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  • Scottsdale Historical MuseumScottsdale Historical Museum Scottsdale, Arizona
    Chaplain Winfield Scott could see that an educational system would soon be needed for the small community that was growing around what would become Scottsdale, after the chaplain, in 1896. Mrs. George Blount, whose husband was the principal of the Phoenix School, was teaching children at her ranch near the Scott Homestead and had been for the previous seven months. The chaplain met with a number of people on August 3, 1896 to talk about building a new schoolhouse, with the chaplain, John S. Tait and Frank Titus being asked to serve on the school committee. They met again at the Titus ranch on August 20 and started organizing the school district, named in honor of the chaplain, it would be Scottsdale, and three lots were picked by the southeast area of what is now Brown Avenue and Main Street. Some people from the community built a 16 by 18 foot wooden structure, and the school year started with 14 students; which was the total for all 8 grades; and Hattie Green became the new school teacher, being paid $45.00 a month. The next year had another addition of 12 feet put on the north side to take care of the additional students, and this building was used until 1909; when it was necessary to enlarge it ever more. In May of 1909, a bond issue was brought up to build another building by the first with the $5000 bond passed. That was named Scottsdale Grammar School, which today contains the Scottsdale Historical Museum, with two big classrooms, two small rooms for supply storage and books, put up over a full basement. Besides being used for the school, it would become the social center for the young community, with Sunday school and church being there, a Farm Improvement Society, Red Cross bandage rolling room and polling place for the community that would be used the next election that would help decide if a new Scottsdale High School would be constructed or not. Once the new high school and new elementary school constructed, the old brick schoolhouse would be used for the Mexican-American students. The old schoolhouse would become the new incorporated town's hall and county court office. When the city grew too big to be handled in the old schoolhouse, it would used for the city library, and in 1968, it was slated to be demolished to accomplish the develop of the Scottsdale Mall. The next year, 1969, was when the destruction would begin, but the Scottsdale Historical Society was formed and by many different avenues of funding, they were not able to get enough money to refurbish the structure. The Chamber of Commerce said they would help get the necessary funds if they could use the offices until they got a place of their own. In 1972, the chamber signed a lease with the city and held their meetings in the basement for many years, with a small display on the main floor. In 1991, the chamber moved to the close by civic mall and the historical society opened their historical museums in the same year. The museum had many marvelous photographs of the old days, a picture of the classroom from 1910 and other exhibits that displayed the life in the city and the southwest.  The permanent exhibits include one about the life of Winfield Scott, another is the schoolhouse and all about it, a barber shop pole and chair from the former Hebron's barber shop in the city, a beautiful stained glass window that was done by Joe Moss, one of the early tent kitchen's, a parlor, the Goldwater's chandelier and the school's bell. 

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  • Taliesin WestTaliesin West San Jose, California
    Taliesin West was the home of Frank Lloyd Wright for the winters and a school in the desert from 1937 until his passing in 1959, when he passed on. It has become the primary campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, that also is the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and has been opened for tours. It sits on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard in Scottsdale, Arizona. His summer home is Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  The design would need to incorporate some factor into it; namely the rugged slope of the talus shaped mountain site, where the architect would gather stone, sand and gravel to use in his construction materials, the mild winter climates that would allow natural lighting to come through the tent like roof made of redwood and canvas, and the necessity of building it big enough to accommodate students and staff. During his lifetime, Frank would change and add to the complex of buildings, using his students to do the work. Much of his most famous designs would be accomplished here, including the Grady Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University in Tempe and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The complex has continued to be the headquarters of his foundation and winter home for the School of Architecture; with restoration of his and his wife's private rooms being finished in 2004. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1982 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. In 2008, the park service submitted Taliesin West and nine other Wright properties to the tentative list of World Heritage Status. 

January 11, 2011