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Things to do in Alaska

  • Anchorage Museum of History and Art Alaska Museum of History and Art Anchorage, Alaska
    Arriving in Alaska is like coming to another world, not just another part or state of the United States.  One of  the best ways to acclimate yourself to this majesty and beauty of this far off state is to go the local museum to discover something about the people, the history and the art.  The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center is just the answer for you and will handle all the information that you will need to start this magnificent journey.  It is found in the downtown area and was started in 1968, a hundred years after the territory was purchased; with 60 borrowed paintings and a marvelous collection of 2500 ethnographic and historic artifacts borrowed from the local historical society.  It is presently in the process of a hundred million dollar expansion and you can imagine that the spectacular results will be something awesome to view.  Their mission or objective is to share the history, art and sciences of the state with the world.  Originally the building was a 10,000 square foot structure with all the borrowed items and a staff of only two people.  Since that humble and meager beginning, it has grown and expanded two times, but most recently in 1986 to the present 140,000 square foot collection of 450,000 photographs and 21,000 objects.  The staff has had to increase to handle this massive collection and it now is at 36.  The museum was accredited in 1973, and in 1992 became the institution of the Alaskan office of the Smithsonian NMNH Arctic Studies Center for research, education and exhibitions that help to support the museum's mission.  This world class museum enjoyed over 180,000 visitors from around the state and world, and is the cultural hub for the community.  It has been one of the top ten destinations for visitors, and is always involved in educational and rotating programs for its citizens.  The new Imaginarium will become part of the museum to help over 50,000 people and 400 schools as well as 45 communities with its educational programs.  The exhibition program has juried shows, traveling and interpretive exhibitions from other museums that have given Alaskans knowledge of the art and culture of other countries from Africa, Tibet, Korea and Japan.   

  • Prince William Sound
    The Gulf of Alaska is an area of the Pacific Ocean that is defined by the southern coast line of Alaska that runs from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island that is in the west going towards Alexander Archipelago in the east towards Glacier Bay and Inside Passage lay.  This coastline is an exciting example of the ruggedness of the state with tidewater glaciers, mountains and forests and incredible sights.  The two largest glaciers are the Bering and the Malaspina that flow out onto the coastal plains of the Gulf.  The coast itself is very indented with Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet; which are the two biggest connected bodies of water along the coast.  Prince William Sound is on the eastern side of Kenai Peninsula and surrounds the city of Valdez, which lies at the southern most end of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  The other villages that are located on the sound are Cordova, Whittier and many smaller islands; plus the Alaskan villages of Tatitlek and Chenega.  Along this area, the Chugach National Forest spreads, which is the second biggest forest in the United States, as does the mountains of Chugach, which are also glaciated.  The whole area is full of islands and fjords and many tidewater glaciers; these are glaciers that stop at the water's edge and eventually break off forming the icebergs that you see floating in the waters off the coast or elsewhere in the colder parts of the world.  Actually glacial ice is the second largest source of water on the earth, and most certainly the cleanest purest water available to us now.  The main barrier islands that exist here are the Hawkins, Hinchinbrook and Montague Islands.  It was here in 1778, that James Cook entered the sound and named it Sandwich Sound after his patron the Earl of Sandwich; however the editors of his maps changed the name to Prince William, who was next to become the King of England.  In 1964, the biggest tsunami hit the area as a result of the Good Friday earthquake that completely destroyed Valdez and killed many Chugach villagers.  It was here also that in 1989, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez hit Bligh Reef, running aground and releasing a huge amount of oil; which in turn destroyed 22 killer whales, a quarter of a million birds, 300 harbour seals, 250 bald eagles and 3000 sea otters.  It was estimated that the Exxon Valdez spilled almost 11 million gallons of oil into the ocean and causing one of the most devastating disasters in the history of the modern world.  The facts surrounding this mysterious "accident" are still questionable, and it took many years and court cases to extract the monies from the company.  There are believed to be about 26,000 gallons of oil in the sand and soil of Alaska.  The amount that the company paid out was less than a billion dollars, for punitive and compensatory damages, but the destruction to the environment and the terrible toll on the animal kingdom is unimaginable.  This tremendous loss of animal life is unpardonable and some day those people involved will have to make a great atonement.  Joseph Hazelwood was the man responsible and many believe he was drunk at the time of the accident and left command with his third mate Gregory Cousins in charge, who was not trained to handle the sound's dangerous waters. 

