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Discover a spectacular view, moderate weather and a life changing experiences as you plan your next vacation in Vegas. Visitors have discovered a unique combination of excitement, mystique, passion, climate, and culture in venues including  Henderson, Bolder City, Grand Canyon, Bullhead City, Flagstaff where you can discover many strong cultural traditions. Whether you're interested in a nice trip to the Grand Canyon National Park or just a day of mountain biking at magnificent Desert National Wildlife Refuge, it's amazing how diverse sightseeing can be. A variety of discoveries await you in Las Vegas, where magical moments begin with Broadway shows to upscale restaurants, from hotels to celebrities where a new experience awaits inside every casino, and each moment brings a new adventure.

Hoover Dam
Escape on a breathtaking journey to one of the world's greatest projects ever undertaken, the mighty Hoover Dam. Narrations of the Dam's construction in the 1930's are provided prior to each tour and history of how over 3 thousand people which labour on the dam justified the creation of Boulder City. Descend below the earth to 500 ft and view the meg-generators that provide power to Nevadad and Arizona 

Red Rock Canyon
Enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the Red Rock Canyon which was cut by nature over 65 million years ago. Prepare to be amazed with geological marvels that blend the reddish color rocks into the grey backdrop of the state. Brave some of the rocky cliffs and test your mountain climbing skills or just recline at the local picnic area where you can enjoy a spectacular view.

Siegfried and Roy's Dolphin Habitat Secret Garden
Adventure on a quest of one of Las Vega's wonderful wildlife preservation and secret gardens habitats. Upon approaching the Mirage, look with awe at the majestic white tiger, watch with amazement at the dolphins playfully swimming during an informative narration, and take a tour of the secret garden habitat where a variety of animals play-fight in the brilliant sunlight.

Mandaly Bay Shark Reef
One of Los Vegas' showcase attraction is the Mandaly Bay Shark Reef. Be dazzled with over one hundred sharks of different species. Take a quest through a dark rain forest complete with jungle sounds when suddenly you come face to face with one of man's most feared creatures, the shark. Fairly comprehensive exhibits include fish, lizards, turtles, alligators in a huge aquarium. Kids will be fascinated with the touch tank allowing a real feel of the ocean bottom where crabs, sharks, stingrays, and many more can be found.

Grand Canyon
Explorer a land days gone by created by the impetuous Colorado river providing breathtaking views with a basin over 4,000 feet deep. Imagine, more than 277 miles of winding cliffs with straight drops provide explorers with a unparalleled mountain climbing experience. Take a tour with one of the parks professional rangers who will guide you through the history of the canyon and all of its stories of climbers who did not have a safe return.

Statosphere Tower 

Overlooking the City of Las Vegas streets is the monstrous Statosphere Tower, that stands 1,149 feet above the skyline. It is by far the one of the tallest towers in the United States, and stands above the Statosphere Hotel and Casino. Constructed around 1993, the tower provides an unprecedented view of Los Vegas at night in fact the tower allows guests to view for miles in the distance. After an extreme view of Vegas,  stop in for some family fun on the roller coaster, big shot and  scream & insanity.

MGM Grand Casino Hotel

The epitome of luxury and elegance, come and pamper yourself at one of Las Vegas' premium hotels with a bronze and lion decor. Occupying the space of several football fields, this mega-casino has everything in the way of slots machines that will fulfill your imagination. Many guests are delighted with the Lions in their natural habitat, and they are well fed thank you. As only Disney knows how to do best, choice from a wide selection of theme-park  restaurants like Emeril's, Diego, Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, and The Grand MGM. 

Star Trek Experience
Return to days gone by with the cast of star ship enterprise as it embarks on its five year journey to explore strange new worlds. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, board a scaled sized star-ship simulator as you strategically plan your battle against the Klingons with other interactive journeys available against the Borg. View exhibits on display showcasing authentic costumes worn by the cast of the original motion picture series Star Trek. If you're a Trekee, you'll love the comprehensive collection of memorabilia from each Star Trek series.

Manhattan Express Roller Coaster
Dare to adventure on the wildest adrenaline-pumping roller-coaster in Las Vegas, The Manhattan Express Roller Coaster with turns, loops, drops of 200 ft and twists both begins and ends inside the second floor of the Coney Island.

Art Exhibits & Bellagio Fine Arts
Fine art at its best, get a look at this most impressive collection of  19 - 20th-century pieces. Featuring some of the greatest artists in the world including Pablo Picasso, Vencent Van Gogh and other masters.  Bellagio is home to many collectors such as Steve Martin,  Monet Exhibit, and  Andy Warhol just to mention a few. 

Eiffel Tower Experience
Explore one of the most exquisite sites in Las Vegas, the Eiffel Tower Experience where you will witness breathtaking beauty unfold before you in the Paris Hotel Casino. Get a royal tour by the porters that car waiting to satiate your every need. Take a breath in preparation for the exhilarating ride up the Eiffel Towers elevator in preparation for stunning views. Let your imagination sour as if you were in Paris viewing from the top of the Eiffel Tour it is surreal to say the least.  

Gondula Rides
Pamper yourself a romantic gondola outdoor ride navigated by a handsome gondolier who will serenade you like Venice. Escape on the canal route of your choice with your favorite beverage for twenty minutes of complete bliss. This is an awesome trip for newly weds who want the lights and show in their wedding garments while bystanders are taking pictures, they will treat you like a movie star!

Your choice between the Wire Pass, The Wave, Ice Box Canyon, and Parla Canyon Wilderness, this trails offer diversified skill levels that will challenge the most agile hiker.  Explore new heights and depths while enjoying the most unusual scenery in wilderness areas.

Adventure Dome Theme Park
Get ready for a magical moment in Vegas' Desert Adventure Dome right behind Circus Casino. Thrill seekers will everything for their kiddies including a roller coaster with a loop, huge flume ride, movie theatre inside a motion simulator, and much more. Rides give the parents enough time to get to the slot machines while children entertain themselves in a safe environment.  


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January 11, 2011