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Things to do in Arizona

  • Grand Canyon National Park  Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
    The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is considered to be one of the natural wonders of the world, and is also one of the oldest national parks in the nation. Covering some 1900 miles of the most incredible, unbelievable sights in this country, the Colorado River gorge is always spectacular and majestic with views and vistas that can only be seen to be understood. Most of those coming here go to the south rim to see all that they can, although the north rim is said to have just as much beauty and natural wonder; as does the entire canyon. The only problem is the accessible roads to take you there, Arizona Rt. 64 in the south and Arizona Rt. 67 in the north, with a 5 hour drive between them. Most of the amenities, the welcome center and other venues are located in the Grand Canyon Village, which is in the south rim entrance area. Besides these two access points, the canyon is a rough and rugged land with steep canyon walls and deep gorges. It was deemed a national monument in 1908 and a national park in 1919. Considered an early environmental success, the river had been planned for a dam on the Colorado in this area, but because of the conservation preservation, the Glen Canyon Dam was constructed upstream of the canyon. The immense size, deep depths and beautiful layered rocks give visitors and scientists more information and research capabilities than they can handle. Just trying to imagine the Colorado River slowing eroding the land through this area to create such a magnificent monument is beyond our speculation. Millennia passed slowly by, while the river inched its way south carving a superb sight and natural wonder, is perhaps part of the aura this fantastic canyon exudes. The Colorado River is 277 miles long, at some points up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep as it winds its way through the Grandest Canyon in the world. The weather should be considered when visiting the canyon and its marvelous areas, since the summer days can reach as high as 105 degrees at the river, with thunderstorms happening often during those months of July, August and early September. The north rim is somewhat cooler than the south since it is of higher elevation, however, it is closed after the first snows of the year and doesn't reopen until mid-May. The fall or spring can be nice, but can change suddenly to rainy and cold. While many scientists believe the earth to be some 4.5 billion years old, the canyon's oldest rocks, near the inner gorge are thought to be around 1.84 billion years, with the Kaibab limestone rock on the top of the canyon is only 270 million years old. The first time the government started saving the canyon was in 1893 when it was designated a Forest Reserve, and it wasn't named a national park until three years after the park service was created. This prestigious canyon hosts no less than 5 million visitors a year and that means it is one of the most visited sights on the earth. The oldest archaeological discoveries found there are over 12,000 years old and are dated within the Paleo-Indian era, meaning the canyon has been a natural wonder for humans that long. They have uncovered over 4800 resources so far in the park which they believe represents only about 3% of the park's area. The artifacts found so far are relics of the Paleo-Indian, archaic, basketmaker, ancestral Puebloan, cohonia, cerbat, Pai, Zuni, Hopi, Navajo and Euro-American.

  • Arizona-Sonora Desert MuseumMountain lion @ Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Arizona
    This desert museum in Tucson, Arizona has a half million people coming here each year to enjoy the combination attraction of zoo, botanical garden and museum; which was opened in 1952 to showcase the animals and plants that thrive in the Sonoran Desert. The opening was actually a pioneering exploration into the design of naturalistic habitats for animals and the Center for Sonoran Desert studies was started in 2005 to research the scientific and educational abilities of the museum and has become the center for education, conservation and research of the Sonoran Desert. This world renown complex is striving to inspire its visitors and other people to live harmoniously within the world of nature by promoting understanding, appreciation and love of this magnificent desert. One of the exciting shows that the museum puts on is the live animal presentation of venomous reptiles of the southwest, that include, gila monster, Mexican beaded lizard, black tailed rattlesnake, diamond backed rattlesnake and Mohave rattlesnake. The show is given each day by members of the Herpetology department and go for an hour, unless the questions keep them longer. The show tells about the venoms, envenomations, history, bite stats, relocating the rattlesnakes and how these folks work with these very poisonous reptiles. Some 100 acres of the Sonoran Desert have become their work area, since it is all natural and pristine. The exhibits and collections are available here to enhance the natural beauty of the desert landscape, with an animal collection of 106 mammals, 840 arthropods, 241 birds, 10,700 fish, 122 amphibians and 361 reptiles. Over 40,000 spectacular plants, without the inclusion of their grasslands display, are showcased in 1300 different species. It is quite easy for the visitor to come here and see some 1400 kinds of plants while walking around the grounds. Expanding our horizons in this magnificent setting, we also have the opportunity to study the desert's impressive fossil, mineral and gem collection that totals over 14,000 catalogued specimens. Included is the first and most important dinosaur skeleton found in the southern parts of Arizona. Their reference materials include 83 periodical subscriptions, 6000 books and a plethora of audio-visual items.