  • Tony Knowles Coastal TrailTony Knowles Coastal Trail Anchorage, Alaska
    This trail runs 11 miles along the Anchorage coastline and is not for motorized vehicles.  It starts at Second Avenue in the downtown area and stops in Kincaid Park; is completely paved and allows traffic in both directions.  In the summer months, it is used by cyclists, walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and runners; while in the winter months it is used for cross country skiing and skijoring; which is a winter sport that has a person on skis being pulled by a horse or dog or motor vehicle, although that is not allowed on this trail.  Both the skier and dog wear harnesses and are joined by a rope and the dog or horse pulls the skier at whatever pace the dog chooses or by the commands of the person.  The Tony Knowles trail is part of the yearly Tour of Anchorage cross country ski marathon and the trail is full of wildlife.  Some have said that out of all the trails in the area, this one is the crown jewel and the best way to enjoy it is with a bike.  It seems like an easy trail with some hills and a large one near the end with most of it flat.  It goes around Cook Inlet, and is home to marshes, spruce forest land and muskeg.  Some of the focal points include Point Woronzof, where whales have been sighted, Kincaid Park, Earthquake Park and Westchester Lagoon.  Views of the Sleeping Lady or Mt Susitna and Fire Island are beautiful with Denali being able to be seen on clear days.  Some of the fantastic animals along the way might include; waterfowl, red foxes, moose, bald eagles and coyote.  The picture to the right shows some of the trail and a huge bull moose that was seen along the side.

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  • Alaska Zipline AdventuresAlaska Zipline Adventures Juneau, Alaska
    Zipline or canopy tours as some call them are the most exciting and fun way to explore the scenic areas of any forest or mountain in the world and many people are starting to do this.  As the zip companies start to spring up everywhere, the challenges to get the best out of the available areas, terrains, and sights make for a very trying time.  One of these fantastic zipline companies is the Alaska Adventure that is out of Juneau, Alaska and run by two great people called Matt and Rachel.  They have been in the business for many years, as well as being involved in many venues of sports.  Their zipline is found in a  beautiful sub-alpine area called the Tongass National Forest, in the Juneau ski area and these folks are inclined to be as green as you can be.  You will learn quite a bit about the ecosystem of the area and southeast Alaska, while zipping along steel cables high over the forested areas rich with wildlife and scenery.  Numerous streams where the salmon spawn will greet you and panoramic views of snow covered mountains in the distance.  There is an aerial suspension bridge to cross and the tree houses along the way were built by them.  This is an eco-tour taking every bit of nature into consideration, and they use hydro-electric power in their lodge during the summer.  The tree houses are also built from recycled materials, so you will be supporting a greener environment on the trip.  After your zip trip, you will go back to the lodge to enjoy locally brewed Alaskan beer, hot chocolate or Spruce Tip tea.  As is the requirements for all zip line tours, you should not be scared of heights, although every safety precaution is taken, and the correct clothing will certainly make you more comfortable.  Their age limit is 10, and the weight limits are 70 to 250 pounds max.  It takes about 3 and a half hours, and a light snack and beverage is included.  If the weather is rainy, they do have rain gear and the trip is run.  They give you a custom made souvenir to remind you of this magical adventure through the treetops of Alaska and offer round trip transportation from Juneau or your cruise ship.  They also offer other tours that could include a zip and aerial adventure; mountain zip and rainforest bike ride; alpine zip and glacier adventure; zip and whale watch adventure; zip and rock climbing tour and  jeep and zip tour.

  •  Alaska-Gastineau Mill and Gold Mine Tour
    One of the biggest interests in Alaska is the gold mines that exist there and were at one time the biggest reason people would come to the state.  In Juneau, you can visit the Gastineau Mill, which was one of the largest gold mines in the state and was a working mine from 1916 until 1921; as most of the workers here went off to serve in the first World War.  This tour is both above ground and underground that includes a hard hat, demonstration of mining gold, and the information about gold mining.  You are also invited to try your hand at panning gold, and just the thrill of doing this is worth any gold that you should find.  It is located about 4 miles south of Juneau, and warm clothes are encouraged; but like most places that you will visit in the state, layers are the best idea.  The tunnel you enter to go down runs about 360 feet. 

