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  • Museum of GeologyMuseum of Geology Rapid City, South Dakota
    The museum of geology at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, is saving the wonderful heritage of the state and the Black Hills by housing, saving and collecting the sometimes rare and unique resources that have been discovered.  Their paleontologists have a lot of experience in the field because of the many excavations they have found; including almost 350,000 specimens of fossils, minerals and rocks that show the Dakota life so long ago.  Fantastic minerals from around the world have been arrayed by the Dana System and are on display.  The South Dakota hall concentrates on the extensive minerals in the Black Hills area, including fluorescent ones.  Lapidary examples of the local agates, meteorites and native gold finish this spectacular collection.  The main exhibits are the minerals of the world, the Black Hills minerals, plant fossils, meteorites, vertebrate fossils and invertebrate fossils.  Some of the magnificent fossils include; edmontosaurus, duck-billed dinosaur, alzadasurus, sabre-toothed cats, mosasaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus, turtles, rhinoceroses, three toed horses, giant pigs, camels, birds eggs, alligators and many other incredible fossils.

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  • Mammoth Site in Hot SpringsMammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota
    The world's biggest mammoth research facility is in Hot Springs at the Mammoth Site and it is here that you can visit an paleontological site that is currently active.  You will be able to see the fossils as they are found and dug up, as well as view other fossils that belong to the camel or giant short faced bear.  There is a warm spring, where animals would come to drink and then because of the softness of the nearby limestone, they would lose their footing and fall into the sinkhole.  So far, 55 mammoths remains have been discovered, along with the bear, camel, fish, wolf, prairie dog, llama and other invertebrates.  The site sponsors a visiting scientist program that lets the scientists research and visit the sites for study in their various fields of expertise.  Summer internships are encouraged so that future scientists will have the same opportunities to study and discover new fossils and remains in the area.  The internships are involved in the lab work, bonebed study and cleaning as well as conducting tours of the site.

March 14, 2011