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Things to do in Connecticut

  • Mark Twain House Mark Twain House and Museum Hartford Connecticut
    From 1874 until 1891, Mark Twain or Samuel Langhorne Clemens, lived in this magnificent home in Hartford, Connecticut.  The 19 room Victorian Gothic home became a National Historic Landmark in 1962, and was the site where he wrote some of his best works including; The Gilded Age, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A Tramp Abroad, Huckleberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi and The Prince and the Pauper.  The front hall floor is composed of marble, his bed a decorative Venetian style, the mantel was from a Scottish castle and very intricately carved, Tiffany glass throughout, 7 bedrooms and bathrooms; all set on 3.5 acres of land.  The top floor was the billiards room and Twain's writing study; and off limits to all but the cleaning staff.  There was a big schoolroom on the second floor where Mrs. Clemens taught their children; and the children had an area for themselves with a nursery and the classroom was also used as a playroom.  It was an ornate house for the day and no one is sure how much was spent on the total amount.  It was purchases with Mrs. Clemens inheritance money.  After The Adventures of Tom Sawyer became a big seller, Mark decided to renovate the house and enlisted the services of Louis Comfort Tiffany to oversee the interior decorating of the home.  His neighbors were quite well known in their own right; Harriet Beecher Stowe and Isabella Beecher Hooker.  The house contains over 50,000 articles of historic significance, including; furnishings, manuscripts and photographs.

  • Wadsworth Atheneum
    The oldest public art museum in the nation is the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford Connecticut, as well as being the biggest museum in the state.  The almost 200,000 square foot building is home to fantastic treasures of American and French impressionist paintings, masterpieces, contemporary works, Hudson Rivers school landscapes, early American furniture and decorative arts.  The castle similar building in downtown Hartford was built in 1842, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.  The museum contains about 50,000 works of art, with ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian bronzes, paintings from the Baroque, Renaissance, French and American impressionist periods, 18th century French porcelains, with Meissen and Sevres; early African-American art; early American clothing and decorations, Hudson River School landscapes, historical artifacts and more.  The entire collection contains items from over 5000 years of world history.  Outside the building is a statue of Nathan Hale by Enoch S. Woods and another a bit further is one by Bela Pratt.  A number of firsts were instigated here, among them, the first museum to get works by Salvador Dali, Piet Mondrian, Balthus, Frederic  Church, Michelangelo and many other world famous artists.  The first exhibition of surrealism was opened in 1931, first Picasso retro was in 1934, the world première of the opera Four Saints in Three Acts, by Stein and Thomson and many more.

  • Butler-McCook Homestead
    This is the oldest house still standing in the city of Hartford, built in 1782, and the same family lived in the house until it was donated to the Landmark society in 1971.  The furnishings, antiques, family possessions and Victorian toys are still there, showing the chronological evolution of the American family.  The restored Victorian garden is still as pristine as it was over 2 centuries ago, when first landscaped by Jacob Weidermann.  The family was made up of doctors, missionaries, globe trotters, pioneering educators, social reformers, artists and industrialists.  The Connecticut crafted furniture was made in the state during the Revolution era, and a samurai armor suit was brought back from a trip to Japan.  The families own words have been incorporated into the Main Street History Center's keystone exhibition; when the street was a clapboard neighborhood with taverns and artisan shops into the glitzy glass, steel and stone monoliths that now house financial, governmental, cultural and industrial companies.