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Local Restaurants in Alaska
  • The Marx Bros. Cafe
    Focusing on the innovative and contemporary cuisine of the great north west, the cafe embodies the essence of Alaskan seafood delicacies and excellent meats.  The chef changes the menu daily to reflect the freshest ingredients available in the area and using his unique culinary techniques embellishes the finest food in the state.  Wine pairings are encouraged and the wait staff is amply educated in the finer vintages that go best with each dish.  The quaint elegant cafe is the personification of splendor, as Van Hale, the chef's partner welcomes each guest at the door and personally seats them at a linen clad table with all the refinements of the ritziest restaurants.  With just 14 tables, the cuisine is promptly served at just the right moment, with a beautiful decor that matches the exquisite tastes that await you.  Meticulously maintained from the table to the kitchen, this is the best that Alaska will serve you.  The menu is extensive with a wonderful variety that should tantalize even the finickiest among you.  The appetizers include; Copper River red salmon gravlox which is house cured sockeye salmon served with Yukon gold potato cake, American caviar, dill cream and Dijon-honey mustard; Alaskan spot prawns sautéed with leeks and garlic in a tangy tomato jam; Neapolitan seafood mousse is layers of Maine lobster, smoked salmon and smoked halibut served with toast points and a yin-yang of golden and American caviar; venison stew made with New Zealand venison, vegetables and Madeira wine; Stedman Cove Alaskan oysters on the half shell and finished with pepper vodka-pickled ginger sorbet.  Salads include; Van's Caesar salad is their version of the Tijuana classic prepared tableside for two or more; baby spinach salad tossed with a buttermilk-birch dressing with pecans, soppresata and English cucumber.  Entrees are; halibut macadamia served with mild coconut curry sauce, mango chutney and jasmine rice; grilled giant tiger shrimp and Kodiak scallops with chilled honeydew melon sauce, crispy Prosciutto di Parma and toasted quinoa; tea smoked duck breast cooked Peking style in their own Chinese duck smoker, served with buckwheat soba noodles, bok choy and duck stir fry and hoisen-plum sauce; grilled ostrich fan filet served with a Near Eastern spiced risotto with spinach and finished with ground Syrian sumac.

  • The Pump House
    The Pump House and restaurant was built in the spring of 1978 with an eye to the past era when the gold rush days of the 1890s were flourishing.  The furnishings are authentic with many being antique or over 150 years old; including one pool table that is a Brunswick Union League built in 1898 and shipped to the Klondike city of Dawson City in 1900 and has made its way down the Yukon River ending up in Rampart.  The solid mahogany bar was built in Kansas City, shipped and reassembled in the Pump House and the food is completely Alaskan styled.  Using only seasonal herbs and vegetables, fresh seafoods and meats, the cuisine is absolutely fresh flown in by plane or delivered by boat.  Wines come from the northwest Pacific and are abundant.  Then menu is ample beginning with the appetizers; oysters; fresh steamed clams; prawns cocktail; chilled Alaskan seafood platter for two with Dungeness crab, shrimp, oysters, smoked salmon and seafood salad; Jamaican jerked chicken satay; house made crab cake; bacon wrapped crab stuffed prawns; beef tips and artichoke and spinach dip.  Salads include; wilted spinach served with caramelized shallots, bacon, sautéed mushrooms and blueberry vinaigrette; Caesar; summer seafood cobb with grilled and chilled prawns, Alaskan scallops, tomato, avocado, bleu cheese and cucumber vinaigrette with candied pecans.  Soups include seafood chowder and soup du jour.  Seafood entrees; fresh Alaskan salmon either blackened with minted mango salsa or grilled with lemon beurre blanc; fresh Alaskan halibut either grilled with minted mango salsa or sautéed encrusted with pistachio nuts, lemon beurr blanc; deep fried seafood combos with halibut, shrimp, scallops, and fresh oysters served with French fries and house slaw; crab stuffed jumbo prawns; Alaskan house made crab cakes; Pump House steam pot with roasted tomato seafood broth, thick with salmon, scallops, crab, oysters, clams, reindeer sausage, steamed potatoes and fresh vegetable or king crab steamed and served with drawn butter and lemon wedges.  Beef entrees include; prime rib; Alder smoked bone-in rib eye steak; New York center cut steak; filet mignon; Medallion of beef and crab stuffed prawn.

