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There are so many things to do and see while you are visiting the great city of Calgary. From museums to Canada Olympic Park, you will be surrounded with something to do while you are there. Do not miss out on all of the hot spots, sites and restaurants in Calgary. This is one great city for a nice getaway.

  • Glenbow MuseumGlenbow Museum Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    The Glenbow Museum is found in the Canadian province of Alberta and is one of the biggest museums in western Canada, containing more than 93,000 square feet of display space spanning over 20 galleries, that beautifully exhibit over 1 million items. The Glenbow-Alberta Institute began in 1966, after Eric Harvie gave his magnificent historical collection to the citizens of this province. The museum is found in downtown Calgary, right across from the Calgary Tower, and the institute manages the Glenbow, which is open to the public, contains not only the museum collections, but a fantastic art collection, archives and library. It opened a new exhibit in 2007, called Mavericks, on the third floor that traces the history of the province via 48 influential and colorful people. There are four permanent collections that include; mineralogy, cultural history, military history and ethnology. The cultural history collection contains more than 100,000 items that come here from the far reaches of the globe, that gives some insight into the life of folks in western Canada from the late 1800s to the current day. These items tell how people made their living, what they would do for relaxation, how they worshipped, how they were governed, how they ate and dressed and how their family mementos helped them to create a new home in this difficult land. It includes important holdings of northern explorations, Alberta pottery, numismatics, western Canadian folk studies, pressed glass and textiles. The military collection is considered one of the most diverse in western Canada, containing 26,000 items that have come here from numerous countries spanning more than 5 centuries, especially Asian, North American and European firearms and edged weapons. It also includes some Canadian medals, orders, decorations, Japanese arms and armour. The ethnology collection includes about 48,000 items created or used by the indigenous people of North America, especially the northwest coast, northern plains, subarctic and arctic areas as well as certain areas of Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America.  The museum's expansive mineralogy collection contains numerous minerals, precious and semi-precious stones that came here from around the world, especially western Canada. The specimens were chosen based on exhibition quality, plus mineralogical importance and Treasures of the Mineral World is very popular with rock hounds, geologists and visitors from all walks of life. Also included are minerals that will glow in the dark, fool's gold, part of the world's oldest rock and rock crystals in every color of the rainbow. The art collection has 28,000 works that date from the 19th century to the current day, mainly historical, modern and contemporary works that came from or pertain to the northwest parts of North America. It has a marvelous amount of landscape paintings, a world renown Canadian prints that include works from Sybil Andrews, First Nations and Inuit art, western, wildlife and American illustration. The Asian collection has a semi-permanent collection on loan from the Bumper Development Corporation Ltd. that holds masks, paintings and sculptures in stone, wood and metal from Hindu and Buddhist cultures of Asia and reliefs that span the first century to the 18th century.

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  • Canada Olympic ParkCanada Olympic Park Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    The Calgary Olympic Park (COP) is found in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is used for high performance athletic training and for recreational purposes for the public. In the 1988 Winter Olympics, the park was the main venue for luge, bobsleigh and ski jumping. It is still used for training and competition events, and in the summer it is used for warm weather sports like mountain biking and many festivals. Since the 2010 Olympic games are now over, and the Canadians have gained more gold medals than any country has ever done before, parks like this one are well worth saving. The park also contains the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum, with many new expansions in the works to make the park continue with its status as a training facility. It has become a very popular place for snowboarding and skiing and since it is divided into three sections, the terrain park, the casual section and the downhill racing section, it is always busy. The terrain park is outstanding and by 2006 their halfpipe was increased to the size that would be used for the 2010 Olympic games. The other venues include the tables, handrail and spines. The park has 6 lifts that are always used, and is perfect for the casual skier that just wants to enjoy skiing without all the hoopla. The summertimes are excellent for the mountain bikers, with many trails twisting and turning through the mountain sides, with some areas offering jumps and other stunts for those that are intense in their biking needs.

November 07, 2014