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Things to do in Alice Springs

    Old Ghan Museum Old Ghan Museum Alice Springs, NT, Australia
     The Old Ghan Heritage Railway and Museum is the railroad museum located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia and has a marvelous railroad attached to it. The museum houses narrow gauge equipment that was acquired from the Central Australian Railway that had operated to Alice Springs during the years from 1929 until 1980, when it would be replaced by a flood-free standard gauge railroad line. Visitors will really enjoy visiting the old museum that still has the train and cars, where you can walk through and learn more about the history of the railroad and its impact on the region, which would make it one of the most famous railways in the world. You can ride the Old Ghan train or try out the dinner train that provides you with an excellent meal and outstanding views of the day's ending skies above the town and plains. The collection includes a W924 steam locomotive, a DH40 shunting engine, numerous flattops, a NSU diesel electric locomotive, dining cars, bar cars and various cars from other lines. The museum contains an outstanding collection of photographs and memorabilia that pertains to the period of the Old Ghan heritage from its original construction in the mid 1920s to its closing down in the early 1980s. There is a lovely tea room, toilets, working heritage railway, guided tours, dinner, parking and function trains that can be ridden or toured by appointment.

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Alice Springs Apt. Budget Car Rentals - Alice Springs Apt. 
Budget Car Rental Alice Springs - Shop 3/79 Todd Mall

Local Restaurants in Alice Springs

    Red Ochre Grill
    Entrees; Dukkah rubbed kangaroo fillet with pumpkin & wattleseed bake, sautéed baby spinach & port wine jus; blood lime encrusted NT barramundi with cucumber, sundried tomato & chili salsa over a balsamic & orange reduction; Aussie game medley is dukkay kangaroo with pumpkin & wattleseed cake, roasted camel with baked seasonal veggies, pan fried NT barramundi with cucumber, sundried tomato & chili salsa & gumnut smoked emu with salad & beetroot relish; mountain pepper prawn & calamari salad with tomatoes, snowpeas, orange segments, Spanish onion, lime & chili dressing; red curry of duck with aniseed myrtle, jasmine rice, broccolini & side of cucumber raita; lamb shank & veggie pie with creamy potato mash & steamed broccolini; slow roasted camel sirloin with baked seasonal veggies, port wine & pepperberry jus.

    Hanuman Restaurant
    Entrees; crispy fried whole fish with sweet, sour & spice flavors; bugs pad pong gari is wok tossed in mild curry powder; hanuman prawns tossed with curry cream & krachai; kapitan prawns with a rich curry of fresh turmeric, lemon grass, galangal, coconut & kapi; green chicken curry classic with sweet basil, coriander & spices; wild barramundi grilled & served with sticky passion fruit & ginger sauce; roasted red duck curry in a spiced braise of coconut, sweet basil & kaffir lime; beef masaman curry with peanuts, tamarind, ginger & nutmeg; pork belly slow cooked with star anise & cinnamon teow chiu style; cashew chicken stir fry with chili jam, ginger, garlic & cashew nuts; chicken chettinad simmered in fennel & mustard seed marsala with red onion; beef tenderloin wok tossed with Chinese wine, young ginger & red onions; butter chicken simmered in rich cashew & tomato coriander creamy sauce; beef vindaloo is a hot & spicy goanese beef curry; lamb rogan josh slow cooked with fresh tomato, cinnamon, cloves & garam marsala; fish moolie of barramundi fillets poached in creamy coconut sauce.


Mountain Pepper Prawn Red Ochre Grill Alice Springs, NT, Australia



 Fried Whole Fish Hanuman Restaurant Alice Springs, NT, Australia



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Hertz Rental Cars Alice Springs Apt.- Santa Teresa Rd.
Alice Springs Downtown Hertz Car Rental - 34 Stott Terrace

