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Athens Greece Attractions - Entertainment in Athens
Things to Do and See in Athens including Attractions, Museums, Nightlife,
Sights, Events, History, Arts, Theatre, Landmarks in the Athens Greece Area

Acropolis Museum
The Museum occupies the S.E. of the rock of the Acropolis where the sanctuary of Pandion once stood. The Museum contains mainly pedimental sculpture, reliefs and statues found on the rock of the Acropolis, which formed part of the decoration of its buildings or were dedicated to the goddess Athena. Among the latter is the unique collection in the world of statues of female figures of the archaic era known as the "Korai" with the well known archaic smile, such as the Kore of Lyons, the Kore of Naxos, the Kore of Chios, the Peploforos Kore, the Kore of Antinor, the Kore of Euthidikos, etc. From the remaining votive offering sculptures, those of outstanding interest are the Moschoforos, Rampin's horseman, a hunting dog, the Boy by Kritias, the head of the blonde youth, etc. There are also sphinxes, four-horse chariots and many votive reliefs such as that of Lenormant, Athena in Meditation, etc

Casinos and Horse Races

On mount Parnitha is the Casino of Mont Parnes and one more at Loutraki.The races stadium is in Faliro at Delta

Live Music Dance Clubs

Zorbas bouzouki and  belly dance the soul of Greece! Almost every second restaurant or tavern has live music from a simple duo guitar and Bouzouki up to a whole orchestra. Greeks love music and there is a big variety of choices , numerous Live clubs that offer mostly a variety program with pop music and Greek. The famous bouzoukia clubs where you can dance on the tables and crash as many plates you want (you have to pay for them anyway) the bouat where you can hear Greek new wave music, the Rembetika with the old Greek folk music of the 30's  ,and many rock and blues live clubs.

Sports and Leisure

For the Golf  fans the Golf club of Glyfada offers an excellent terrain .The public beaches of GNTO at Agios Kosmas Glyfada Vouliagmeni and Varkiza,ideal for swimming. Wind surfing in almost every beach ,and  diving at the lake of Vouliagmeni.

The Athens Festival

This festival is held every summer from July until September and includes a variety of events mostly at the Herod's theater under the Acropolis, Great names of the international musical scene are taking part, during the Athens Festival don't miss the opportunity to go to Epidaurus where you can watch Ancient Greek dramas at the Epidaurus Amphitheater.

Frissiras Museum 
3&7 Monis Asteriou St., Plaka, Tel. 210 323-4678. Museum of contemporary european painting. Opens daily (except Monday-Tuesday when it is closed), Wen-Thurs-Fri 11.00-19.00 & Sat., Sun. 10:00-15:00.

Goulandris Natural History Museum
13 Levidou St., Kifissia, Tel. 210 801-5870. ThousandsΒ Β Β Β Β  of dried plants and flowers, insects, birds, rocks and minerals, sea life of all sorts, etc. Not to be missed by those interested in paleontology, entomology, zoology, flora and geology. The displays are colorful and excellent, and well labeled. Open daily (except Fridays) 09.00-14.30

Greek Folk Art Museum
17 Kidathineon St., Plaka, Tel. 210 321-3018. On display is a vast collection of traditional art objects from the Byzantine  period until today. Embroideries, wood carvings, jewelry and traditional costumes from all over Greece are on exhibit. Open daily (except Mondays when it is closed) 10.00-14.00

What mostly visitors love in Athens is its cafes and cafeterias, thousands of them more even then Paris, each square each road each pedestrian street every where nice small  tables under umbrellas fill with Athenians of any age enjoying there cafe frappe or there  Greek coffee or an ouzo. There are many bars around Gr. Lambraki street in Glyfada. 0ther bar and cafe areas are around Exarchia Square and towards Streffi hill (university crowd, but also bars in neoclassical buildings scattered throughout the area), Plaka near the square on Kydathineon street, Thissio (outdoor cafes & bars along lraklidon street), Psyni (restaurants, bars, cafes), the Hilton Hotel (llissia area) and Kifissia in the northern suburbs. Foreigners are mainly in Glyfada, Kifissia, Plaka and llissia areas. Greek bouzoukia can be found in Plaka or atclubs along Syngrou and Possidonos Avenues towards the south coast.

Entertainment and Nightlife

The Athenians like all the Greeks have a deferent rhythm of life unlike the rest of the western Europeans so don't be surprised when you see the shops open until 9 pm and some of the more later pubs cafes restaurants they have unlimited time table most of them they will stay open until the last customer leave the premises. Greeks love to spend the night out in a restaurant or in a Tavern and not only Saturday nights every night of the week especially in the summer the life never ends in Athens in some Areas like Psiri and Kolonaki you can have often traffic jams after 3 o'clock in the morning ,if you ask me why is because those areas are the most in for night life for many Athenians.

Cinemas and Theaters

There are noumerus theaters and movies in Athens,all the films in Greece on the movies or in the television are on its original language with subtitles.

Ancient Agora  Temple of Hephestus  & Stoa of Attalus Museum
inside the Stoa of Attalos, Tel. 210 321-0185. Inside one will find artifacts from the Agora (ancient market place) while upstairs visitors will see miniature models of how the Acropolis and Agora looked during ancient times. There are 65,000 finds from the excavations on exhibit.

Athens City Museum
7 Paparigopoulou St., Tel.210 324-6164. The museum contains paintings, sketches and a scale model of 19th century Athens as well as furniture, costumes and personal objects from early this century. Open daily (except Tuesdays) 10.00-14.00.

Archaeological Museum of Piraeus
31 Harilaou Trikoupi St., Piraeus, Tel.  210 452-1598. Contains archaeological artifacts from the port city, from the 4th century B.C. until the Roman period. Open daily (except Mondays when it is closed) 08.30-15.00.

Byzantine & Christian Museum
22 Vass. Sofias Ave., Tel.  210-723-2178, 210-723-1570 . It contains a large collection of icons, and other Byzantine and post-Byzantine art. Descriptions are in Greek and French. Open daily (except Mondays when it is closed) 08.30-15.00. Free Admission.

Epigraphical Museum
1Tossitsa St., Tel. 210 821-7637. A passage through the history of Greek epigraphy (the art of inscription), from ancient to modern times. Open daily (except Mondays) 08.30-15.00. Free admission.

Greek Popular Musical Instruments Musuem
1-3 Diogenous Str.Plaka,  Tel. 210 325-0198. On display are popular Greek musical instruments, old and new.Β  Open dailyΒ 10.00-14.00 (except Mondays when it is closed) and Wednesdays 12.00-18.00. Free admission.


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