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Things to do in Albuquerque

    New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Albuquerque, New Mexico
    The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was started in 1986, with changing displays, a gift shop, cafe and the Lockheed Martin Dyna theater that has a huge screen theater that is like IMAX. Their permanent exhibit halls house a marvelous journey through time that begins in the birth of the universe and travels to the Ice Age, and the eight phase travel goes through halls that include; Cave experience, Origins, New Mexico's ice age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Evolving grasslands, Jurassic super giants, Age of the Volcanoes and New Mexico's seacoast. The super giants showcase the complete skeletons of stegosaurus, seismosaurus, saurophaganax and the leg of a brachiosaurus. The museum's atrium is home to the skeleton of Stan, a t-rex that measured forty feet long and twelve feet tall, which is the second biggest t-rex ever discovered. There are two bronze statues of dinosaurs at the front of the museum, named Spike, who is a pentaceratops and Alberta an alberosaurus. Quite a few fossils of dinosaurs have been discovered in the state, and some of those that are showcased at the museum are known only to be from New Mexico. There is a planetarium located there, along with two floors of display galleries that is devoted to space exploration and astronomy and a permanent display named STARTUP: Albuquerque and the Personal Computer Revolution and it is dedicated to the history of the personal computer. The idea was based on a concept by Microsoft co-founder, Bill G. Allen, who with Bill Gates would start the amazing story of Microsoft in Albuquerque.

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Albuquerque Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 3400 University SE.
Budget Car Rental Albuquerque
 3501 Pan American Freeway NE

    Petroglyph National MonumentPetroglyph National Monument Albuquerque, New Mexico
    The Petroglyph National Monument is spread along seventeen miles of Albuquerque, New Mexico's West Mesa that is in reality a volcanic basalt escarpment that dominates the city's horizons to the west. It would be authorized in 1990, creating a 7,236 acre park monument that is managed by the National Park Service and the city, with the western boundary of the monument containing a chain of dormant fissure volcanoes. The monument preserves a large number of cultural and natural resources that includes five volcanic cones, as astounding estimated 25,000 images of carvings and engravings that were created by the ancestral Pueblo natives and the early Spanish settlers and hundreds of archaeological sites. The majority of the petroglyphs can be recognized as crosses, animals, brands and people, with many other images that are quite complex. The monument is managed in such a way that recreational use is allowed and was created to protect the many lands and sites from careless visitors as well as a place to be appreciated for generations to come. Just a year before the monument was established, in 1989, a Tibetan Buddhist stupa was constructed and consecrated on private land that was owned by Harold Cohen and Ariane Emery, but the park service would take over parts of its, including the stupa, by eminent domain; while the owners objected strenuously. The stupa is still there, but every other structure on the monument was razed. The park service was rumored to be thinking of tearing down the stupa to construct an amphitheater on the site, in 2010, but advocates started planning to question the action in court based on the First Amendment. A few days later, the Superintendent of the monument sent an email that the soil is being stockpiled nearby in preparation for the amphitheater, but there weren't any plans for the stupa at that time, contrary to what one park ranger told other visitors.

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Albuquerque Apt. Enterprise Rental Car
 3400 University Blvd. SE. Bldg. K

Enterprise Rental Car Albuquerque
 2502 Clark-Carr Loop SE

Albuquerque Enterprise Rental Car - 330 Tijeras Ave. NW.
Enterprise Rental Car Albuquerque - 9300 Coors NW

Local Restaurants in Albuquerque

    Church Street Cafe
    Entrees; handmade tamale plate is 2 fresh veggie or pork corn tamales hand prepared & smothered with your choice of red or green chile; carne adovada al horno is oven cooked pork marinated in red chile; veggie rellenos is 2 large green chiles stuffed with cheese dipped in egg batter & fried; old fashioned chile rellenos is made the Spanish way with meat & cheese, lightly dipped in egg batter, fried & topped with green chile; enchiladas is 2 enchiladas flat or rolled smothered in choice of red or green chile on corn tortillas; burrito is flour tortilla filled with potatoes, chicken, seasoned beef, beans or carne adovada then smothered with red or green chile; combo plate is 1 tamale, 1 chile relleno & 1 enchilada with red or green chile; el gringo is 2 eggs with choice of bacon, sausage or chorizo served with toast & papitas.

    The Artichoke Cafe
    Entrees; beef tenderloin with pommes anna, Swiss chard, pearl onions, porcini demi-glace; lamb chops with sweet potato bread pudding, haricot vert, yellow wax beans, baby carrots, red wine-maple reduction; veal piccata with artichoke hearts, spinach spaetzle, lemon, capers, white wine; pan-roasted chicken with polenta, monte grappa cheese, broccolini, sherry-prosciutto pan sauce; pan roasted duck breast with edamame jasmine rice, sautéed baby carrots, snap peas, apricot soy reduction; fresh sea scallops wrapped in prosciutto, pan-seared & served with small potatoes, haricot-vert, yellow wax beans & finished with sauce charcutiere; pumpkin ravioli with butternut squash, spinach & ricotta filling & a brown sugar sage sauce with roasted roma tomatoes, toasted hazelnuts & parmesan cheese; baked polenta with grilled beefsteak tomato, eggplant, zucchini,, fresh mozzarella & basil pesto; steak frittes is grilled 8oz. top sirloin served with house fries gremolata, finished with a red wine demi-glace & port wine compound butter.


