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Things to do in Adelaide

    Art Gallery of South Australia Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide, South Australia
    The Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) can be found on the cultural boulevard of North Terrace in Adelaide, South Australia, and houses the second biggest state fine art collection in the nation. The gallery contains a magnificent collection of over 35,000 works, and welcomes over half a million visitors each year. It has become internationally well known for its outstanding collections of Australian art, especially in the genre of Indigenous Australian and colonial art, Japanese artworks and British art that contains a marvelous collection of works by Morris & Company. The gallery sits next to the State Library of South Australia, the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Museum so you can visit all of these excellent facilities within a few days and not have to do much traveling. This fabulous gallery was started in 1881, and has been located in its current location since 1900, with numerous renovations, and a large extension that opened in 1996, and added more contemporary exhibit areas and didn't have to change the interior of the original Victorian structure. It had been called the National Gallery of South Australia, but would received its current name in 1967. One of the outstanding features of this great gallery is the online collection that is able to give you a small taste of what is in store for you when you visit the collections in person. This collection contains selected works from their European, Asian and Australian collections. Their European and North American collection contains beautiful works in decorative arts, paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints and drawings, as do most of the other collections in this magnificent art gallery in Adelaide.

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Adelaide Apt. Budget Car Rentals - Adelaide Airport 
Budget Car Rental Adelaide - 274 N. Terrace
Adelaide Budget Rental Cars
- Adelaide Airport
Budget Car Rentals Adelaide - 274 North Terrace

Local Restaurants in Adelaide

    The Oyster Bar
    Entrees; oysters natural half or whole dozen with choice of sauce; oysters caviar with salmon roe & sour cream; oysters Thai with smoked salmon, sour cream & chives; oysters Thai with mint, coriander, basil, Spanish onion, capsicum with special mild sauce; oysters salsa with grilled capsicum & tomato salsa; oysters Oliver with shallots, red wine & vinegar; oysters Kilpatrick is bacon with oyster bar special sauce; oysters chili & cheese with sweet chili sauce with cheese; oysters pesto with basil pesto; oysters darleyfella with spinach & mornay; oysters Errol Flynn is choose four styles; grilled prawn skewers, trio of dips; smoked salmon with horseradish & salsa; cheese board is selection of local & imported cheeses served with greens, dried fruits & nuts.

    Top of the World Revolving Restaurant
    Entrees; beef fillet is char grilled & crusted with Dijon & dukkah, potato resti, candied shallots & crispy prosciutto, finished with sticky shraz jus & truffle oil; chicken breast is pocketed with semi-dried tomatoes & Australian brie, oven baked served with seeded mustard mash & creamy basil pesto sauce; braised lamb shank is simmered in rich tomato, veggies, garlic & fresh herbs served with hot potato mash, greens & braising jus; pork fillet is char grilled served on garlic & herb mash, with candied granny smith apples & light glaze; garlic prawns are Australian prawns flamed in brandy, garlic butter & spring onions in creamy white wine sauce with steamed greens & jasmine rice; samba prawns are pan seared with chili & Middle Eastern spices in rich concasse served with steamed greens & jasmine rice; seafood linguini is Aussie prawns, market fish, mussels, calamari & scallops tossed in rich Napoli sauce with mild chili, fresh herbs & shaved Pandano parmesan; out of the blue is beer battered market fish, crumbed prawns & scallops, salt & pepper calamari, house chips, tartar sauce & lemon; crumbed calamari is tender calamari strips lightly crumbed & served with house chips, tartar sauce & lemon; Aussie fish & chips is fillet of fish in light batter served with house chips, tartar sauce & lemon; salt & pepper calamari is tender calamari tossed in squid inc salt & pepper calamari mix served with house chips, sweet chili sauce & soy dipping sauce; fish of the day.


Oysters Natural The Oyster Bar Adelaide, South Australia



 Braised Lamb Shank Top of the World Revolving Restaurant Adelaide, South Australia

Salt & Pepper Calamari Top of the World Revolving Restaurant Adelaide, South Australia 


Hertz Car Rental Adelaide

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Hertz Rental Cars Adelaide Downtown- 233 Morphe  St.
Plympton Hertz Car Rental - 286 Anzac Hwy.
Hertz Rental Car Adelaide Apt.- Sir Donald Bradman Dr.
Klemzig Hertz Car Rental - 344 N. East Rd.

