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  • Charleston MuseumCharleston Museum Charleston, South Carolina
    One of the most unique homes in the state is the castle in Proctor, Charleston, Ohio The Charleston Museum began in 1773, and was the first museum constructed in our nation, located presently in the downtown historic district of Charleston, South Carolina and highlights natural history and local history exhibits, silver and decorative arts; with one outstanding exhibit that was originally place here in the late 18th century. The museum was inspired by the British museum that opened in 1759 and during its early history many distinguished South Carolinians as well as scientific leaders, that included such dignitaries as John James Audubon, Thomas Heyward, Jr., Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Rev. John Bachman helped the society grow and flourish. Unfortunately, in 1778, a fire destroyed many of the historical artifacts and relics, and since it was during the Revolutionary War, its operations were stopped; until the 1790s when they were started up again. It opened to the public in 1824, and by 1852 had amassed such an important collection that Harvard scientist, Louis Aggasiz stated that it was the best in the nation; but soon after that the Civil War broke out and once again, the museum was forced to cease its operations. Once that war was finished, it opened again, and began acquiring outstanding collections and relics from the late 18th century to the current day and are now considered to be the oldest and most expansive collection of South Carolina objects in the country. Their more modern collections include; ornithology, natural science, historical material culture pertaining to photographic and documentary resources.  In their permanent collections there are many relics from the early settlement of the state into the late 19th century that include; relics from the cotton and rice period, slave tags and tradeware, firearms, ordinance from the Civil War, and the chair that the South Carolina delegates sat in to sign the Declaration of Independence. One of the featured exhibits is the Charleston Silver that sits in its own gallery and preserves a splendid early silver collection that has the christening cup of George Washington. Another, the Charleston Museum: The Early Days has relics from the museum's past that include an Egyptian mummy, a plaster cast of the monumental statue of Pharaoh Rameses II that was obtained from the British Museum in the 1890s and jarred biological specimens preserved in rum. There is the resplendent collection from naturalists working in the region that have a marvelous number of modern birds, an 18 foot crocodile, mounted skeletons of prehistoric animals like the primitive toothed whale, the second biggest known flying bird, a Cretaceous plant eating dinosaur; all from the 28 million year old marine beds by Charleston. 

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  • American Military MuseumAmerican Military Museum Charleston, South Carolina
    The American Military Museum located in Charleston, South Carolina is billed as a one-of-a-kind experience in military history for its visitors found on the Aquarium Wharf next to where visitors going to see Fort Sumter. The museum contains all authentic relics from 14 different American conflicts that start at the Revolutionary War and continue to the current war in Iraq. There are 70 display cases stuffed with uniforms, military relics from all of the service branches and 33 flags. One featured item is the original star rank insignia that belonged to General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General George S. Patton's deceptive 19th Army patch and 16 phantom division patches that were made to cover the Normandy invasion, an 1820 bell crown shako, which is an infantry hat and one of only three known to be in existence, many one-of-a-kind Air Force band uniforms that were designed by Cecil B. DeMille but were rejected by the Air Force, an 1872 Afro-American 9th Cavalry dress blue uniform from the famous Buffalo soldiers, and believed to be the only one of its kind, and numerous German, female, military and other uniforms. There are 600 military miniature toy soldier, a memorial chapel and 400 various pieces of military headgear.

March 28, 2011