  • Old Tucson Studios
    Somewhere west of Tucson, Arizona, next to the majestic Tucson Mountains and nearby the Saguaro National Park, the Old Tucson Studios sits proudly reflective of its great heritage that started in 1939 when it was built for the epic movie Arizona. The town was opened to the public in 1960 and is a copy of the 1860 era Tucson. Originally constructed for Columbia Pictures in 1938, the land belongs to Pima County over 50 individual buildings were put up in only 40 days. Starring William Holden and Jean Arthur, the complex became a ghost town after the filming, until 1945, when Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman starred in the Bells of St. Mary's. There were other great films made here, like the Last Round-Up in 1947 that starred Gene Autry, Winchester 73 starring James Stewart and the Last Outpost with Ronald Reagan. Gunfight at the OK Corral was made in 1959 and the Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold in 1967, as well as Cimarron in 1959. During that same year, entrepreneur Robert Shelton leased the land from Pima County and started the renovation of many buildings and it was reopened in 1960 for studio filming and as a theme park. It continued to grow and be renovated, with John Wayne starring in 4 films made here; Rio Bravo in 1959, McLintock! in 1963, El Dorado in 1967 and Rio Lobo in 1970. A large 13,000 square foot soundstage was constructed in 1968 to increase the versatility of movie making and the first movie that used it was Young Billy Young in 1968, that starred Robert Mitchum and Angie Dickinson. Tours, shows and rides were added to the venue and the biggest attraction seemed to be the gunfights that were done in the streets for the excitement of the visiting crowds. TV series started being done here with the High Chaparral from 1967 to 1971, Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy. Three Amigos was made in 1980, and the Young Riders in 1989 to 1992. Other modern films that were done here include Tombstone, starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Bill Paxton and Sam Elliot, and the Quick and the Dead with Sharon Stone, Russell Crowe, Gene Hackman and Leonardo DiCaprio. It is quite unfortunate that on April 25, 1995, a fire broke out and destroyed many of the buildings, memorabilia and costumes. No one ever found out how it started, although many believe that it was arson, and the mysterious circumstances grew as the fire blazed out of control with high winds, the 25,000 gallon water reserve couldn't be accessed and water had to be transported from 40 miles away. Liquid propane and gunpowder was being stored there and the fire fighters had to put their attention on making sure that no huge explosions caused severe damage; which in turn created the streets and areas to become muck like with all the water being used. Over 300 guests and employees were moved out of the area and after some 4 hours it was finally put under control. It took almost two years to rebuild and the town was reopened in 1997, without the previous sets, soundstage and in 2003, the hours were shortened for visitations. It is quite sad that the town never regained its former glorious status, but the show must go on and does. All told, some 65 movies were made here, with numerous series and some arcade games. The last film to be created here was in 2007, with the filming of the Legend of Pearl Hart.

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  • Red Rock State ParkRed Rock State Park Sedona, Arizona
    The history of the Red Rock State Park might be unique, however, it is more likely indicative of how and certainly why we preserve the many natural wonders and beauty of our country's greatest assets. During the fall of 1980, the then governor of Arizona, Bruce Babbitt and some of his friends were hiking the trails along Oak Creek, just southwest of Sedona, when a person came upon them and told them that they were on private property and asked them to leave. Imagine the embarrassment of that fellow when he learned that he had just asked the governor of his state to leave. Anyway, the governor was quite concerned that the magnificent views and trails along Oak Creek, as well as other beautiful hiking areas alongside waterways that were private property where public citizens couldn't walk or hike. This particular piece of land had been purchased by Helen and Jack Frye, president of TWA, in 1941 and was called Smoke Trail Ranch. The Frye's used the ranch as a haven from the hectic overcrowded east coast where they were living. Their land had some of the most panoramic and beautiful views of the Sedona rock formations and the unusual red coloring. The 1.4 miles of the Oak Creek wandered through the lush riparian environment with enough beauty and enjoyment for the entire state. During the early 1970s, Helen Frye had sold 330 acres of their ranch to a developer, who had planned to create a superb resort, but he had run out of funds and they lost the property. Eckanar, a religious group that Helen belonged to bought the property in 1976, and it was to become a retreat for their members. It was the alternate religious group Eckanar that had evicted the governor and his group of hikers. Following many exchanges between the Eckanar group, a mining company, the state's various agencies and eventually the federal government, the park was dedicated and opened in 1991, as the Red Rock State Park.

