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  • Pettigrew Home & MuseumPettigrew Home & Museum Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    The beautiful home was constructed in 1889 for Jenny and Thomas McMartin, who sold the house to Senator Richard Franklin Pettigrew in 1911 for $12,000, hoping to preserve the history of Sioux Falls and the region around it. Richard came to the territory in 1869, and worked hard to build and promote the town; and was responsible for bringing five different railroads to the city, as well as starting many businesses in the area. He also served as the state's representative in Congress, and when it became a state in 1889, he was elected as the state's first senator. Richard championed the rights of women, the working man and farmers. One of his passions was collecting, since he traveled the world and was an early amateur archaeologist. He had such an extensive collection, that he would build an addition on the back of this house to house it and show it to the public in 1925. His collection included such magnificent items as Native American clothing, guns, stone tools, projectile points for arrows and spears, natural history objects and all kinds of items that pertained to the settlement of Sioux Falls. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1926, but left all of his holdings, including his house and furnishings to the city so that it would be kept as a museum and available for generations to come. In the 1930s, another addition was constructed so that his dream could be complete, done by the city. This spectacular house, with splendid woodworkings, staircase and moldings is breathtaking, full of detailed craftsmanship and materials. Exhibits here include the Surveying Dakota; Speculation and conflict and the cabinet of curiosities. In the surveying gallery you'll learn more about Pettigrew and his attempts at surveying the state, as it has been done to many other regions throughout history and the world. It is one of the oldest professions, going back some 5000 years to ancient Egypt, and includes addendums about some of our leaders that were also surveyors like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. In the speculation and conflict gallery you'll learn the story about this city and how it came to be, with a chronological view of the past two centuries in and around Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The cabinet of curiosities takes a look back at the museum that became the city's first and eventually best museum in the state.

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  • Foley'sChilean Sea Bass Foley's Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    Charbroiled steaks; Foley steak NY strip with Montreal seasoning and served in Hunter's sauce; center cut top sirloin 8oz.; rib eye 14oz.; NY strip 12 or 16 oz.; filet mignon is bacon wrapped and either 6 or 9 oz.; bone-in rib eye 18 oz.; filet Oscar is charbroiled filet, topped with fresh asparagus, crab and béarnaise sauce with new red potatoes. Fish; Chilean sea bass brushed with herb-garlic oil and pan seared accented with roasted red pepper cream sauce, fresh asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes; tuna is accented with wasabi teriyaki sauce and served with fresh veggies and new red potatoes; jumbo prawns is a pound of charbroiled jumbo prawns on angel hair pasta in chardonnay garlic cream sauce; asiago crusted rainbow trout pan seared with lemon cream sauce, fresh asparagus and new red potatoes. Iowa Pork Chops; Iowa chop marsala is charbroiled bone-in chop with marsala wine sauce & garlic mashed potatoes; Hunter chop is with Montreal seasoning in burgundy au jus with garlic mashed potatoes; plum chop is charbroiled bone-in chop with plum sauce and rice pilaf. Jumbo shrimp; golden shrimp with horseradish cocktail sauce; scampi style sautéed in butter, garlic and herbs; coconut crusted with spicy plum and sweet orange sauces.

March 15, 2019