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  • Baton Rouge Zoo
    Baton Rogue ZooEveryone likes the zoo, especially when a zoo offers a wide variety of animals to look at. With over 1800 different and unique animals you have a wide variety of animals that are always happy and satisfied in their captivity. So what makes this zoo so popular in the city of Louisiana? This is one of the largest zoos in the south and the largest in the state of Louisiana, and was the first zoo to be accredited by the infamous and well known among wildlife attractions Association of Zoos and Aquariums. A rare animal to find inside a zoo is an elephant; they are large animals that require a lot of space as well as a lot of work to keep happy. However, here at the Baton Rouge Zoo you can find several of these huge and magnificent animals in their oasis as they go about their daily life. Elephants are quickly becoming extinct however with the help of zoos there is a good chance that these beautiful animals will make a quick recovery. Inside the zoo you can find a massive selection of colorful and exotic birds from all around the world. These beautiful and intelligent animals are always happy to interact with guests in the way they do. In this exceptionally large zoo you can find a fun and entertaining playground for the younger kids in your party. With an exiting array of toys and obstacles to play with your kids could spend hours on this large playground. If the playground wasn’t enough then be sure to take your kids on the provided train ride that goes all around the park allowing you to get up close encounters with ease while you sit comfortably in your seat. The Baton Rouge Zoo is a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the Baton Rouge area.

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  • USS KIDD Veterans Memorial
    USS KIDD Veterans MemorialThis massive ship is a powerful display of the naval might that patrols our borders. As a memorial to the Men and Women who made history and gave us the opportunity to live in freedom this ship now rests afloat in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a dedication to the Navy this full sized battle ship has been restored to its original glory and is now a well known piece of history in the state of Louisiana. The USS KIDD or DD-661 is known has the “Pirate of the Pacific,” for its exploits during the war. So what makes this attraction so special? You can see images of battleships anywhere, but the USS KIDD offers a unique experience when you have the opportunity to tour the deck and “guts” of this war ship. Get knee deep in the armed forces when you tour this boat like never before, learn everything there is to know about a battle ship on this fully interactive tour. As well as the ship that you can explore there are fully restored aircraft that you can visit as well. See just how far the U.S. Air Force has come since its early days and just what the pilots of WWI and WWII had to experience. This fantastic opportunity can only be found in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, come explore the USS KIDD Veterans Memorial and pay your respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the better of our country. This great experience is a fun and inexpensive way to spend your time while in the Baton Rouge area.

January 11, 2019