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  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and MuseumLyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum Austin, Texas
    The library and museum is one of the 13 presidential libraries managed by the National Archives and Records Administration and contains more than 45 million historical documents, that include Johnson's papers and his close associates and other important people. It was dedicated in 1971, with Lyndon and President Richard Nixon in attendance. The building sits next to the LBJ School of Texas at Austin, with a 7/8 scale replica of the Oval Office, completely decorated as it was when Johnson was there. This is the only library that doesn't charge a fee and today has the highest attendance of any, except for when new ones are opened. In 2007, when she passed on, Lady Bird Johnson was interred with her husband. In his archival collection, there are numerous papers that are from his early years as a representative of the state of Texas in Congress, his papers from when he was a U.S. Senator, and those of his service in the navy. Then his presidential papers are included, as well as his post-presidential papers. Another part includes his collection of personal and organizational papers, the records from government agencies, audio/visual materials, printed materials, oral history collection and the special oral history interviews. You can visit his biographical chronology, the heads of state visits, facts about him and Lady Bird, speeches and messages, photographs, the daily diary, National security actions and memorandas. The museum exhibits include; various works of art in the lobby, America from 1908 until 1973, the 1968 stretch limousine that he used in Washington and Austin, a 1910 Model T that was given to Lyndon from Henry Ford II, the many beautiful and fantastic gifts that given to him by the heads of state and other visitors, the Moon exhibit that tells about the American space program of the 1960s, many photographic shots of different rooms in the White House, the scaled Oval Office, the First Lady's gallery, the orientation theater, a life size moving and talking figure of the President that tells five of his short stories, the memorable gifts from people around the United States, and the many millions of documents in the archives.

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  • Elisabet Ney MuseumElisabet Ney Museum Austin, Texas
    The Elisabet Ney Museum in Austin, Texas is the former home that sculptor Elisabet Ney worked in and has been devoted to her life and fabulous works. The museum houses a beautiful exhibit of her portrait busts and other memorabilia. Her studio, Formosa, was finished in 1893, and increased in size in 1902. It was the first art studio ever constructed in the state, and after Ney passed on in 1907, the house was purchased by Ella and Joseph B. Dibrell, to preserved it as an art center that honors Ney and her works. The city took over management of the museum in 1941 and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The museum offers visitors a marvelous look into the life of this wonderful lady that enjoyed her life in the turn of the century lifestyle of an artist and influential woman. She is said to have been one of the most colorful women of her age, and in the state as well. She was married to Dr. Edmund Montgomery, who worked with her to start state universities and the Texas Fine Arts association and even today, are still an inspiration to the many folks that love art and free flowing ideas. In 1892, the celebrated European sculptress Elisabet Ney constructed a small neoclassical studio in Hyde Park, Austin, Texas, a remote and natural place. Her, Elisabet would create sculptures of the great men of Texas, including life size figures of Stephen F. Austin, and Sam Houston, which are located in the national and state capitols. She brought to her new studio, earlier sculptures she had done in Europe, that included King George V of Hanover, King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Jacob Grimm, Arthur Schopenhauer, Otto von Bismarck, Giuseppe Garibaldi, all wonderful works that had been enjoyed creating by Elisabet when she was younger and just starting out. By the 20th century, her studio had become a gathering place for influential Texans, who were just naturally drawn to the artist, her exciting character and stimulating conversations of philosophy, art and politics. Inspired by her revolutionary ideas that beauty and art are and can be, powerful forces that shape a nation and its individuals, those early Texans began to start the University of Texas Art Department, the Texas Fine Arts Association, the Texas Commission on the Arts and many art schools and museum around the state. When she passed on in 1907, it was her friends that saved the studio and the exciting contents by starting the Elisabet Ney Museum, devoted to keeping her memory alive, as well as promoting her ideas and visions for the citizens of the state. The museum strives to continue that legacy even today, with people from around the world coming here to visit and learn. It has become a national, state and local historic landmark, with thousands of school children coming here every year for some of their studies.

January 11, 2011