  •  Western River Expeditions
    This auspicious company has been giving guests the best rafting opportunities in the west for over 48 years. Along the magnificent rivers, valleys, canyons and gorges of the southwest, they have come to believe they are creating the most enjoyable rafting excursions in the world. Their well crafted trips are inclusive and will take you on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Utah and Idaho rafting trips where you will be thrilled and amazed with the unbelievable sights and beautiful vistas. Drift down the rivers, slide over the whitewater rapids at breath taking speeds and go where most people never have the chance to go, viewing places that are only dreamed of or seen in the most prestigious magazines. The rivers offered include the Snake, Salmon, Green and Colorado. National Geographic has named this fantastic team the "best outfitter on earth" and you will just have to go on one of their spectacular trips to see for yourself. The kind of trip is unlimited, as are the scenes and views, with Colorado rafting trips in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, the Cataract Canyon or Westwater Canyon in Utah, and the Moab in Utah. There are multi-sport packages, day trips, 3 day trips, 4 day trips, and 6 or 7 day trips that will excite you more than you have ever been in your life. You can go on a rafting trip and then spend some time on their ranch, with any kind of possible excursion being planned just for you. They have been awarded the Best of State winner 5 times, they belong to the Rafting America group, the Trusted Adventures and the Guiding Green groups. The Grand Canyon rafting tour vacation is an unmatched lifetime experience that will give you stories to tell for the rest of your life, with its fantastic fun and excitement. See places that most visitors to the canyon never see, the hidden waterfalls, the spectacular side canyons and tributaries, and the end of the day thrill of lying down on your bedroll underneath the most magnificent starry sky that you have ever seen. No where else on the earth can you experience this serene solitude under the beautiful expanse of night skies, without any worries or complications in life.

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Local Restaurants in Arizona
  • Il Terrazzo in Scottsdale
    Il Terrazzo at the Phoenician is an exceptional fine dining experience in Scottsdale, Arizona where you can indulge your taste buds with outstanding Italian cuisine. Appetizers include; minestrone is a classic vegetable soup with beans, tomato and pasta pearls; mozzarella is breaded and pan seared in extra virgin olive oil with San Marzano tomato sauce and basil; antipasti plate with prosciutto, salumni, mortadella, marinated olives, fennel pickles and parmigiano reggiano; salmon tartar is salmon with capers, red onions, black olives, tomato and zucchini; mussels are sautéed Prince Edward Island mussels with garlic, lemon and black pepper; calamari is fried squid with spicy three-citrus aioli. Salads include; arugula is wild arugula with avocado, heart of palm, red onion, sweet 100 tomatoes, pine nuts and lemon vinaigrette; caprese is fresh buffalo mozzarella with baby basil and heirloom tomatoes; Caesar is romaine hearts with lemon-anchovy vinaigrette, ciabatta croutons, parmigiano reggiano and anchovy; Il Terrazzo house salad is field greens with fresh grapes, candied walnuts, bleu cheese and sour cherry vinaigrette. Pasta entrees; fettucine is egg fettucine with mushrooms, English peas, white wine, lemon and garlic; lasagna is pasta layered with classic bolognese sauce and fresh mozzarella; ravioli is pasta packets filled with veal, parmigiano reggiano, sage and barbera wine; spaghetti is with San Marzano tomato sauce, peperoncino, garlic and basil; garganelli is pasta quills with corn, tomatoes, arugula, prosciutto, and black truffle butter. Entrees; salmon with caramelized leeks, pancetta, white beans and salsa verde; veal marsala is milk fed veal with thyme, marsala, cremini mushrooms, spinach and roasted potatoes; halibut is Pacific halibut with artichokes, fennel, basil, tomato, and black olive vinaigrette; beef short ribs is Black Angus short ribs braised in Sangiovese with farro, English peas and sweet corn; scallops is pan seared day boat scallops with caponata, roasted eggplant, sardanian fregola and tomato; lamb is black pepper crusted Colorado lamb with asparagus, mascarpone, polenta and lamb jus; chicken is slow roasted free range chicken with Royal Trumpet mushrooms, potato puree and natural jus; NY steak is Cedar River Farms prime New York steak with roasted garlic risotto, watercress and sangiovese. Comforting favorites; Signature Kobe burger is Kobe beef burger with crispy onions, horseradish, pickles, black truffle ketchup and fries; steak & fries is Cedar River Farms prime New York steak with fries tossed in garlic, asiago and parsley; chicken parmigiana is breaded chicken sandwich topped with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.

