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  • Big Damn BridgeBig Damn Bridge Little Rock, Arkansas
    The Big Dam Bridge, or the Pulaski County Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge as it is formally known is the biggest bicycle and pedestrian only bridge in the continent and has never had cars or trucks on it. It goes across the Arkansas River as it flows between Little Rock and North Little Rock; in an area over the Murray Lock and dam. It is almost a mile in length, 14 feet wide and 65 feet over the river itself. Its nickname came about because of a comment made by local judge of Pulaski County, F. G. "Buddy" Villines; when considering the funding necessary to build the bridge; had said " we're going to build that dam bridge" meaning the bridge that would go over the lock and dam and not an expletive. The cost was almost $13 million, and it opened September 30th, 2006. Hoping that it would help the economic base, and the local residents with a healthy alternative, it has come to be used for numerous races that include the BDB Duathlon, BDB Twilight 5K race and Big Dam Bridge 100 cycling tour. It has turned out to be an exciting place for walkers, runners, joggers and bicyclists; and hopes for more national attention and races are high.

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  • Arkansas Arts Center
    This wonderful arts center in Little Rock, Arkansas, is home to the children's theater, Best Impressions Restaurant, museum, museum school, museum gift shop and the administrative offices. This is free to the public, except where special exhibitions are being held. The center opened in 1960, with the idea of teaching, inspiring and giving creative expression in the arts to all people in the state; while creating, saving and showing a wonderful permanent collection, with occasional visiting collections throughout the year. The first ideas were generated in 1914, when the Fine Arts Club of Arkansas was began, with many supporters and volunteers that were eventually involved in the formation of the Museum of Fine Arts in 1937. In 1959, Winthrop Rockefeller and his wife, Jeanette, started a state crusade to create a fantastic art center that the state and the city could be proud of. In 1960, when the museum was started by city ordinance, it was renamed the Arkansas Arts Center and within three years had be increased to include another 5 galleries, 4 studio rooms, 381 seat theater, an art library and sculpted courtyards. It could hold temporary art displays, a school of fine and creative arts, and a community theater. The only items that were procured were local paintings and some prints by renown artists. In 1968, Townsend Wolfe was made the director while local funding dried up. The board of trustees decided to make some changes to the mission of the museum center, and a statewide program started; and the board members decided to concentrate their efforts on paper works that were uncommon and a children's theater.  

February 16, 2018