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  • Oregon Historical SocietyOregon Historical Society Portland, Oregon
    The Oregon Historical Society is an association that formed to promote and encourage the history of the state and in a broader sense the nation; that was started in 1898. It gets, saves and shows various materials that are of historical content and interest, as well as collaborating with other groups or persons with likewise aims. It operates the history center that includes the Oregon Historical Society Museum in downtown Portland, Oregon. The society started in December, 1898 in Portland at the library building and the first president was Harvey W. Scott with a membership total of 370 the first year. Just after forming, it opened its first museum in the Portland City Hall and started to develop a regional research library with historical relics. In 1900, their first issue of the Oregon Historical Quarterly was printed and in 1917 it moved to the public auditorium, and finally in 1966, came to its present location. The society's archives, museum and research library holds about 8.5 million feet of film and video, more than 2.5 million photographs, 16,000 rolls of microfilm, 8400 hours of oral history that cover more than 2100 interviews, 30,000 books, 12,000 feet of documents, 85,000 relics, and 25,000 maps. It's photograph collection is one of the biggest in the country. One of the most important relics in the museum is the Portland Penny, which helped decide the city's name; it is an 1835 copper penny that had been tossed to see if the name of the city would become Boston or Portland, and obviously Portland won. Part of the Oregon History Center or rather part of the outside of it, is a huge mural that was painted by Richard Haas the depicts the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Other relics of prominence in the museum is Captain Robert Gray's storage chest from aboard the Columbia Rediviva; the ship that went to the Pacific northwest for the fur trade and also the first American ship to circumnavigate the world, a 10,000 year old sandal, a miniature vehicle collection, Native American relics, memorabilia from the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition and numerous everyday items from dresses to jars. Permanent exhibits include Oregon My Oregon, Battleship Oregon: Bulldog of the Navy, and Oregon Art. The Oregon My Oregon exhibit is a 7000 square foot display that spans the state's history from its early settlement to the present period. Some of the more prominent relics include a 1940s era mercantile store, a 9000 year old sandal, the reproduction of a ship's hull and a complete lunch counter from a diner. The Battleship Oregon: Bulldog of the Navy looks at the history of the historic ship that carried the state's name and made famous by the trip to Cuba in the Spanish-American War of 1898; with the exhibit looking at the effects of the ship on history and its own history from construction through demise. It talks about the captain and life on board the ship.  In the Oregon Art display there are changing works of art that tries to educate the museum's visitors about the artists of the state, from its pre-statehood to today. Artists works contain the works of Joseph Drayton of the 1841 Wilkes Expedition to Oregon Country.

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  • Oneonta Gorge and WaterfallsOneonta Gorge and Waterfalls Portland, Oregon
    The Oneonta Gorge is located in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon, which the U.S. Forest Service has made a botanical area since many of the plants and aquatics are unique for this area. The walls are basalt and home to numerous mosses, ferns, lichens and hepatics which only grow in the Columbia River Gorge region. Oneonta Creek flows through the gorge, with two waterfalls along its path, and the Upper falls can be observed from the footpath, while the lower has been made into a natural habitat. This means the only way to see the falls, or rather the lower falls is to walk upstream, which occasionally reaches waist or chest deep, from the outlet by the Historic Columbia River Highway. The Oneonta Gorge was first photographed by Carleton Emmons Watkins, a native of Oneonta, New York, who went westward during the California Gold Rush in 1849; thus allowing Watkins to name the falls after his hometown. There seem to be numerous falls around this area, and the hiking can be very exciting. The best idea would be to check out the area's information page from the internet or from the state's forest service that will have all the necessary information about the many waterfalls and hiking trails that abound here. It would seem that there are plenty of areas for taking pictures, since there are many on the internet about them. It looks to be a marvelous area for any kind of enjoyment with nature and the plants and trees that thrive there; especially in the Oneonta Gorge that has varieties of its own that you can't find anywhere else in the country.

January 11, 2011