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  • Disney's California AdventureDisney's California Adventure Anaheim, California
    The newest park in the Disney's family entertainment centers is the Disney's California Adventure Park located in Anaheim, California, just next door to Disneyland, and still part of the Disneyland Resort. Opening in 2001, the 55 acre theme park was built when Disney's major expansion program changed all the hotels and Disneyland park into the Disneyland Resort; with 5 distinct areas; Sunshine Plaza, Paradise Pier, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, A Bug's Land and the Golden State. All of the areas were created to reflect regions of California, the history, landmarks and culture. Sunshine Plaza is the main entry way into the park, built to create a feeling of stepping right into a California postcard. Once visitors have passed the huge letters that spell out California, they will pass under a model San Francisco Bay's Golden Gate Bridge, that also is a good disguise for the monorail that passes over it. On both sides of the bridge, the are two enormous murals that show different landmarks of the many mountain ranges of the state. Once you have gone under the bridge, you get to the main area of the plaza that is the central access to the Hollywood Picture backlot and Golden State. Raised above the plaza, a huge metal sunburst and encompassing fountain reflects the solar rays into the surrounding areas. The plaza is also home to a copy of the California Zephyr, home to the two counter service restaurants; Baker's Field Bakery and Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream. Pretty cute names huh? The plaza contains two of the biggest souvenir shops in the park, Engine Ears Toys and Greetings from California; just how long do they think about those fantastic names you wonder? Paradise Pier is next and themed after the Victorian period California boardwalk, based on the fabulous coastal boardwalks that they have in the state, like the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk or the Santa Monica Pier. The attractions here include the Maliboomer and California Screamin' are sure to remind you of the usual park rides that can be seen at most boardwalks. Toy Story Midway Mania! is one of the interactive 3D attractions that have been inspired by those classic midway games; and it is a favorite. Mickey's Fun Wheel, which had been called the Sun Wheel, is a huge 160 foot wide ferris wheel that looks out over Paradise Bay, a rather big body of water that overpowers the Paradise Pier area. The new hydrotechnic show, called Disney's World of Color, should be opening very soon, either in the spring or summer. Another unique area of Paradise Pier is the U.S. Route 66 themed desert road area that begins with the crashed fireboat, S.S. rustworthy. Attractions in this area include; Jumpin' Jellyfish, Mulholland Madness and Golden Zephyr; which is slated to be changed so that the Rt. 66 venue can have its Cars Land, that will open in 2012. In the Golden State section, it is further divided into 5 sublands, but all showcase the state's natural settings. The first is Condor flats which is themed after the aviation industry, the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area that has been themed after the wilderness of the state, like Redwood and Yosemite. The Bay area is naturally, no pun intended, the California bay area with numerous shows here. The Golden Vine Winery is themed after the northern part of the state's Napa Valley and winemaking business. The Pacific Wharf is themed after the Cannery Row area found in Monterey.  The Hollywood Pictures Backlot is styled after the boulevards and movie backlots, as well as Hollywood, TV and movie-themed attractions for the family. A Bug's Land is next and offers visitors the opportunity to see what it would be like to be a bug. The Performance Corridor is the main parade route, and also the route that the Electrical Parade goes down.

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  • Flight Deck Air Combat CenterFlight Deck Air Combat Center Anaheim, California
    The center is a real military flight simulator that gives every visitor the opportunity to pilot a jet fighter simulator, complete with flight gear, training, and in-flight instruction that make sure you have the most challenging aviation themed adventure in your life. These authentic F-16 flight simulators are the real thing that today's pilots use to train for their first actual flight in a jet fighter. It is open to all, with special group rates for corporations, private parties and team building efforts. It has always been voted as one of the top ten attractions in the county and you can understand why. Just imagine yourself in the cockpit of an F-16 flying low recon over the Iraqi/Afghanstan border, making sure that nothing moves that is supposed to or you on the lookout for small convoys of military vehicles. It is a blast to say the least, and one of those adventures that you could never have on your own, without joining the air force or navy. You will get full flight briefings, landings, take-offs, air combat instruction, aerial maneuvers and aircraft carrier traps.

January 11, 2011