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Cola de Caballo
This Park, located near to Santiago, southeast of Monterrey, is a protected area with security and controlled access on the east side of the Sierra Madre. The vegetation is thick and is made even more beautiful by the waterfall, after which the place is named. The river flows through innumerable spots that are ideal campsites.

Horsetail Falls
Another natural attraction 40 km south of Monterrey. Horses are available for hire for exploring the countryside around the 24 m falls.

La Mesa Chipinque
Just 30 minutes from the center of Monterrey stands one of the most incredible panoramic sites in the north of Mexico. Set 1,524m above sea level in the majestic Sierra Madre, it commands spectacular views. It was named after an indigenous patriarch who lived on the tableland until he was driven out by the Spaniards. This place is ideal for horseback riding and picnics.

La Palma
La Palma is a pleasant, picturesque village located on the banks of the San Pedro River. There is thick tropical vegetation with clearings that are ideal for camping. You can also take boats and rafts down the river. The village is located 23 km east of Tenosique.

El Chico National Park

Camping enthusiasts will find all the campsites they ever dreamed of in this park. The variety of places for pitching your tent when camping with family or friends include sites next to a lake like El Cedral, among tall pine forests, at the base of an enormous rock, or in valleys covered in pastureland and surrounded by forests like the site at Los Enamorados.

Bahia Kilno
This Hermosillo weekend beach resort has all the necessary tourist infrastructure; it is also a favorite spot among camping and caravan enthusiasts. The facilities include trailer parks facing the beautiful beaches and surrounded by red-toned hills.

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January 11, 2011