Marx Bros Cafe Juneau, Alaska 

Alaska Oysters Marx Bros. Juneau, Alaska 

Ostrich filet Marx Bros Juneau, Alaska 

Venison Stew Marx Bros Juneau, Alaska


seafood platter Pump House Fairbanks, Alaska

Pump House jerked chicken Fairbanks, Alaska

Grilled halibut Pump House Fairbanks, Alaska



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  • University of Alaska Museum of the North University of Alaska Museum of the North
    This museum sets on the Fairbanks campus and has been in existence since 1924, when the president of the college, Charles Bunnell told Otto Geist to collect relics or artifacts for the museum to show.  There wasn't a single building until 1936, when it was assigned to the Signers Hall and then it began to overflow; until 1975, when a campaign to build its own large building was started.  This was done in 2005, with some galleries opening in 2006. Some of the marvelous collections included are; Alaska Center for Documentary Film; Bird collections; Alaska Frozen Tissue collection; Marine invertebrates; Arctic Archival Observatory; Mammals; Archeology; Fish, amphibian and reptile; earth sciences; herbarium; entomology; fine arts and history.  Some of the galleries include; Alaska with five major geographic regions showcasing the people, geography, artifacts, history and objects; Alaska classics include the 19th and 20th centuries historical paintings with works by Jules Dahlanger, James Stewart, Sydney Laurence, Eustace Ziegler and Theodore Lambert; the Rose Berry Alaska art gallery remembering 2000 years of Alaskan art, both modern and traditional; with ancient carvings of ivory, as well as Native objects used for ceremony and everyday life.  Among some of the other magnificent collections is the biggest collection of gold in the state, a mummified steppe bison and more mining information than you would ever need.  The archaeology collection alone contains over 750,000 items, with some dating back over 13,000 years.  In the earth science department, the paleontology collection contains both invertebrate and vertebrate specimens including the biggest collection of polar dinosaurs in the world. 

  • Alaska Sealife Center
    The only public aquarium and ocean wildlife rescue center in the state is in Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay and opened in 1998 with funds from the Exxon Valdez settlement, bond sales and local donations.  It is one of the only ones in the world that are housed in the same building and it is affiliated with the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  This wonderful center studies the marine ecosystems of the state and the many species that live in and around the state.  It specializes in the marine mammal and sea bird research that includes; sea otters, fur seals, eiders, Steller sea lions and other species that are in the decline.  Its science department includes devoted programs for pinnipeds (sea lions and seals), sea otters, salmon and eiders.  Providing care for the sick and injured marine animals, the center also rescues, treats and releases stranded animals.  The main mission of the center is to return the rehabilitated animals back to their natural environment as soon as they can; which include; birds from all over the state, walruses, Steller and California sea lions, sea otters, harbor, spotted, fur and ringed seals and other wildlife animals.  These animals that are rescued and rehabilitated and then released, allow the center to gain important knowledge about the biology and physiology of these marine animals. 

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  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historic ParkKlondike Gold Rush National Historic Park Skagway, Alaska
    This national park celebrates the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 19th century and shows the staging areas that were set up to make the journey there.  One is in Seattle, Washington and the other three are here, in the Skagway Borough.  The rush was into the Yukon territory, and the U.S. -Canadian border played an important part with Whitehouse and Dawson City in the Yukon and the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site in British Columbia.  In the downtown Skagway area are 15 refurbished historic structures, as well as White Pass Trail and Chilkoot Trail areas, that go from the Dyea, Alaska historic town to Bennett Lake where prospectors would use rafts to get to Dawson City.  This 33 mile trek can be made, but you should check with the Skagway information visitor center to see the trail conditions.  When the papers came out in 1897 telling of the gold strike in the Yukon, just as before whenever the mention of instant riches fired the minds of men, hordes of people would rush to the area in hopes of striking it rich in the big one.  Selling everything they owned, farmers, businessmen, storekeepers, scalawags and crooks would descend on an area and use whatever means available to get rich quick and stop working for their livelihoods.  Some were lucky, most, the majority were not and since the conditions in the cold country of Alaska weren't conducive to easy living would return to their hometowns with their tails between their legs.  The Chilkoot Trail that was started and used by the Tlingit people for a trade route into the interiors of the country, now became the major way to get to the Yukon, and is still there for you to travel in their footsteps.  This difficult trail can only  be traveled by foot, and takes about 3 to 5 days to make.  Skagway is a town that is found at the end of the longest, deepest glacial fjord in the continent and is a magnificent journey with incredible vistas and views.  The climate in Skagway is cool in the summer months and mild compared to many northern areas in the continental states.  Soon it was discovered that there wasn't any gold in the Skagway area, but over 500 miles to the north where the Klondike and Yukon Rivers join, near Dawson City, but Skagway did become the main supply town for all the prospectors and miners.   

