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  • Ghost Walk of Old WilmingtonGhost Walk of Old Wilmington, North Carolina
    The Ghost Walk in Old Wilmington, North Carolina, has been ranked as one of the top five ghost tours in the nation by USA Today, one of the top 10 guided tours in the nation by Trip Advisor, a 5 star rating by Yahoo Travel & Travelocity, Best of the Road by Rand McNally and Best tour by Encore Magazine and America's "must do" ghost walk by TLC. So you can see that this is one nighttime tour that will certainly keep you awake and on edge as you wander along the roads of Old Wilmington. A quote from Colonel William Lamb, from 1864, awaits you as you enter their site, who said, "I'd much rather be in battle than Wilmington, for at least in battle I have a chance of not being killed." That quote leads into the reasoning behind the tour and the fact that the city during that period was rife with disease, murders, piracy, slavery, suicide and the violence of living in the 18th and 19th centuries in this port city. Coming back to the present 21st century times, you will meet impressive actors and ghost hunters as they explore and journey along the streets of the old haunted city of Wilmington. Some folks believe that this is one of the most actively haunted cities in the world, as it was once the biggest city in North Carolina, and thus contains the biggest historic district in the state. Come and join them as they walk the 275 year old alleyways, that claim to be littered with the spiritual remains of privateers, cutthroats and more, meandering below centuries old oaks hung with Spanish moss; and listen to the legends and tales of the ghostly apparitions that still look for some salvation or people to help them leave this murderous city. The tour guides will dare you to walk across the graves of rapists, thieves, murderers and other maniacal creatures that have perished here, justly or not. There are stories of the poor lost souls that for some reason couldn't cross over, or they were so evil that they weren't allowed to anywhere else. Listen to the guides as they unfold many of the latest stories about those that have taken the tour, only to be frightened out of their wits, and those that have never been heard of again, although the tour company swears that they haven't ever lost anyone, yet. Go, if you dare, if you really want to be scared beyond your wildest imagination, or wait until the 13th of the many months this summer, or better yet, wait for the next Friday the 13th with a FULL MOON, which is 2014; if we are still here and able to travel anywhere.

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  • Dock Street Oyster Bar Seafood RestaurantDock Street Oyster Bar Seafood Restaurant Wilmington, North Carolina
    Entrees include; spicy peppered scallops are apice coated sea scallops served over pile of pasta alfredo; Calypso catch of the day is jerked spiced fillet of fish w/ black bean relish served w/ seasoned rice and corn; sesame ginger shrimp is tender shrimp basted w/ sesame ginger sauce tossed over seasoned rice; Cajun shrimp burger is Cajun spiced shrimp sandwich w/ lettuce, tomato, potatoes and veggies; seafood delight is sea scallops, shrimp & calamari over pasta in lite lemon cream sauce; grilled chicken platter is choice of lemon pepper, blackened or grilled w/seasoned rice and veggies; blackened catch sandwich platter is blackened or grilled catch of the day served w/ lettuce, tomato, potatoes & veggies.

March 08, 2011