  • The Cottage Place in Flagstaff
    The Cottage Place was an old residence built in 1909 and used as a home until 1980 when Ron Freeman bought the place and transformed it into a restaurant. It is a local favorite with many visitors coming here to enjoy the excellent food, great service and romantic ambiance. Soup and salad is included with all entrees. Appetizers are; crab cakes is two blue crab cakes pan seared in remoulade sauce; appetizer sampler is herb stuffed mushrooms, brie end croute & charbroiled jumbo shrimp with remoulade sauce and fruit chutney; brie en croute is American brie wrapped in pastry and baked to golden brown and served with roasted almonds, fruit chutney and raspberry vinaigrette; tequila lime jumbo shrimp is four white shrimp sautéed with tomatoes, scallions and cilantro then finished with tequila lime butter sauce; herb stuffed mushrooms is large mushroom caps stuffed with herbed cream cheese, sautéed mushrooms and parmesan cheese baked to golden brown; les escargots is baked in cottage place garlic butter served with fresh bread and garnished with lemon crown. Salads; Caesar for two is crisp romaine lettuce tossed with classic Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and aged parmesan cheese. Fish and seafood; seafood fettucine is white shrimp, deep sea scallop and house smoked salmon sautéed with mushrooms, tomatoes and scallions tossed with housemade fettucine and fresh parmesan cheese in cream sauce; parmesan encrusted scallops is deep sea scallops pan seared with parmesan bread crumbs and surrounded by remoulade sauce served with herbal rice pilaf. Beef entrees; filet mignon is aged tenderloin of beef seared on open flame broiler and napped with béarnaise sauce; tenderloin medallions and grilled shrimp is choice medallions of beef tenderloin charbroiled napped with port wine demi-glace, garnished with grilled jumbo shrimp laced with hollandaise sauce; gorgonzola encrusted filet is topped with crisp gorgonzola crust served with port wine demy-glace; beef bourguignonne is morsels of tenderloin braised in Pinot Noir with onions, mushrooms, and demi-glace topped with puff pastry and baked until golden brown; tenderloin and mushroom ravioli is beef tenderloin medallions charbroiled and served over housemade forest mushroom ravioli tossed with sage marsala cream sauce. 

Braised short ribs Il Terrazzo Scottsdale, Arizona


Salmon with leeks Il Terrazzo Scottsdale, Arizona


Veal Marsala Il Terrazzo Scottsdale, Arizona


Black Crusted Colorado Lamb Il Terrazzo Scottsdale, Arizona




 Seafood Fettucine The Cottage Place Flagstaff, Arizona

Grilled Shrimp The Cottage Place Flagstaff, Arizona

Filet mignon The Cottage Place Scottsdale, Arizona

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  • Grand Canyon Mule Tours by Xanterra Grand Canyon Mule Tour Arizona
    If you aren't interested in paddling your way through the Grand Canyon, then perhaps a mule ride would be of interest to you, with another unique way of seeing this magnificent canyon and gorge, as you wind your way down to the Colorado River. The mules used are specially selected, trained and tested for their endurance, temperament, strength and gentleness. The company guides are involved in their training as they develop their adaption to the unusual environment where they will be traveling. The company boasts of a century working with mules, and although there is always the chance for a mishap, they are few and far between, since the training and your close attention will make sure all is well. Therefore it is necessary for the company to put some restraints on you and your ride, but it is only for your protection and the safety of all involved. The trail isn't an easy one, as you can imagine, crawling down a difficult rocky slope with the off chance of running into a native animal or distracting the mules for any reasons. The risks of any accidents are minimized by your close attention to detail and instructions, so much so that you must sign an agreement before descending. They have a do's and don'ts list so that you can be aware of everything before going there, with informative information about what to bring and wear. You are given a new canteen at the beginning which you can keep and you should read all the information available before even thinking about going so there are less mistakes or mishaps.