  • Sitka Tribe Dance Performances
    There are two different shows that include beautiful dances by the Tlingit Tribe, with songs handed down through the generations.  Their stories, songs and dances will amaze you with the sweet smell of cedar wafting through the air, and the colorful costumes of the dancers and drum players will take you back to a time when these people were the only ones in the area living a life that was simple, joyful and peaceful.  The smaller show is completely authentic with a story and songs, as well as the dancers weaving around the floor, drums beating a tribal resonance that seems to put you into a dreamlike state of serenity.  The larger, private show is conducted in the Sheet'ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House, and here you will be thrilled with the dances, songs and stories, plus meeting the actual dancers themselves.  The Naa Kahidi dancers are authentic performers that let you share their music and dances and take you into their history and lives.  They started this performance in 1944, so that visitors and Alaskan citizens could fathom some of their life and culture.  Tlingit people of all ages dance, sing, tell stories and play instruments.

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  • Mt McKinleyMount McKinley Denali, Alaska
    Sitting majestically in the Denali National Park,  (Denali meaning great one), Mount McKinley rises up into the sky higher than any other peak in the continent and is 20,320 feet above sea level.  This mountain is bigger and has a bigger rise than Mount Everest, tallest mountain in the world, but Everest sits on a Tibetan plateau, 17,000 feet above the sea, while McKinley sits on a base that is only 2000 feet above.  The weather is terribly cold, sometimes going into the minus 75 degree range and with the wind-chill taken into consideration, drops to over a hundred.  The oxygen level is higher, and therefore causes altitude illness to many people and is considered to be very dangerous.  McKinley is a granitic pluton, where the magma from the earth's hot core has crystallized and slowly cooled below the surface; and shifting of the underlying plates have caused the mountain to rise up into the skies.  The mount has two special summits, with the southern being the higher and therefore most often climbed.  Spilling down this huge magnificent mountain, five big glaciers descend towards the valleys below.  The Peters is on the northwest, Muldrow on the northeast, with the Traleika being farther east of that, the Ruth is southeast and the Kahiltna is southwest.  Native Americans living in the wild tundra has called the mount different names, but all concur that it is a grand mountain that rises higher than any others around.  The first European was George Vancouver who came here in 1794, surveying the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet and saw the "distant stupendous mountains"; mentioning it in his journal.  However, the peak wasn't named until Ferdinand von Wrangell mapped it in 1839, calling it Tenada.  The first English name was Densmore Mountain after the gold miner Frank Densmore that saw the mountain in 1889 and praised its majesty.  However, it wasn't until 1897, that William Dickey, originally from New Hampshire but who had moved to Seattle, was mining for gold; left to go home to the lower 48 and wrote about it in the New York Sun.  He had called it Mount McKinley after the presidential nominee from Ohio, William McKinley.  There was much political sentiment involved, between the advocates of William Jennings Bryan, who preferred a silver standard, while McKinley sought a gold standard.

  • Endangered Species
    The Alaska Oil and Gas Commission is a three person committee that contain at least one of each of the following; a registered petroleum engineer, a registered geologist and one person to represent the public at large; and belonging to neither of the groups before mentioned.  It works with the oil industry to maximize production, improve resource recovery and administer correlative rights; and administers the underground injection program for enhanced oil recovery and underground disposal of oil field waste, as authorized by the U.S. EPA.  Thus it is only natural to accept the fact that 2,000,000,000 gallons of TOXIC WASTE is disposed of in the Cook Inlet EVERY YEAR by oil corporations.  Sarah Palin was the chair for this committee or commission from 2003 until 2004 when she resigned.  Sarah Palin again resigned her governorship in 2009, after serving only two and a half years of her four year term.  While she was the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, there were many discrepancies, problems and innuendos.  Upon entering the office, the budget was balanced and when she left it was $22 million in debt.  This was at a time when the state was enjoying a great surplus as were other states in the nation.  While governor, she proposed using the surplus money to give back to the citizens, rather than make any improvements to the infrastructure or pay off debts.  She used an administrator to do her work while she was mayor and spent her time trying to fire a librarian who wouldn't get rid of books she didn't like.  The librarian resisted and the townspeople came to her rescue, all of them are now on Sarah's personal "hit list".  She is just eye candy, and always will be, letting those with the real power and intelligence pull her strings.  If she ever gets into a high office in the United States, she will destroy the country and its real citizens, who have spilled blood, their ancestors have spilled blood and their children will have to spill blood; making us all an endangered species; Americans.  For more information about her, go to the internet and type in Anne Kilkenny in your favorite search engine and you will get much more information from a woman that grew up with this fanatical babe that will certainly destroy the tapestry of America.