    National Railway Museum Port Adelaide National Railway Museum Port Adelaide, South Australia
    The National Railway Museum that is located in Port Adelaide, South Australia houses the magnificent Port Dock Station railway museum's huge Australian railway collection that had been started in 1963 by a small group of railroad enthusiasts that would somehow convince the South Australian Railways commissioner to donate land where the old Mile End Roundhouse was situated and build a small collection of withdrawn steam engines. The initial site had been located on the Railway Terrace Mile End, and contained just a few exhibits inside, with the majority of the relics kept out in the open air; which would eventually damage the antiquities of the railroad so much that alternative methods had to be considered. The outstanding collection is contained in two pavilions, along with a historical good shed that is located on the original site at the Port Dock Railway station, with three gauges of Australia represented and include; narrow, standard and broad. The locomotives that are still operational include the steam engine Peronne which is a 1918 Andrew Barclay 0-6-0 tank locomotive, the Redhen railcars 400, 321 and trailer 863, the DE 507 South Australian Railways and the 801 SAR. It does run a number of 18" gauge equipment that includes Bill a 2-4-0 4 wheel tender and Bub a 0-4-2T steam locomotives. The museum would acquire the 1949 Overland roomette sleeping car Allambi, that was donated by the government after having been stored from its former days in the Vinelander service. There are a number of historical structures included in their collections, with a few original to the site and some brought here for exhibit. The more historic of these are the Callington Station that is atypical of the shelter shed and booking office that was used by the South Australian railways for their small country stations, the Woodville Signal cabin, the good shed that is typical of the structures that were constructed by the railways in the 19th century and the Eudunda gang shed.

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Adelaide Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Adelaide Apt. Domestic Terminal

Alamo Rental Cars Adelaide Downtown -  142 North Terrace
Mount Barker Alamo Car Rentals
 24 Adelaide Rd. Mt. Barker

Alamo Rental Car Salisbury -  1766 Main North Rd.

    Adelaide ZooAdelaide Zoo Adelaide, South Australia
    The Adelaide Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the nation, and the only metropolitan zoo in the country that is owned and run on a nonprofit status, situated in the parklands that sit north of the city's center in Adelaide, South Australia; as well as owning the Monarto open plains zoo by Murray Bridge. The zoo has about 300 native and exotic species that represent more than 1800 animals. The most recent enclosure to have opened is in the second phase of the Southeast Asian exhibit that is called Immersion, and quite apropos since it allows visitors to walk through a jungle with orangutans and Sumatran tigers almost within reach. There are numerous features of the zoo that have gained architectural significance and have listed on the National Trust of South Australia's heritage, that includes the old elephant house and the main entrance on Frome Road. It contains a beautiful botanical garden with outstanding native and exotic flora, that includes a Moreton Bay fig that had been planted in 1877. In 2009, they would open a giant panda exhibit with two magnificent giant pandas called Funi and Wang Wang. The zoo originally opened in 1883 on 16 acres and now contains 20 acres of land that was donated by the government. During the mid 20th century it would be involved in exporting live birds, with almost all of them native birds, consisting mostly of parrots and finches for aviculture, when many of the other states passing legislation that would prohibit such practices. Exhibits includes the Southeast Asian exhibit, children's zoo, Australian region, ungulates, Jewels of Asia aviary, westpak envirodome, South American region, Australian bush aviaries, macaw aviaries, Australian bush aviaries, Tamarin house and Australian habitat aviaries. Some of the more outstanding critters included in the collections are Malayan tapir, white-cheeked gibbon, Eurasian coot, dusky leaf monkey, Tasmanian devil, red kangaroo, tammar wallaby, yellow footed rock wallaby, western rosella, emu, southern hairy nosed wombat, blue-winged kookaburra, golden pheasant, rufous whistler, white-browed woodswallow, damara sheep, miniature goat, western grey kangaroo, blackbuck, eastern bongo, plains zebra and many more that are sure to keep you and your family occupied for a few days, since many of these magnificent creatures can only be seen in this nation and it's excellent zoo.

Thrifty Car Rental Adelaide

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Adelaide Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Adelaide- 23 Hindley St.

    South Australian MuseumSouth Australian Museum Adelaide, South Australia
    The South Australian Museum in Adelaide, South Australia opened in 1856, and is situated in the North Terrace complex of museums which houses the biggest collection of indigenous Australian relics in the world. The South Australian Institute would be incorporated into a library and museum in 1847 in rented spaces of the Library and Mechanics Institute in King William Street as it waited for its own purpose built structure. Some of its outstanding exhibits include the main mass of the Huckitta meteorite that weighs some 1400 kgs, along with Major Peter Badcoe's Victoria cross and medals. Other collections that are in the process include; marine creatures, Mawson and the Antarctic, native birds, reptiles and animals, Egyptian mummies and collection and Southwest Pacific and South Sea Islands. The museum contains collections in archaeology, ichthyology, aboriginal material culture, subfossils, Australian polar collection, terrestrial invertebrates, evolutionary biology unit, parasitology, archives, paleontology, foreign ethnology, ornithology, herpetology, mineralogy, history of science, marine invertebrates and mammalogy, along with an exceptional library. The museum houses over 4 million relics and specimens in these categories that are sure to fire one's imagination and wonder at the incredible collections that are spread across the marvelous museum. And perhaps one of the most significant features of this fabulous museum is that is entirely free, and open every day except Christmas and Good Friday. 

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