  • Havasu CanyonHavasu Falls Havasu Canyon Arizona
    The Havasu Canyon is one of those side branches off the Grand Canyon, where these beautiful falls cascade down into a magnificent pool. Once the home of prehistoric Native Americans, it has become home to the Havasupai for the last 800 years. The rains, percolating waters and melting snows of the mountains have drained into the Cataract Creek for centuries on top of Bill Williams Mountain and then cross over into the Coconino Plateau, before meandering through the plains for some 50 miles as it washes down into Cataract Canyon. The creek is more often than not a small creek with not much more than a trickle until it arrives at Havasu Springs, where the underground river rushes up to create the Havasu Creek that pushes some 28,000 gallons of water a minute. Here the heavy calcium carbonate here mixed in so that it causes the river's bottom to become limestone and reflect the brilliant sunlight making the water color change to turquoise. Then the water cascades over the Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls which are 100 feet and finally Mooney Falls at 200 feet where it comes into the Colorado River. The Supai Village is about 10 miles away and since water is very valuable in this arid dry land, the Havasupai believe that the water's source is sacred and closely related to their beginnings. Other legends are part of this people's belief, especially the Wigleeva or two stone pillars that look over their village as their guardians and when these pillars are destroyed, the end is near for these Havasupai. The word Havasupai is translated into "people of the blue-green waters" and it is the smallest tribe in the nation, numbering about 600.  Before the white man came, they were farmers using the widest part of the canyon and the plentiful waters of the Havasu Creek kept their lush lands green in a sun drenched land. During the summer, they would grow beans, melons, squash and corn, and after the harvest, would move up to the rim where they hunted antelope, deer and other small game while the women wove baskets of beauty and intricacy. The tribe would trade with the Hopi and Zuni exchanging buck skins, of which they were known for, and red ocher for turquoise and pottery. The supple quality of the buck skins and the red ocher for face painting uses were prized by all the tribes; with the Havasupai being the only tribe that knew where this wonderful red coloring could be found. Their wonderful lifestyle was interrupted when the white man came in the form of miners and ranchers who stole their land and forced them to live on a small reservation on the canyon's floor. It would be over a century before the Congress of the United States returned their land, which was in 1975. Presently, they continue their farming, but the old crafts of basket weaving and skin tanning is decreasing as only the older tribe members recall the special skills. A great tourist business has been founded and although the white people are thrilled to come and watch the famous Havasupai, they struggles only seem to have increased as they strive to save their wonderful heritage and way of life.

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  • Walnut Canyon National MonumentWalnut Canyon National Monument Arizona
    One of the most unique homes in the state is the castle in The Walnut Canyon monument is about 10 miles from downtown Flagstaff, Arizona at almost 6700 feet above sea level, and the floor of the canyon is 350 feet below that. A trail, close to a mile winds down to the bottom, passing about 25 cliff dwellings that were built by the Sinagua Native Americans. The rooms are near the loop trail going down, and just a bit above the trail. The dwelling rooms were usually for a single family and measured a little over 6 feet in height, almost 20 feet long and 10 feet deep. More dwellings can be seen in the canyon, east of the monument, but it has become illegal to go there. The canyon was made a national monument in 1915 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The canyon is on the Colorado Plateau and carves out the Permian Kaibab Limestone that shows the Toroweap Formation and Coconino sandstone. The Kaibab formation forms the rim of the Grand Canyon's top and the crossbedding is seen in the formation. Crossbedding is a beautiful example of how the present rock formations were created using sand dunes, water and wind and the results are simply stunning. A really great example of this is near Mt. Carmel road in Zion Canyon, Utah, where the crossbedding of sandstone and wind is very obvious.

