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Traveling to Asia has become quite common for visitors from the Americas or from Western Europe.  The diverse cultural opportunities and tourism spots across the Middle East and Far East are very compelling for world travelers.s.

The Republic of Korea, formerly South Korea, is a democracy located on the Korean Peninsula; south of North Korea, which split the original Korea up in the early 1950s with the Korean War. Seoul rental cars are plentiful and affordable.  The Country has been a continuing climb in the world's economy since that war, and today is the 4th biggest economy in Asia and 13th in the world. Located on the Han River, the country has become known as one of the four Tigers of the Asian Continent and become a major player in the world today. It is one of only two democracies in Asia and is considered to be one of the quickest growing economies in the world.

Formerly China, it is now the People's Republic of China with the greatest area of land mass in Asia and the most people in the world with a little over one and a third billion. This amount accounts for almost one-fifth of the entire world's population. With such a large amount of land in its borders, the diversity is amazing; with deserts, mountains, sub-tropical forests and the low-lying areas along the eastern coast. It didn't used to be the case, but many people rent a car in China when they come to visit now.  This very ancient country has been involved in the politics and policies of the world for many years, in fact, many centuries, and since it is one of the countries with nuclear weapons, it is very important. In the past 20 years, the economy has exploded and it is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing economies in the world. In truth, it is the world's largest communistic nation. Whether you are visiting for business or vacation, China is booming.

Japan, the land of the rising sun is an island located in the western Pacific Ocean; with over 3000 additional islands making up the country. Four main islands make up most of the population; Shikoku, Honshu, Kyushu and Hokkaido. Mountainous terrain is on most of the islands, with many containing volcanoes; the main being Mount Fuji. Renting a car in Japan is quite easy.  The country contains the tenth biggest population, while the area of Tokyo is considered the world's most populated metropolitan area. It is a country with a long and historical past, moving into the 21st century with great power, wealth and trade.

Dubai is such a territory or emirate and one of the seven making up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), located on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula by the Persian Gulf. Dubai City is the main city with most of its people living there. When you visit, you'll need a Dubai car rental.  It has the most people of all the emirates and is the second biggest behind Abu Dhabi. Its economy is based on trade, real estate, tourism and financial services with about 6% coming in from its oil and natural gas reserves.

Lying in the center of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a mysterious country just beginning to join the rest of its neighbors in the 21st century. Bangkok is the biggest city and capital of the country; with the cultural, industrial, commercial and political centers sitting here. It has the distinction of being the only country not to have been ruled by a European country, but was under the occupation of the Japanese in WWII when they built the Death Railway with captured prisoners and slave laborers from Asia.  Rental cars in Thailand are important and we have them at great discounts.  Print out your Thailand car rental coupons online.

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