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  • King GalleriesKing Galleries Scottsdale, Arizona
    The King Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona has become one of the best places for Native American artworks. For the last 13 years, the gallery has strived to bring guests the best artworks from today top artists, as well as introducing some of the newcomers that have made unique pieces that inspire and provoke thought. Their Pueblo pottery and artwork has some of the nation's best potters' work for sale. Included in their fine collections are Santa Clara pottery, Acoma, Isleta, Laguna, Jemez, Zia & San Juan pottery, San Ildefonso pottery, Hopi-Tewa & Navajo pottery and Cochiti, Santo Domingo, San Felipe and other pottery. The King Galleries of Scottsdale brings new Pueblo pottery into scope from the leading potters of today. Taking the additional time and thought to discuss the piece and what went into the process of creation, learning as much about the potter as his or her works. Every piece of the pottery is hand coil built, with stone polishing, painted and most are traditionally fired. Many of these beautiful pieces are fairly expensive, but when you realize the amount of time, work and artistry that goes into creating these marvelous ceramic works, you will begin to understand and most often want one for your own home or office. The works are almost alive with character and color, each with a unique design that cannot be matched or copied anywhere. These are definitely not your Wal-Mart ceramics, vases or pottery pieces. These are the kind of pottery pieces that will be found millennia from today and prized for their beauty, exceptional work and properties. Many of the pieces have been created by artisans that are no longer living and that makes them even more valuable since they cannot and will not be copied or replicated. Take some time while you are in Scottsdale to visit this wonderful gallery that has more than just pottery pieces.

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  • Cosanti FoundationCosanti Foundation Scottsdale, Arizona
    Paolo Soleri is an Italian-American visionary architect that made a life long commitment to research and experimentation in design and town planning, starting the Arcosanti and Cosanti Foundation. He is a distinguished speaker at the College of Architecture at Arizona State University and a National Design Award recipient in 2006. He was born in Turin, Italy and came to this country after earning his laurea, or master of sciences degree, in 1947 and spent 18 months studying with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West in Arizona and Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Also during this period he got international fame for a bridge design that was shown at the Museum of Modern Art. Going back to Italy in 1950, he was commissioned to build a huge ceramics factory, allowing him to learn the many processes involved in the ceramic industry which led to his award-winning designs of bronze and ceramic windbells and siltcast architectural structures. For more than 30 years, the proceeds from his windbells have given funds to construct various venues that test his theoretical work. The foundation's main project is Arcosanti, a planned community of 5000 people that was designed by Soleri and has been under construction since 1970. It is located near Cordes Junction, some 70 miles north of Phoenix, based on his concept of Arcology, architecture coherent with ecology. Arcology is hyperdense cities designed to maximize human interaction; maximize access to shared cost-effective infrastructure like sewers and water; minimize the usage of energy , raw materials and land; reduce waste and environmental pollution; and encourage interaction with the surrounding nature. Arcosanti is the prototype of desert arcology, and since the beginning, more than 6000 people have participated in the construction project with an internationally affiliated group called the Arcosanti Arcology Network, with about 5% completion.

January 11, 2011