  • Lava River CaveLava River Cave Flagstaff, Arizona
    This marvelous cave near Flagstaff, Arizona in the Coconino National Forest, is one of the most unusual caves of its kind in the nation, and the longest one in Arizona. It is known as a lava tube, and was found in 1915 by lumbermen. It is most unfortunate that trash and graffiti became a problem after the 1960s, evidently there are numerous morons that wander this beautiful country destroying anything they can out of their ignorant minds, however, in 1991, the problem was attacked with zealously and most of the litter and trash has been taken away and most of the graffiti removed. Many call it the lava tube near Flagstaff and is the perfect place for geologists or those that love to explore rock formations and creations. This attraction is free to all who come here, except please remember that this is our country, not someone else's and while you may be an ignoramus, hopefully your children will not be. The entrance may be a bit difficult, but with patience and perseverance, you should be able to enter without much trouble and have a great time. You will start feeling cooler air as you enter, and there may be some green moss on the rocks near the entrance. The cave floor is mostly dry, while the walls may have some condensation on them, which could flow to the floor and make it somewhat slippery. The best idea would be to have on your hiking shoes with grips or ridges on the bottom and since it is always cooler in caves, bring a thick shirt or jacket for the temperature could be as low as 40 degrees. Many bring gloves but that is up to you since some people don't like wearing gloves so they can touch and feel all the ripples, edges and various textures of the stone walls and other rocks that they might come in contact with. A head worn flash light is the best, the kind that would illuminate in front of you like the miners wore, with spare batteries for certain. Dogs can walk inside, but they may need help entering and exiting the cave. The visible entrance cannot be seen from the top of the landscaping, but the ceiling of the cave must have fallen in sometime so that this entrance of sorts could be created. A great cave to explore, without all the crowds or restraints, look and wander wherever you wish. Great family fun as long as you are careful and paying attention to all areas.

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  • Grand Falls of the Little Colorado RiverGrand Falls of the Little Colorado River Flagstaff, Arizona
    The Grand Falls are located just northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, on the Navajo Indian Reservation and is a spectacular sight if you come at the right time. It all depend on the rainfall and snowmelts of the mountains that run down into the Little Colorado River. In the summer months the falls may be more like mud dropping, but in March or April, the falls turn a chocolate brown color from all the mud that is washed along in the river. At times, the thundering falls will remind you of Niagara Falls, although not quite as grand or big. There is a small trail that will take you to the bottom so that you can get another viewpoint and you can get closer. It is a shame that the water is so muddy because it would be a great place to take a dip in the hot Arizona sunshine. It is an exciting sight as the mud flows over the sill and down 185 feet into the thickish pool at the bottom. High clearance type vehicles are recommended for the dirt trek to the falls, and 4 wheel drive if it is muddy. There was a big lava flow that was pushed out from Merriam Crater, over 100,000 years ago, which made the falls as a tongue of lava filled the canyon pushing water out of its gorge and back again over a rim and into its channel.

  • O. K. Corral
    The O. K. Corral, a legendary place of fame and the famous; but not actually where the gunfight that brought it to the forefront of historical drama and FrontPage news. The gunfight started at 3 P. M. on October 26th, 1881, a Wednesday, in Tombstone, Arizona, then territory of the United States and three men died, from 30 shots in the same amount of seconds. The fight took place between Fly's Lodging House and photo studio and the assay house of MacDonald to the west of it. The ending was on Fremont Street near the vacant lot and it has been relived in Western movies since they first began. The symbolism has been interpreted many different ways; the struggle between good and evil, between law and order and outlaws, and even the results of hostile feelings left over from the Civil War, where the outlaws were the Democratic rural Texans in the cattle business and the eastern carpetbaggers of the Yankee Republicans. Whatever reasons or results, the gunfight has become bigger than it actually was and has created stories and legends involving the men who took part in it. The easterners called Earp and the Texans against them that just wanted to have a good time and relieve some steam after working hard all week. The affair wasn't over with the gunfight either, as it continued for many months after, with Virgil Earp being crippled and Morgan being killed, with many other cowboys dying along the way of the Earp Vendetta Ride. Law enforcement was not sure what side was right, or who to punish, but when the dust finally settled on this dangerous battle, the Earps and Doc Holliday left for parts in Colorado or California.

