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Cloud Gate Chicago is one of those cities that has a very noticeable accent. If you didn’t grow up in Chicago then you most likely won’t say Chicago like the locals. That’s alright of course because you’re not a local. Chicago is a great place to visit. Its filled with lots of history and historic buildings to see. While I was in the city my favorite place to visit was Millennium Park. It’s a beautiful part of the city that covers a whole city block between Michigan Ave, Columbus Drive, Randolph Street, and Monroes street. It’s a place that many public works of art are showcased. It is truly a place that can only be fully experienced by exploring the park. My favorite part of the park and perhaps one of the newest artworks is Cloud Gate. It is a giant sculpture made from stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. The first time you see this exotic piece of artwork you will be taken back. What am I looking at? A giant bean? A cloud? What is it? Well the answers to that question is. It is what you make it. The mirror like sculpture is an engaging piece of work that thousands of people get to enjoy daily at the park. Walk up and look at yourself from a different perspective. Marvel at craftsmanship that went into building it. Through all my time traveling I haven’t seen another piece of artwork that is as grand as Cloud Gate. If visiting Chicago I would recommend taking an hour to go out of your way and experience Cloud Gate.

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Where to eat in Chicago

Hot Doug's Chicago is home to a few of my favorite food groups Hot Dogs and deep dish pizza. If you ever travel through Chicago you are bound to see the numerous places to get the delicious dogs. One of my favorite places that I found was Hot Doug’s. It’s a local family owned dog joint not far from the center of town. It sits on the bottom of a red brick building so it’s not hard to find when driving by. I’m not from Chicago so I was truly amazed by the many different toppings that could be played on a hot dog. You can cover it with veggies and cheeses just like you can cover a hamburger. Hot Dougs is a great place to bring the family. The entire is bright covered with yellows, blues, and reds it is almost like a play house for kids. My kids loved it when we went which was about 3 times during our trip. We just had to keep coming back. The hot dogs weren’t the only good things on the menu though, the basket of French fries which you can order is equally as good. They are friend fresh to order in vegetable oil making them that perfect about of both crispy and soft with each bite. Hot Doug’s is the best place to get dogs at in Chicago and I would recommend it to everyone.