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  • USGS: Earth Resources Observation & Science CenterEarth Resources Observation and Science Center Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    The Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) is a research center for the United States Geological Survey's Geography discipline housed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and since the early 1970s has grown from a handful of employees and the biggest mainframe computer in the state to one of the biggest computer complexes in the Department of the Interior, with around 600 employees and contract employees. People seem to ask why the facility is located in the plains of South Dakota, but it actually is a perfect locale for getting the data that is sent from the Landsat satellites that pass over the United States. The facility and its data are used by technical users, scientists and managers all over the world, which includes the staff at the center for many data apps and research programs. It is staffed by USGS employees and employees from the private sector that work under a contract to support the EROS mission. Tours are available through the week, from 10 AM to 2 PM, central time and you must call for a guided tour. The thrill of discovery is always exciting, regardless of your age, and EROS is devoted to giving as much educational resources for school age children from kindergarten to seniors.  The center offers the public a marvelous opportunity to discover the latest earth science news, as well as research materials, interactive activities for children and lesson plans. The center archives all the remotely sensed images of the earth and its land surfaces, and used for many areas that include; conservation problems, natural hazards, economic development and global environmental changes. Their outreach team coordinates, educates and supports the center's message via public interaction, graphic art and videos. Some of these projects include; the Globe program, Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science, American Indian science and engineering society, University of Montana, Lewis and Clark Data Consortium, NASA's earthkam , National Indian Education Association and the Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium.   

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  • Buffalo Ridge Cowboy Ghost TownBuffalo Ridge Cowboy Ghost Town Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    The Buffalo Ridge Cowboy Ghost Town experience is one that you'll have to try out for yourself and decide if you liked it or not. There are more than 50 exhibits about the region and its history, with a side business of fireworks and souvenirs, some very interesting, but the manager is very helpful and full of historical information. The coffee shop is another locale that depends on your personal tastes, but many folks have really enjoyed the buffalo burgers that they serve here; and if you haven't had one yet, this might be the best place to get one. You will have many opportunities to see the buffalo roaming over the ridge and running along it in some areas, but that depends on how long you wish to stay and visit, or if you are in a hurry to go elsewhere. It is definitely worth the stop, as the displays will always interest you and the rest of your family. The ghost town is very interesting and you could spend some time looking over the buildings and imagining what life would be like for the people that had started to build the town and then, for whatever reason, abandoned it, leaving the structures and some furnishings, as well as legends and ghosts. But it all depends on how much time you have to explore the area, which is part of the great plains and who knows, you may discover something very valuable or interesting to tell all those folks at home.

March 15, 2011