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  • Boot Hill CemeteryBoot Hill Cemetery Tombstone, Arizona
    Boot Hill, or Boothill, was the name used for cemeteries in the old west, in the 1800s, where the remains of gunfighters or other personages that died with their boots on were buried. It was also used for cemeteries of pauper's or unknown people; the most famous being the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, Arizona. Originally called the city cemetery, the graves and stones of Billy Clanton, Frank and Tom McLaury are located there, being put here after the famous gunfight at the OK Corral. It is always open to visitors since it has become quite popular with tourists. It sits on the northwest corner of the city and has over 300 graves located there with only 205 of them registered. Evidently, Chinese and Jewish immigrants weren't granted recording status when they were buried. This graveyard has been listed in many movies, including Tombstone, Wyatt Earp and the 1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. The cemetery was begun in 1878 on a sloping hill and was where the majority of the founders and earliest pioneers of Tombstone were laid to rest. According to stories, the cemetery was closed in 1884, with over 250 known graves. Over the decades, the wooden crosses and other types of wooden grave markers have deteriorated and became unreadable, and now no one is sure who is buried where. The cemetery has been the focus of many studies, so that the correct markers could be put with the right graves, using the town's records and charts. In those early days, the majority of people didn't have wallets or identification on their bodies, so the undertaker would place the body on a slab in his front window so that people passing by could identify them if possible. Many were known only by nicknames or identified that way by friends, so it became a very difficult process. After 1884, a new cemetery was opened and called the Tombstone Cemetery and graves were added when needed. In the old cemetery called Boothill, the Chinese were put in one section and the Jewish in another, with the rest of them being lumped up together. One has to wonder why these two groups were separated from the rest? There are many cemeteries in the south that have segregated the black and white people, but, it is one of those mysteries that exists in the west alone. It has been surmised that some of the grave markers at Boothill were stolen as souvenirs, but that is another conjecture and not really fact. They were all originally made of wood and had the names painted on. The city tried to enlist the aid of long time residents to help find and id the graves in 1923 and a Boy Scout troop became involved in cleaning it up. Emmett Nunnelly who had live in the city most of his life tried having it restored to its original condition in the 1940s, and Harry Fulton Olm who owned the famed Bird Cage theater gave steel markers from his plant for the gravestones, which still stand today.   

  • Arizona Sports
    Arizona's professional teams include the Cardinals from Tempe and in the NFL, have played two games so far this year, winning one against the Giants, 24-17 and losing one to the Panthers, 34-17. This great team was started in 1898, and is the oldest continuously run football team in the country. It started in Chicago and was a charter member of the NFL in 1920. The Cardinals and Chicago Bears are the only two franchises still playing. They moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1960 and played there until 1987 when they moved to Tempe, Arizona. They are the current NFC champs and have been in the playoffs 6 times, without ever winning one. Next is the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team from Phoenix and started in 1998, winning the World Series against the Yankees in 2001 in a very exciting series that went all seven games. The Phoenix Rattlers, an arena football team plays in the AFL and has since 1992. They won the Arena Football Championship in 1994 and have been trying to get another since then. The Phoenix Coyotes is the hockey team in the NHL and began their illustrious career as the Winnipeg Jets in 1979, with Bobby Hull leading the team and the fans to new heights. The Jets had played in the WHL and won three AVCO Cup Championships and was admitted to the WHA in 1971 winning the final championship of that association in 1979. In 1995, they are to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota but the contracts are messed up and it moves to Phoenix instead to officially start in the 1996 season. Not to be left out, the Phoenix Mercury women's team wins the WNBA title in 2009, another great venue for the sports fans of Phoenix. And finally the Phoenix Suns, who began playing in 1968 and have been to the NBA finals twice, in 1976 and 1993 and won eight division titles, but never an NBA championship. Maybe this is the year, having won their first four games, they are out for blood and a national championship for sure. There is one obstacle to all this hoopla and that is the Orlando Magic led Dwight Howard, who is also on a roll. The exciting game is to be played tonight in Otown at 7 P.M. We will have to see.

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