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Things to do in Charlotte

U.S. National White Water Center There is no doubt that Charlotte is filled with fun and entertaining things. It’s a city that never sleeps and no matter the time there is somewhere for you to go. The list could go on and on there are museums, theaters, restaurants, clubs, amusement, and pretty much everything else you can think of in the big apple. The last time I was in Charlotte I decided to live on the wild side and take a look into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Alright, well that isn’t really on the wild side by it was really an entertaining day and I love it. I have been to many are museum s over the years but nothing quite comes close to this wonderful collection. There is art from all walks of life and from all times. There are paintings, sculptures, stained glass, tools, wood carvings, and things I can’t put words to. The sheer size of the museum was almost mind boggling. There was art work that took up space that could fill my entire house. Yet there was also art that could sit on the tip of your fingers. It was a magical place that was filled with wonder. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Charlotte was a great place to visit and I would recommend it to all travelers

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Where to go in Charlotte

Carowinds Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to see Charlotte from the sky? To see it like Spiderman or Superman does in the movies? Well there is a place on top of Rockefeller Centre that allows you to see Charlotte from on top of a 70 story building. Its been named Top of the Rock Observation Deck. The top most 3 stories of the building have been dedicated to giving guest the best view possible of the city. It isn’t quite a tall as the Empire State Building but it is far less crowded. The Observation Deck was opened to the public in 2005 and has been doing well since. Its 260m over the streets below and offers a panoramic view of the city. The first two decks are glassed in and air conditions. The upper floor and 70ths floor is open so you can enjoy the weather. There is a wall to protect you but the view is unobstructed. If you want to get a photograph with the empire state building behind you this is the place. It offers the best picture in the whole city. Unfortunately admission to the building is not free. Kids are $17 bucks and adults are $27. It’s a little pricy but the view can’t be beat. Its open both day and night. The nighttime view is something special.