Vegetable Rellenos Church Street Cafe Albuquerque, New Mexico



 Lamb Chops The Artichoke Cafe Albuquerque, New Mexico





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Hertz Rental Cars Albuquerque Intl. Apt.
 3400 University SE.

Albuquerque Hertz Car Rental - 6300 San Mateo NE K-3
Hertz Rental Car Albuquerque- 9421 Coors Blvd. NW
Santa Fe Municipal Apt. Hertz Car Rental
 121 Aviation Dr. Bldg. 303 Ste. 6

    Albuquerque Museum Albuquerque Museum Albuquerque, New Mexico
    The Albuquerque Museum was opened to preserve the art and history of the city and the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico; as well as encouraging the pursuit and increase of the cultural and educational programs of the city. It showcases the art of the southwest along with four centuries of Albuquerque's history with outstanding permanent exhibits and special exhibitions. It was started in 1967, and had been located in the Albuquerque International Sunport until the collection grew too big to be housed there any longer, so the present structure was built in 1979 and designed by Antoine Predock. Their permanent displays that are devoted to the city's history include weavings, conquistador armor, maps and other relics of the colonial life that existed in New Mexico; as well as changing exhibits, art galleries, an outdoor sculpture garden and a huge photographic archive. The museum is also responsible for taking care of tours to the late 18th century house that is located in Corrales, New Mexico and named Casa San Ysidro that showcases a recreation of a 19th century rancho, enclosed corral area, family chapel and central plazuela.

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Albuquerque Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 3400 University Blvd.

Avis Car Rental Albuquerque
- 1901 University NE
N. Albuquerque Avis Rental Cars

 4770 Montgomery Blvd. NE. Ste. C-113

    The National Museum of Nuclear Science & HistoryThe National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Albuquerque, New Mexico
    The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History was originally called the Sandia Atomic Museum, located on the grounds of the Kirtland Air Force Base inside an old abandoned 90 mm anti-aircraft gun repair building was started in 1969. It was changed to the National Atomic Museum in 1973 and became a national repository for nuclear science information that had been chartered by the 102nd Congress. Its mission today is to be this nation's resource facility for nuclear history and science offering displays and outstanding educational programs that depict the exciting history and diversity of the people and events that had shaped the historical and technical aspects of the nuclear age. The Department of Energy would take over the operations in 1985, staffed by DOE personnel. In 1991, it would get its charter as the national museum and their mission would be enlarged to include areas of the nuclear history and science that went beyond the scope of making nuclear weapons, and become affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute. After the 9/11 attacks, it would become necessary to increase security and restrict public access to the military base's museum site and it would be forced to move into a former REI store in Old Town Albuquerque, into the museum district. Here they would not have as much space as before, especially outside, so in January of 2005, NAMF asked the National Nuclear Security Administration for twelve acres of land in southeast Albuquerque to build a new museum. Construction began and in 2009, the new facility opened with its new name and its houses thirteen permanent indoor display areas, a gallery for temporary displays, a theater, library and conference room and a large store that occupied 30,000 square feet itself. There is nine acres surrounding the museum that is used for the showcasing of military vehicles, aircraft, missiles and the sail of the USS James K. Polk nuclear sub. The excellent exhibits include; the Chronology of Nuclear History, Power Up, Waging Peace-The Challenge of Nuclear Stewardship, Little Ab's lab, They Built the Bomb, Nuclear Medicine: Seeing is Healing, The Decision to Drop, Palomares and What's Hot, What's Not-Radiation in the World Around Us. There are also many relics that include replicas of Fat Man and Little Boy, a Lego model of Chicago Pile-1, numerous modern nuclear bombs and warheads, a large model of military aircraft and other vehicles, a WE.177 bomb that had been a British nuclear weapon that had been deployed during the 1960s to 1998 and much more to see and explore.

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Albuquerque Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 3400 University Blvd.

    University Art MuseumUniversity Art Museum Albuquerque, New Mexico
    The University Art Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico houses some 30,000 objects that includes the biggest fine art collections in the state, that includes more than 10,000 photographs, 17,000 prints, the Beaumont Newhall collection, the Tamarind archive collection, the Theodore J. Labhard collection, the Clinton Adams archive collection, the Jerome Bowers Peterson memorial collection, the Clinton and Mary Adams collections, early modern art, the Raymond Jonson collection, the Mary Lester Field and Neill B. Field collection, old master painting, sculpture and drawing, the Taller de Grafica popular collection, the Albert A. Anella collection in memory of Mia Anella, old Spain, New Spain, New Mexico collections, 19th century art, art since 1950 and early modern art. Current exhibitions include, Under the Sky of New Mexico: The Art of Cady Wells 1933-53, Roadcut: The Architecture of Antoine Predock, Through a Narrow Window: Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and her Terezin students, Lee Montgomery, Transformed 02: I am Sitting in a Theater and Like a Signature: Sketches and Models with Predock. The marvelous museum also offers excellent workshops and other educational programs on a regular basis that involves the community and students of the university, as well as its instructors. They provide many such services, like workshops, lectures, programs, performances and more that include the community in its programming so that the museum and community will both benefit.

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