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One of everyone's favorite vacation spots is right here in Orlando, Florida, and it is easy to see why. Orlando is world famous for its various theme parks that are located throughout Central Florida area, like the Walt Disney World Family of Theme Parks, Universal Studios and SeaWorld Florida. Orlando is located right in the middle of the state of Florida, so you can drive literally minutes to the east or to the west and you will be at a gorgeous beach. There is so much to do and see in Orlando and the surrounding area, so do not miss out on anything while you are on holiday there in the city.

  • Jack Kerouac HouseJack Kerouac House Orlando, Florida
    Jack Kerouac moved to this small house on Clouser Avenue in College Park, part of Orlando, Florida in 1957 to wait for the release of his book, "On the Road". Some weeks later, his review was written in the New York Times saying that Kerouac was the voice of a new generation and spoken of as a new major writer. His continuous friendship with William S. Burroughs, Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg, plus numerous others would soon become the epitome of the new generation called the Beat Generation. The instant fame that he gained would become his nemesis and eventual falling, but in the meantime, the author lead a great, if somewhat, infamous life, much like others like Hemingway and others. His novel was called the defining work of the post-WWII Beat Generation and Kerouac would be called the king; which made him quite uncomfortable. He was heard saying once that he was a Catholic, not a beatnik, but in those days, anyone not conforming to the establishment was called that and the beat group was merely the forerunner of the later hippie generation, also called flower children, and who the heck comes up with these weird names? Remember Dobie Gillis and Maynard G. Krebs? They weren't beatniks, just oddballs that today are called geeks, and have been for many decades; but they must be part of the establishment because they have become so prominent and very rich. Anyway, with the success of the novel, On the Road, Jack was lifted into the highest peaks of celebrityism and he was one of those individuals that didn't care about fame or fortune or glory, he just wanted to do what he loved doing. Within 9 months of the book's release, he felt unsafe in public, probably like many of the celebrities of today feel, and one night he was beaten by three men outside the San Remo Bar in New York. Neal Cassady, the central character used for the book was set up and arrested for selling marijuana. As publishers began screaming for another book, or sequel to capitalize on the success of his first book, Jack decided to chronicle some of his own experiences with Buddhism and many adventures with Gary Snyder, as well as other San Francisco area poets; into the book the Dharma Bums, which was set in California and Washington state; published in 1958. The book was written in Orlando, between November 26th and December 7, 1957. To start the book, Jack started typing on a ten foot length of teletype paper, so that his flow would not be interrupted for paper changes; which he had done for his first book six years before.  After the book came out, he was demoralized by the criticism from respected people in the American genre of Buddhism like Zen teacher Ruth Fuller Sasaki and Alan Watts. In fact, he was so disenchanted that he quit being a Buddhist and started drinking ever more. Writing to his friends Gary and Whalen, he said he was too ashamed to confront them. Jack also wrote a Beat movie called Pull My Daisy, which he narrated in 1959. He moved to Northport, New York in 1958 to take care of his mother and to hide from the celebrity pinnacle he had achieved. Later on in his life, he became a more politically conservative Catholic, particularly with his parent's influence and supported the Viet Nam War; as well as becoming friendly with William F. Buckley. But on October 21, 1969, in St Petersburg, Florida, at St. Anthony's Hospital, the day after he'd been brought here with terrible stomach pains from his home in the city, he passed on. The death was the result of internal hemorrhage caused by cirrhosis, the lifetime of heavy drinking had done him in. He was only 47. Jack is buried in Lowell, Massachusetts, where he was born and honored posthumously with the Doctor of Letters from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell June 2, 2007.

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  • Aquatica Aquatica Orlando, Florida
    Aquatica, the newest venture from SeaWorld and Busch Entertainment, in Orlando, Florida opened in 2008, and is an amazing waterpark, sitting on almost 60 acres next to SeaWorld itself. This marvelous park has six rivers and lagoons, over 80,000 square feet of beach space and 36 exciting waterslides. The wonderful design and overall theme to the park has been inspired by the scenery of New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia. The biggest feature is a transparent waterslide that travels through a beautiful clear lagoon, filled with Commerson's dolphins and other varieties of fish. The dolphins are colored like the orca whales, black and white, which is one of the main symbols of the park and SeaWorld itself. Aquatica is the first major theme park built in the area since Discovery Cove in 2000, and has the region very excited to be able to enjoy the beauty and grace of these underwater animals. The Dolphin Plunge as the main attraction is called, and also the most favorite ride, has two parallel transparent tubes that allow you to slide through a spectacular underworld extravaganza housing 4 of the Commerson's dolphins, named Wai, Kaha, Horo and Tere. Another exciting and wild ride is the Taumata Racer, with 8 lanes open to let you slide, head first into another lagoon. There are raft slides, called Walhalla Wave, Whanau Way, which is a four-fold slide down a tower, and the Tassie's Twisters which has you rushing back and forth from the lazy river. The Lazy River has some unique twists of its own, with Roa's Rapids, that like the name implies is a quick ride through swirling rapids and high waves that run alongside whirlpools and geysers. The river continues on through a grotto with cichlids swimming around in a swirl of brilliant colors like a rainbow gone wild, called the Loggerhead Lane and here is where you can get your best view of the dolphins. There are two wave pools with beaches full of chairs for the parents to watch over their children while enjoying the sun and umbrella drinks. One wave pool is called Cutback Cove where the waves are higher and rougher, with the other, Big Surf Shores, containing gentler ones for the younger visitors to enjoy. And speaking of the younger generation, they have two marvelous areas called Kata' Kookaburra Cove, which is a smaller slide for the small frys, and Walkabout Waters, which is a fort with slides and ladders for the more adventurous youngsters. All in all, this is one fantastic waterpark and ready for you to enjoy all the day long or night.

November 17, 2014