    Adelaide House Museum Adelaide House Museum Alice Springs, NT, Australia
    The Adelaide House Museum in Alice Springs, NT, Australia was originally the first hospital in the town and designed by Rev. John Flynn, then run by the Australian Inland Mission, that he began, from 1926 until 1939. Currently, the structure has an exclusive cooling system and has been nicely preserved, with the museum inside containing memorabilia and relics, photographs of the reverend, and a very diverse collection of items that include a set of Presbyterian Moderator General's robes to the earliest pedal radio that had been constructed by Alfred Traeger. It is dedicated to the mission and the pioneering era of Alice Springs. Today, it sits in the Todd Mall, beginning its construction in 1920, and would eventually use an inventive system of air tunnels and wet burlap bags that would cool the rooms of the hospital during the extremely hot weather. The Adelaide House would be opened in 1926, and would take care of all those sick and infirm for the next dozen or so years, when a government hospital would be opened in the town. There is a small stone shack around the back where the first field radio would be used in 1926, and create the idea of Flynn's flying doctor. The former hospital is located on the Flynn Trail, which is a self-guided tour in the town and the area around it. The hospital would become a place of peace and healing, with home-style cooking, historic foods, tea and/or coffee, as well as products from around the region that would promote healing, inspiration and well-being.

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    Alice Springs Cultural PrecinctAlice Springs Cultural Precinct Alice Springs, NT, Australia
    The Alice Springs Cultural Precinct has become the home of many intriguing cultural and historical destinations in Alice Springs, that includes the performing and visual arts, aboriginal culture, the natural history of the area and the recent European settlements. It includes, the Memorial Cemetery, Araluen Center and Galleries, Territory Craft, Mamtijira Gallery, the Central Australian Aviation Museum, the Sculpture Garden, the Kookaburra Memorial and the Grand Circle Yeperenye Sculpture. Just by visiting many of these places you are going to learn just about all this is to know of the history and culture of the region before Alice Springs, sprung up, and some of the people that would be involved from around the region. The Araluen Arts Center is considered to be the main centerpiece of the precinct, and incorporates a theater and galleries that concentrate on a program of exhibitions that showcase aboriginal artworks from the central Australia region and contemporary art by the local and Australian artists. The Albert Namatijira gallery is constantly showing various paintings by the famed aboriginal artist, as well as his descendants and contemporaries, along with early works from Papunya and the Hermannsburg School. The center itself would be built around a 300 year old corkwood tree that is the highlight of the sculpture garden, since the tree is considered to be very sacred by the area's Arrente people. The artworks housed here date from the early 1930s to the current day, with special attention paid to the indigenous peoples from around the region and the nation.

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Thrifty Car Rental Alice Springs- CNR Stott & Hartley St.

    Alice Springs Reptile CenterAlice Springs Reptile Center Alice Springs, NT, Australia
    The Alice Springs Reptile Center in Alice Springs, NT, Australia that houses the biggest reptile collection in the province, and include the perentie goanna, thorny devils, frill-necked lizards, along with big and small pythons and poisonous snakes like the brown snakes, mulga snakes, inland taipans and death adders. The inland taipan is considered to be the most venomous snake in the world and native to Australia, so be careful out there when you are walking around the bush, although it is a somewhat shy and reclusive type of snake. The privately owned reptile center houses mostly indigenous reptiles, with many of these being rescued from yards, houses and areas that are about to be burned in controlled burning to keep the summer grass fires from becoming too wild to handle. The majority of the reptiles will be moved to uninhabited areas in the region, since the center is a snake call center, with the owner and his staff going out to whatever calls beckon them to take the poisonous snakes from areas where people will get hurt and inconvenienced. The center opened in 2000 and was started by Rex Neindorf, a former reptile handler and houses more than 100 reptiles of various species, and many have been featured in National Geographic Magazine, Animal Emergency, Steve Irwin's Great Escapes and Wild Relations-Natural Born Cheats. In 2002, they would acquire a big saltwater crocodile, and in 2006, they would get funding from the Australian Tourism Development Program that would enable them to open an extension that would house fossils that trace the evolution of reptiles from the past 200 million years to the current day. There have been a few intrusions into the center, with numerous reptiles killed or hurt, but mainly done by children looking for some type of excitement in their otherwise boring lives, it has been suggested, but the worst offense would be caused by a 7 year old child that killed or destroyed some 30 reptiles, many being fed to Terry, the 11 foot saltwater crocodile. In Australia, anyone under the age of 10 is not responsible for their actions and they are not held accountable, which is a shame since this child obviously needs to attention and discipline in his life.

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