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  • Heritage SocietyHeritage Society Houston, Texas
     The Heritage Society is a marvelous museum complex that is located in Sam Houston Park in Houston, Texas; where they are involved in collecting, displaying, saving and celebrating the immensely diverse history of the Houston area; sitting on ten gorgeous acres of green parkland in downtown Houston. The society is responsible for nine historic buildings that date from 1823 to 1905 and it exists for more than just educating the public about the area's exciting history, it celebrates the diverse population that came together and created a world-class city in the midst of a unusual state. The historic buildings include the Yates House, which was built in 1870, by a freed slave name Jack Yates, who constructed the house himself, five years after being freed; the Kellum-Noble House that is the oldest surviving brick house in the city constructed in 1847 by Nathaniel Kellum; who owned a saw mill, tannery and brick kiln on his property. During the 1850s, Mrs. Zerviah M. Noble would have one of the first private schools in the city, in this house, and it was the initial property that was saved by the newly formed Heritage Society in 1954. It is the only house that was already located in the park and is still sitting on its original foundation.

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  • Staiti House
    The Staiti House was constructed in the Westmoreland addition by oil pioneer Henry T. Staiti, with 17 rooms, electricity along with all the other modern features and a professionally landscaped yard. The Nichols-Rice-Cherry House is a Greek revival that was constructed in 1850 by New Yorker, Ebeneezer B. Nichols and then owned by financier William Marsh Rice who owned the house between 1856 and 1873, and his estate would be part of the newly created Rice Institute that grew into Rice University in 1912, and saved by Emma Richardson Cherry in 1897. The San Felipe House is a simple six-room house that was constructed in 1868 on the southwestern rim of the city by German immigrants; and the Old Place is an old log cabin that is believed to be the oldest structure in Harris County, constructed by John R. Williams in 1823, using rough hewn cedar logs. The Pilot House is another splendid example of the architecture of the Civil War era, constructed in 1868 by Eugene Pilot, and occupied by the Pilot family for many decades until 1964. The last to be mentioned is the St. John Church that was constructed in 1891 for the Evangelical Lutheran congregation with original pulpit and cypress plank pews.

February 15, 2019