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  • Kennecott Copper MineKennecott Copper Mine McCarthy, Alaska
    In 1900, Clarence Warner and Jack Smith noticed a big green spot on a mountainside that was located between Kennicott Glacier and McCarthy Creek and went to investigate.  Stephen Birch, mining engineer that was looking for claims that could be obtained in 1901 was asked by Smith to check out the green area.  The green patch was copper ore and is one of the richest deposits of copper ever found.  Birch found backing from men like the Guggenheim brothers and J.P. Morgan, who then bought the rights to the claim, and in 1906, formed a mining company called Kennecott Mines Company, that later was changed to Kennecott Copper Corporation.  The main problem would be the transportation of the ore to the seaport of Cordova, so it could be shipped to Tacoma, Washington; with the Alaska Steamship Company.  Micheal J. Heney was a master railroad builder and was asked to lead the building of the Copper River Northwestern Railway, which began in 1908 at Cordova and would run 196 miles to the mines.  The railroad received a nickname based on its initials, CR & NW, can't run and never will; but did eventually and carried over 200 million dollars of copper ore.  Nearby a town grew that was called Kennicott, containing over 300 people with 2-300 working in the mines, about 3 miles away.  They built a store, grade school, hospital, dental office, dairy and bunkhouses that would supply the miners needs; as well as a recreation hall that helped with entertaining the people.  Dances,  winter basketball, picture shows, tennis court, ice skating rink and the works for the many people that worked and lived in the town.  Although a company town, it was a law abiding place with strict rules and proper society.  All the while this was happening at Kennicott, five miles down the road, another town was constructed called McCarthy, with pool halls, restaurants, hotels, saloons, dress shop, shoe shop, two newspapers, photography shop, garage, auto repair, hardware store and other buildings.  In this area were over 800 people.  Everything was going great for all concerned until the year of 1938, when the mine closed down due to falling copper prices and the train service was stopped.  In November of that year, the last train from Kennicott left for Cordova taking most of the people with it.  Sometime later, the railroad right of way was given to the government so they could create a public roadway for the people of Alaska; this was in 1941.  The towns are privately owned today and the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve established in 1980 surrounds the area, where only about 35 year around residents live.  More come here in the summer, but are just tourists. 

  • Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
    Perhaps the most remote national park in the country, the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is on the Seward Peninsula and protects the only remains of the land mass that once connected the continents of Asia with North America over 13,000 years ago.  Most of the land mass or bridge is below the waters of the Chukchi and Bering Seas; at one time being thousands of miles wide.  During the glacial era, this was the migration route for animals, peoples and plants; whenever the water was low.  It is believed by archeologists that this land bridge or Beringia was the place where people first came to the continent from Asia and populated the Americas.  This fantastic preserve was listed in 1978 as the Bering Land Bridge National Monument and in 1980, was changed to National Preserve.  The western boundary is 42 miles from the Bering Strait and it is also the fishing boundary between the U.S. and Russia.  With no accessible roads, entry must be made by bush planes or boats during the summer months; and dog sleds, snowmobiles and ski planes in the winter.  This wonderful area has numerous sites that are prehistorical and geological, with Serpentine Hot Springs being the most visited.  Also in the preserve, Devil Mountain Lakes, Trail Creek Caves and the Lost Jim Lava Flow are visited; but mostly the land is used for subsistence and holistic rites by the Native Alaskans since before recorded history.  The caves are where significant stone tools and bone fragments have been found and there are twelve altogether; and the lakes are in the western most part of Alaska and is thought to be the biggest maar in the world.  A maar is a huge crater like area that was formed when hot magma was cooled and formed the shallow crater.  The lava flow is a holocene that continues to this day in the preserve and was named after the man who became lost while mapping it in 1947.

  • Denali National Park
    The majestic Denali National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The park is one of the most amazing places to witness just how small we as human beings really are in comparison to the big picture. Find gorgeous views of the mountains, the valleys, and the lush forests full of wildlife and nature at its finest. The park is also a nature preserve which means that the animals within its borders are protected. This wildlife can be found all throughout the park and it is inevitable that one will run into some of it from beautiful birds to moose to maybe even a bear. A number of different tours and packages are offered for the exploration of Denali National Park. One can take short trips through the park or REALLY explore the park and camp out for that uplifting experience in the last frontier. Plenty of photo opportunities are available in this vast natural landscape full of fresh air and eye opening views. Become one with nature and its many beautiful creatures in Denali National Park and make sure to take plenty of pictures.

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