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Chauffeured Services from Carey Limousines

Carey Fleet

Carey Town Car

Carey Lincoln Town Car: This beautiful sedan is a special edition of the Lincoln Town Car which features additional leg space and a state-of-the-art mobile office which will keep you on task no matter where you are. Save time and money with this comfortable transportation vehicle and get your work done while out and about.  Finish your last minute business before arriving at your destination with Carey-quality convenience at hand.

Limousine Deals

Limousine: Have a night on the town with a touch of class a side of style in this 6, 8 and 10 passenger luxury limousine which holds only the finest amenities from a decanter and drinking glasses to mood lighting. You may choose to stock the bar (optional) but you will have endless entertainment no matter what with a TV, DVD player, and stereo sound with a CD player. The limousine provides you with plenty of room for that special occasion.

Luxurious Mercedes S-Class

Luxury Sedan: Carey is pleased to offer their fine clientele this beautiful piece of ingenuity, well equipped for the traveler who has absolute style in mind. Carey features the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or an equivalent vehicle. The make and model of the luxury sedan depends on the city within the United States and other country’s availability. The luxury sedan comes standard with leather seating, vanity mirrors and plenty more amenities. Call for availability.

Lincoln Navigator

Sport Utility Vehicle: The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is the perfect choice for clients with plenty of luggage who need plenty of space. This perfect marriage of comfort and luxury gives birth to a fantastic voyage through any city or country. The Lincoln Navigator is the main choice for SUVs, but an equivalent make and model will be available where the Navigator is not. This beautiful SUV comes with leather seating, stereo sound with a CD player, dual climate controls, V8 engine, and four-wheel drive for snowy or rough weather.

Carey Executive Van

Executive Van: If you need transportation for 10 to 14 passengers, the Executive Van is the choice for you. This is a great choice for traveling short distances for a larger number of passengers.

Luxury Mini-bus

Luxury Van: The luxury van is the way to travel to your destination in style with 8 to 10 passengers in mind. Luxury, style and comfort all encompass the amenities offered on this vehicle. You will get your use out of the cooler, cup holders, TV with VCR and DVD (in most models), and easy entrance and exit. You will also find added leg and head room in this beautiful van.