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  • Hampton-Preston Mansion & GardensHampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens Columbia, South Carolina
    Is a must see for everyone who enjoys beautiful gardens and historic houses. When you are visiting Columbia, South Carolina you won't want to miss a visit to this stunning mansion.  The house was built in 1818 and was once occupied by Union officers in 1865.  The Hampton-Preston Mansion and Garden was the city home of General  Wade Hampton, a Confederate leader.  The restored antebellum mansion is furnished with beautiful Hampton and Preston family pieces including antiques and period furnishings.   Visitors will enjoy touring one of the oldest historic homes in Columbia.  Both families the Hamptons and the Prestons were at the top of both the political and the social circles within the Columbia society.  Their wealth came from sugar cane plantations in Louisiana and cotton plantations in Columbia all maintained and labored by hundreds of slaves.  The mansion's fine collection of  objects represents over fifty years of occupancy, today visitors will be amazed as they tour this stunning mansion filled with amazing treasures.  In addition to the historical mansion visitors will enjoy visiting the grounds that surround the mansion, here you will discover some of the most beautiful gardens.  As you stroll along the winding paths you will be amazed by all the manicured, tall hedges, sparkling fountains and several flower beds containing a beautiful variety of ornamental plants and trees.  If this is your first visit to Columbia, South Carolina be sure to visit the Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens. 

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  • Riverbanks ZooRiverbanks Zoo Columbia, South Carolina
    This is a fantastic family outing if you are visiting Columbia with children.  The Riverbanks Zoo is home to more then 2,000 rare and exotic animals from around the world.  The whole family will enjoy discovering and learning all about these fascinating animals.  Here at the Zoo visitors will enjoy several different adventures from diving through the Pacific coral reef or a safari through the plains of Africa.  Visitors can interact with a flock of social lorikeets in the Outback along with several other fantastic adventures.  The Riverbank Zoo offers several educational exhibits the whole family will enjoy.  A few highlighted areas include: The Aquarium Reptile Complex- A spacious 20,000 square-foot complex is home to a large variety of fish, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians all on display in four different galleries.  The Ocean display is a 55,000 gallon Pacific coral reef tank filled with a variety of sharks, tropical fish, moray eels and much more.  The Birdhouse at Riverbanks- is home to three geographically themed bird habitats The Penguin Coast exhibit features King, Gentoo and Rock hopper penguins.  Savanna Camp  displays birds from the African and South American Savannas.  Asian Trek exhibit is home to the endangered Bali Mynah along with other birds such as the Rhinoceros Hornbill, birds of paradise and many more.  The African Plains- is a two-acre reproduction of the African Plains, visitors can see ostriches, zebras and giraffes as they roam the land.  The whole family will enjoy exploring all the wonderful exhibits at the Riverbank Zoo.

March 14, 2011