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  • National ArchivesNational Archives Washington D.C.
    The United States National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent agency of the United States government that has been charged with saving and documenting the government's and historical records, as well as increasing the public's access to those marvelous documents. It is officially responsible for keeping and publishing the legally authentic and authoritative replicas of the acts of Congress, executive orders, federal regulations and presidential proclamations. The head administrator of the department, the Archivist of the United States, doesn't just maintain the official documentation of passage of the amendments to the constitution by state legislatures, but also has the authority to say when the constitutional threshold for passage has been achieved and thus, when the act has then become an amendment. This department also works closely with the scholars to add to their studies. In the beginning, every branch and agency of the government was responsible for taking care of their own documents, which sometimes caused the loss or destruction of those records. Therefore, in 1934, Congress initiated the National Archives Establishment to bring all those records and documents together in one place and made the Archivist the chief administrator. It was incorporated into the GSA in 1949, but in 1985, it again became an independent agency, known as the National Archives and Records Administration or NARA. The majority of the documents that are in the archives are public domain, since the works of the government are excluded from copyright laws. There are some documents that have come under the care of the NARA, from other sources, that could be protected by copyright or donor agreements. A lot of the most requested documents are used for genealogy, that includes census records from 1790 up to 1930, and passenger lists and naturalization records. The NARA maintains the Presidential Library System that include the Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr libraries. Some of the most requested records or documents include; military service records, recovering from disaster, Declaration of Independence, genealogy/getting started, Constitution of the United States and WWII photos. Some of the famous historical documents that are held by the archives include; Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Louisiana Purchase, List of Lewis' purchase, Emancipation Proclamation, District of Columbia, Abolition of Slavery, Check for Alaska, Edison's light bulb patent, Zimmerman telegram, Women's Right to Vote, Social Security Act, FDR's Day of Infamy speech, Brown vs. Board of Education, letter from Jackie Robinson, Voting Rights Act, Apollo 11 Flight Plan and Elvis' letter to President Nixon.

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  • D.C. by FootD. C. by Foot Washington D. C.
    Washington D. C. foot tour is by far, the highest rated and the most enjoyable aspect of it is it is absolutely free. Imagine, seeing our nation's capital for free, spending as much time at each of the magnificent monuments, buildings, statues and other sights as you like, strolling along like some tourist on vacation. There is a marvelous site online that helps you find all the fantastic places you read about in history, or saw on the news, but whatever it is or was, you can do it with the assistance of this great web site. And remember, that is all free, except for of course your time, which is quite valuable in most circumstances, but here in the cradle of our country, the capital of the nation, what does that matter when you are on an adventure to discover all the nooks and crannies that have been here waiting for any American that wanted to find it. Perhaps this is the year that you should go, while our Congress battles on, party against party, party against the President, and most sadly, party against the people of the United States, who voted in a man to do the work, the very difficult work of leading us into the next decade of the new millennium. Perhaps it good for us all to go to Washington D. C. this summer to tell these "representatives of the people" that we voted them all in, to do what we wanted, not to disrupt the course of our country's role in the world, in the course of caring for the people that it was established to help, to protect and to serve. The tours you take in the capital are going to be tip based, with free information on where to go, how to get there and any inside ideas or knowledge that we can discover. There are many varieties of tours, like the Lincoln Assassination tour, the Ghosts of Georgetown tour, Arlington Cemetery tour, and one of the newer and more popular tours called Secrets and Symbols. If you hurry, you can get to the capital in time for the Cherry Blossom and Monument tour, which is a beautiful time of the year to go to Washington, and please take some time to smell the magnificent cherry blossoms, and breath deeply, our troops are still fighting in some far away country for your rights and privileges.

January 11, 2011