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The Getty Museum There is so many things to do in Los Angeles, one list can’t contain them all and one list won’t be perfect for everyone. The only way to really find what Los Angeles has to offer and to visit it yourself. One place that I enjoyed and many other do on a daily basis is The Getty Center. The Getty Center is an Arts museum that is very large and well respected throughout the states and even the world. The museum is a place that just keep giving, to start with its free and is showing new pieces of artwork daily. There are rotations exhibits and a permanent collection that is world class. It’s a great thing that the museum is free because there are so many pieces of fine art. It is truly impossible to really enjoy the artwork in a single visit. The Getty Center is focused on education of the arts and offers classes and has guided museum tours that show off the wonderful collection. If you want a tour but want to take it at your pace then don’t worry they even have an audio tour open that is great for solo visitors or those who want that little bit of extra knowledge about the artwork. A standard visit takes about 2-3 hours but as I said above it the artwork really can’t be enjoyed in just a single visit.

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Where to eat in Little Rock

Langer's Restaurant There is really isn’t a single restaurant that can be singled out over the rest in LA. I don’t say that because they are all average and normal but because there are some many people and so many great places to eat in Los Angeles. One that sticks out above the crowd is Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant. LA is also a town of change and new. Restaurants come and go like the wind Langer’s however is one of the few that have withered the storms, It has been proudly serving some of the best food in Los Angeles for over 74 years. It was founded in 1974 and is one of the few restaurants to have served whole generations of families. Its been around long enough that my grandparents could have eaten there while they were kids. Age isn’t everything, food and service are the main reasons you come to a restaurant. Langer’s has both of those. The unique Delicatessen style offers something for everyone it is open for 3 meals a day and has a large selection of items for each meal. Many of their most popular items are made in the deli and served on their freshly made breads and contain their top of the line meats. There isn't a place I would reather go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.