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Things to do in Barcelona

  • Barcelona Zoo Barcelona Zoo Barcelona, Spain
    In today's society, the main goal or objective of a zoo is the education of those coming here and the constant research and protection of the endangered species of the world. Barcelona is no different when it comes to that, with veterinary research studies, research in higher primates, adherence to the World Zoo Conservation Strategy, international and European programs that deal with the breeding and preservation of endangered species that are almost extinct and studies involving mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The Barcelona zoo is also available for education programs that allow for the activities of schoolchildren, and out of school activities for children on the weekends and holiday recesses; plus two kinds of programs that are geared towards adults, personnel training courses that lead to future zoo keepers and educational workers; plus educational courses in zoology that can be studied through the school year or during the summer. They also offer marvelous excursions and field trips of special interest to all people. European programs for breeding include the gila monster, Mhorr's gazelle, the black vulture, Rothchild's giraffe, giant anteater, and the pigmy hippopotamus. Programs for recording captive animals include; the mangabeys, bontebok, siamang and greater kudu. Part of their work includes the preservation of endangered species and then bringing them back into nature and these include; the Eurasian otter, cattle egret, Majorcan midwife toad, little egret, Hermann's tortoise, night heron, fallow deer and white stork. The zoo was the home of the world's only albino lowland gorilla, Snowflake, and it is unfortunate for the world and all of its inhabitants that this aging primate passed on in 2003.

  • Monestir de Pedralbes
    The Barcelona Pedralbes Monastery's museum is one of the best examples of Catalan Gothic architecture in the world, and you can see the magnificent legacy that was left by the community of nuns from the order of Saint Clare and the information that has survived through the centuries about their lives. The monastery complex includes the church, and a fantastic three tier cloister that gives access to the various main rooms that surround a large garden area centered in the middle of the cloister. The main rooms include the refectory, the nun's day cells, the dormitory, the chapterhouse, the abbey and one of the nun's cells contains a spectacular mural painting done by Ferrer Bassa. the museum inside contains many marvelous works of art, furniture and religious objects that the nuns have collected over the centuries. The monastery also contains many collections, all pertaining to the solitary lives of the nuns that include items that were brought here when the nuns arrived to join the order or those that were collected or acquired by the nuns to decorate the monastery, and inside the church. These include paintings, goldware, textiles, papers, furniture, ceramics, silverware and parchments.

  • City History Museum
    The city of Barcelona, Spain has two different stories as to how it was started, and the first involves Hercules some 400 years before the city of Rome was built; and the other involves the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, the father of Hannibal, that named the area Barcino after his family, during the 3rd century BC. In 15 BC., Romans came here and redrew the village as a "castrum" or military camp that was centered around the mons taber or small hill that is near the contemporary city hall, Placa de Sant Jaume. While the Romans ruled, it became Faventia or fully, Colonia Faventia Julia Augusta Pia Barcino. Writers have mentioned it in their annals of small towns in the area, but whatever the truth is or was, it continued to grow in wealth and importance. It wasn't involved in the imperial matters or burdens like many growing metropolises, but did make their own coins, as can be attested by the few that have survived from the Galba period. Important Roman ruins were uncovered under the Placa del Rei, also by the entrance to the city museum and the typical Roman grid planning can be seen today in the historical center, Barri Gotic or Gothic quarter. Fragments of Roman walls were built into the cathedral, known as the basilica La Seu that was started in 343 AD. Barcelona was conquered by the Visigoths in the early 5th century, by the Moors in the 8th and reconquered by Charlemagne's son Louis in 801 AD., who then made it the seat of Carolingian Spanish Marches, which had become a buffer zone that was ruled by the Count of Barcelona.  The collection that is housed here includes over 35,200 relics.

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Local Restaurants in Barcelona
  • Ca L'Isidre
    Starters; gazpacho with lobster & sea fruits; grilled mix of mushrooms with white sausage; morels with duck liver cream; fried egg with small white fish; fettuccini wth porcini cream; grilled baby broad beans with baby squids; langostinos raviolis with lime and ginger vinaigrette; spanish ham jabugo; block of foie gras Ca L'Isidre; yellow fin tuna tartar with salmon eggs. Fishes and Seafood; grilled baby octopus; baked seabass; grilled king sea cucumber; fried codfish home style; grilled scampi from Sant Carles; grilled turbot with veggies, baked monkfish with truffle vinaigrette; filet of tuna with tomato coulis; grilled prawns from Palamos. Meats; beef entrecotte grilled; roast baby goat with small onions and white wine; lamb chops roasted with pineapple; lamb brains in black butter; filet with port sauce and truffle; pig trotters stuffed with porcinis, truffle and duck liver; duck liver with tangerine; veal tripes with chickpeas; steak tartar with whisky; filet of beef grilled.  curry tossed with veggies served on rice noodles.

  • Alkimia
    ple dishes; foie gras coca is balsamic glazed leeks, burnt sugar shell, chives; 36 hour galician oxtail is vegetable variations; pan seared scallops with sunchoke, onion escalivada glaze, jamon chips; Iberian suckling pig with apple in two textures, ratafia; mini canolons is roasted penedes chicken bechamel, truffle; bluefish is transparent gazpacho, crispy jamon; pork belly with green apple risotto, rosemary bubbles; wild Mediterranean mullet with fresh samfaina, lemon thyme; arroza banda is grilled baby squid, saffron aioli. Desserts; artisanal cheese with contrasts; watermelon with candied peel, pink peppercorn shaved ice; apricots from the maresme with pistachio cloud, chamomille ice cream; grand cru chocolate is olive oil ice cream, shattered bread and macadamias.

Grilled Baby Octopus Ca L'Isidre Barcelona, Spain

Roasted Lamb Chops Ca L'Isidre Barcelona, Spain


Pan Seared Scallops Alkimia Barcelona, Spain

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