to show you the parks from above, and other venues that will thrill you like Gatorland, Silver Spurs Rodeo, huge mini golf courses that make you feel as if you are going into the PGA, with more T-shirt shops per mile than anywhere else in the world. Outlet shopping, nightclubs, horse stables, racing cars, museums, art galleries, basketball, football and baseball training happening all times of the year. It is an area that never shuts down for snow, ice or anything in between, although there are occasional hurricanes that just shut you up for a few hours while you sit inside and watch the blustering winds blow across the flat land state that has more sunny days than any other state in the union, and more coastline to swim in the ocean. It is a great place to visit or live, and still growing all the time; with the main show being you.

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  • Nick HotelNick Hotel Orlando, Florida
    The Nickelodeon Suites Hotel, or the Nick Hotel, was originally known as the Nickelodeon Family Suites is one of the children centered hotels located in Orlando, Florida, sitting close by Universal Orlando Resort, and a mile from the Walt Disney World Resort. This hotel is quite well known for its Nickelodeon themed rooms and the two waterparks that are located on the hotel property. The Lagoon and Oasis Pools are heated, with 13 slides, flumes, poolside games, interactive water towers, activates, private cabanas and poolside shows that include green slime, every day. The hotel has a mall with Nickelodeon brand retail shops, numerous fast food stops, two buffets, a 4-D theater that highlights SpongeBob Square Pants 4-D and a wonderful artifact from Nickelodeon history; the Nickelodeon Time Capsule that had been reburied near the hotel after the Nickelodeon Studios were closed at the old complex by Universal Studios Florida. The hotel was opened in 1992 as the Holiday Inn Family Suites that showcased Kidsuites and specially designed suites that were based on various movie themes, like the CineSuites and Sweetheart Suites. Kidsuites were rooms that had been decorated and themed after characters made famous by Nickelodeon. In 2004, Nickelodeon and Holiday Inn created a partnership that included a restoration of the family suites that eventually became the Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn. The hotel continued to fly the Holiday Inn flag and moniker, but in 2009, that changed as the hotel changed its name and logo during the many changes and has been renamed the Nickelodeon Suites Resort. A Best For Children vacation spot by Orlando Magazine in 2005, the hotel specially catered to families and their children. The hotel bills itself as the only Nick Hotel in the world, where you can eat, sleep and play Nickelodeon style all day long and night. It sits on 24 beautiful acres that inspires your children to play and use their imagination. All the other venues are just a few miles away, that include all the Disney theme parks, the Universal parks, Sea World and so much more. There are 777 rooms that will allow your children to enjoy any theme or color in their room, all detailed with Nickelodeon decorations and furnishings that you children have come to love and have fun with, while you can lay on the deck and enjoy the warm blue skies of the region.  There are so many attractions in this area that it would take you more than a couple of weeks to enjoy them all, but you would have to keep moving the whole time, without any breaks for you or your children to swim, relax and enjoy the beautiful weather that brings snowbirds back here every year. Snowbirds are those happy creatures that live in the northern areas of this great country, like Minnesota, Maine, Illinois, Montana and the Dakotas, but in the winter time, when the snows start flying in flurries and blizzards, the temperature falls below 32 for weeks on end and you are freezing no matter where you go, you head down to Florida and their mild winter temperatures which stay around 60 to 70 degrees for most of the winter. Then in the spring times, around late March or April, they all head north to their homes up in the north, and stay there until the fall season is just about over and the chance of snow creeps up. And the cycle begins once more as they head south for the mild winter days, which always seem to have sunny days. 

January 11, 2011