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Access to Central Australia

Central Australian Tourism Industry Association

Frontier Camel Tours
Operating since 1982, Frontier Camel Tours have 50 working camels and offer a wide range of camel tours to suit individuals or groups of all ages and nationalities in Alice Springs and at Ayers Rock Resort. Frontier Camel Tours Pty Ltd
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Ross River Highway Alice Springs, Northern Territory AUSTRALIA
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Alice Springs Cultural Precinct

Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve

In 1871, Alice Springs was a small telegraph repeater station near the red hills and a water hole. A free 45-minute tour lets you wander around the old station master's residence; the telegraph office, see the Morse code machine tapping; the blacksmith's equipment the stables and old housing. May through October, "maids" serve biscuits and damper from the original wood-fired ovens. Pet camels, kangaroo joeys can be seen. You can walk one of the several hiking trails on the grounds. A gift shop with coffee and snacks are available.

National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame

The establishment of the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame was due to the efforts of outback pastoralist and tourism pioneer, Mrs Molly Clark, of Old Andado Station, Central Australia, and a small group of people who shared her dream.
It was felt that the contribution of women to the development of Australia had not been sufficiently recognized and a public meeting in Alice Springs was called in February 1993 to gauge interest in starting a Hall of Fame for the pioneering women of Australia. There proved to be immense interest and an interim committee was formed. The next few months were spent drawing up a constitution, becoming an incorporated association and adopting a logo while negotiations took place for the use of a building as temporary premises.

Adelaide House Museum

Alice Springs Desert Park

Old Ghan Museum
Museum featuring the history of the Ghan Railroad.

Northern Territory Tourist Commission

Aboriginal Australia Culture Centre

Welcome To Central Australia

School of the Air
The Alice Springs School of the Air provides an educational service for about 140 children living on properties or settlements covering over 1 million square kilometers of Central Australia. These children grow and develop in a peculiar situation, isolated in a unique environment and their formal education must of necessity be unorthodox.
The School of the Air simply adds to this already substantial education, and attempts to help its isolated pupils relate to the outside world. During the process it would appear that the schoolıs students develop a maturity and independence in study not usually found in the customary classroom situation. These children know what has to be done, and when, and organize themselves accordingly. They benefit from the individual guidance they receive while working through the lessons which are done at a rate best suited to each individual - and from the individual, personal attention which their teacher can devote to them. On the other hand it is equally obvious that the outback childıs development in some areas is different from that of his or her city counterpart.

Alice Springs Reptile Centre
Alice Springs Reptile Centre houses the largest reptile display in the Northern Territory. We have an extensive range of reptiles including the HUGE Perentie Goanna, Frill Neck Lizards, Thorny Devils and many other fascinating lizards, LARGE and small Pythons and some of the world’s most venomous snakes such as Inland Taipans, Brown Snakes, Death Adders and Mulga (King Brown) Snakes.

New addition of a large Saltwater Crocodile. The exhibit will offer fantastic views from both above and below the water providing amazing photo opportunities.

Royal Flying Doctor Service



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