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Things to do in Antwerp

  • De KathedraalCastle Steen
    The cathedral is the largest Gothic Church in the Low Countries of Belgium. The church is a place of worship as well as a museum where many people come from all over to express their sorrow and love for Mary, the patroness of the Cathedral. It is filled with many valuable treasures from the churches five centuries of existence.  The Cathedral can hold over 25,000 people and has a surface area of 8,000 square feet. There are 55 beautiful stained glass windows, a nineteenth century Schyven organ that has 5,770 pipes, and a bell that weighs over 6,000 kilograms that dates back to the early 1500's.  Guided tours are available in all different languages.

  • Castle Steen
    The castle is known as one of the oldest fortresses in Europe. The village the castle resides in was used as a trading village that dates back to as near as 700 a.d. The castle was built in the late 900's and rebuilt in the 16th century.  When the Steen was once used as a prison from 1549 to 1823, out side the castle stood a cross where condemned convicts would pray before execution. The Castle is now used as the National Maritime Museum.

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  • Antwerp Botanical GardenMuseum Vleeshuis
    The garden has been around for over 200 years and was once used for a medical garden for the nearby Saint Elisabeth hospital. After that it was used for important botanical and scientific research. The garden is a beautiful green oasis that has a collection of over 2,000 different plants and animals. There is also a green house that holds a wide variety of tropical and subtropical plants.
  • Museum Vleeshuis
    The Vleeshuis is known as the oldest building in Antwerp and was the only place in the city where meat could be sold in the early 1500's. The building is known as the butcher's hall, they owned a chapel banquet hall, kitchen and a meeting room in the building. The building is now a museum that houses archeological artifacts, arts and legal documents from the past. The museum also has a collection ranging from the Fall of Antwerp in 1585 to the Peace of Munster in 1648. Many Weapons, Jewelry, coins, and paintings are on display.

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