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  • Wild Whales VancouverWild Whales Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    The Wild Whales Vancouver excursion will take you to the best areas to view the diverse wildlife that thrives on the Pacific coast of the country. Their whale watching trips will go straight into the Gulf of Georgia and further, to search out the resident orca pods. They have two marvelous boats for the journey, one is enclosed and called the Quick Change II or you can enjoy the open air Pod Pilot, which would depend on the weather when you go. The tour company is located about 5 or 10 minutes from the majority of the hotels that are downtown, allowing easy access to the historical Granville Island, either by aquabus or the False Creek ferries that run from Stanley Park or Yaletown. Their adventures usually last from 3 to7 hours, because the whales can be just around the corner at Grey Point or across from Victoria, but wherever they are, you will have a front row seat enjoying these wild creatures. This is probably the best way to see the mighty orcas, since just recently a terrible accident occurred at SeaWorld, and it is sad that that should or could happen, but these are wild animals, creatures that no matter how long or how good you are to them, they are kept in an artificial environment, and their heritage is such that they are unpredictable, no matter what the circumstances might be. So, if you really want to enjoy the beauty and sight of these monstrous creatures of the deep, then take a boat trip to where they feel the most comfortable and at home, with their families. Besides, it is always more enjoyable for those seeking to view the killer whales, that it should be where they are used to swimming, hunting and frolicking with their families. The company has a 90 percent rate of always finding orcas, but will make every effort to make sure that you do enjoy the trip. Some of the marvelous scenic sights that you will see along the way include; river otters, Dall's and Harbor porpoises, bald eagles, harbor seals, elephant seals, Steller and California sea lions, minke whales and gray whales; as well as many varieties of sea birds. The skippers of these boats are fully certified by the Transport Canada and have acquired a 60 ton limited master's ticket or higher, as well as Marine first aid and passenger evacuation training (MED A-2). Their naturalists are all professionally trained marine biology specialists that have been doing this for many years, in this area and are fully aware of all the necessary measures to ensure you the best trip of your life. Both boats have been completely certified by Transport Canada and come equipped with the latest up-to-date equipment in marine safety, communication, and navigation including a 25 person life raft, GPS plotter, DCS and radar dual station V.H.F. radio. Of course there are private restrooms on both of the boats for your ultimate convenience. Each of the boats offer their guests, a trained marine biologist, underwater hydrophones, nature audio tapes, complimentary granola bars and bottled water, binoculars on loan, and wildlife guides, books and marine charts for your viewing. The company suggests that you should be prepared for all types of weather, although you are cruising across friendly waters. Like most venues you would take an adventure on, you should bring layered clothing, and for boats, flat shoes, preferably boat shoes, sunglasses to handle the glare of the water, sunscreen, a light snack or lunch since the trip is fairly long, gloves and head cover for those colder days, a camera with plenty of film and/or batteries and the most important accessory that you can bring on this type of excursion; a sense of adventure, because you are going to be watching the great killer whales known as orcas.

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  • Whistler MountaineerWhistler Mountaineer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    The Whistler Mountaineer is a rail service operated by the Rocky Mountaineer Vacations (RMV) tour company that is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, that operate vintage trains covering many sightseeing routes in Western Canada. The train runs on the former lines of the BC Rail, which is now owned by Canadian National Railway with stations in North Vancouver, British Columbia and Whistler, British Columbia. The Whistler Mountaineer is a three hour, prominent train adventure from the North Vancouver station to the Whistler train station, that provides passengers a special mix of contrasts, sights, sounds and smells. The Sea to Sky highway corridor is quite well known for its beautiful views of the cities and old-growth forests, the exciting action and natural beauty, the deep valleys and high snow capped mountain peaks, seascapes and mountain views, all provided with a world class premier Western Canada hospitality. This fantastic venue offers you some of the most magnificent views in the nation, as the train travels slowly along the coast hugging mountain tracks, up into the high mountains on steep grades that give you plenty of time to see all the marvelous sights, smell the aromatic air steeped with the sweet smell of pines and firs, all the while, you seat in the comfort of seats on a vintage train. Grand waterfalls will amaze you as you lumber along the track, rivers and streams that reflect the beauty and serenity of this gorgeous countryside. You may be fortunate enough to see bears playing along the water's edge or just fishing for those huge fish swimming through the blue waters of the cold lakes and rivers. Eagles, moose, bear and more awaits you. If you are in the mood for some snacks or drinks, the club car is where you will find some surprising culinary delights, all top of the line, the kind of train experience that you only dreamed about or read in books. Here is your chance for the most enjoyable train trip in your life. Try it, you'll love it!

January 11, 2011