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Mystic Seaport       Mystic Seaport Connecticut
Situated on the banks of the Mystic River and in the city by the sea Mystic, the Museum of American and the Sea is a living maritime museum of history that includes sailing ships, boats, crafts and other memorabilia of a 19th century seafaring village.  With over 60 buildings in their original pristine condition, historically significant and rare, these buildings were moved to a 37 acre site along the waterfront and completely restored.  The museum was built in 1929 as the Marine Historical Association and acquired the Charles W. Morgan in 1941.  It is the last surviving wooden sailing whaler in the world.  It was one of the first living museums in the country with historical buildings and craftsmen showing how everything was done through the years of history.  Many of the ships docked here are the sole type of vessels in the world that are left and sailable.  There are 16 of these wonderful ships left, with four of them being designated National Historic Landmarks.  Another very prominent building in the museum is the Preservation Shipyard, where the tools and techniques of the times are shown and used to take care of these magnificent vessels.  Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the end of slavery in Great Britain, the Amistad left New Haven in 2007 on a transatlantic journey of 14, 000 miles going to Great Britain, Lisbon, West Africa and the Caribbean taking the same route that the slave ship did so many years ago.

Essex Steam Train and Riverboat
The Valley Railroad Company started in 1868, when James C. Walkeley received a state charter to build and start the company.  He was the president of the Charter Oak Life Insurance Company in Hartford, and had tried in the late 1830s but failed.  During the late 1860s, the survey crews began and since there weren't any major obstructions, the first train ran the line in 1871.  It went through some tough economic times and was taken over by the Hartford and Connecticut Valley Railroad in 1880.  In 1892, the New Haven Railroad took control, and over the next fifty years, saw a steady decline in the business.  The last train ran in 1968 when the railroad company failed, and the state took control in 1969.  It leased the line to the Valley Railroad Company in 1970 and by the next year, the railroad was steaming up and down the lines.  The riverboat steams up and down the Connecticut River Valley giving wonderful  views of the valley's gorgeous landscapes and scenes.  The MV Becky Thatcher is 70 feet and a Mississippi style riverboat that will take 220 people on a grand sightseeing tour.  You will take a 30 minute ride on the train to get to the boat landing.  It is a wonderful excursion for the day and will take you back in time to the easy going days of yesterday.

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Restaurants in Connecticut
  • The Copper Beech Inn
    This beautiful inn is close by the Connecticut River and the Long Island Sound, with majestic views and incredible scenes of what a authentic New England town looks like.  The historic inn features 22 guest rooms with antiques, oriental rugs and rich textured furniture and fabrics.  The AAA four diamond restaurant, with over 4000 bottles of the finest vintage anywhere in the country, will get you ready for a delightful day among the magnificent forests, valleys and quaint villages along the river and valley.  The cuisine is outstanding and uses the freshest New England grown ingredients that have that unbelievable flavor that only the brisk fall mornings can penetrate the exciting flavors of the foods harvested here.  The first course offers; a watercress salad with Shelburne cheddar cheese, apples, almonds, arugula and fennel; another is the spring pea soup with braised bacon, carrot salad and cardamom vinaigrette; the second course offers; grilled cheese sandwich with oxtail, pleasant ridge reserve cheese, smoked mushrooms, horseradish foam and black truffles; or divers scallops with pea puree, mustard crust and glazed baby onions.  Some of the fantastic entrees include; poached lobster with black rice risotto, ramps and salsify; or striped bass with spring garlic and marcona almond puree, ricotta gnocchi, sorrel and morels; or prime New York strip with truffled potato discs, wild ramps and mushrooms and black currant bordelaise.  A scrumptious menu that deserves a great salute.

  • Hawthorne Inn
    The Hawthorne Inn in Berlin, Connecticut is an icon in the New England area and the restaurant has earned numerous culinary awards for their special cuisine.  Chosen as the Connecticut Magazine's 2008 Readers' Choice Restaurant Award for the best prime rib in the state, this extensive menu includes such succulent meats as; lamb, poultry, seafood, and beef.  Some of the wonderful drinks offered include; key lime martini, apple martini, almond joy, pomegranate martini and lemon drop martini.  Appetizers and soups include; famous Hawthorne cottage cheese dip with assorted crackers; fried mozzarella, baked stuffed clams; baked onion soup au gratin or crock of soup du jour; and hot sampler with clams casino, mushroom cap, baked stuffed clams and crab cakes.  The salads offered; Hawthorne special with iceberg and romaine with tomato, cucumber, onion and green pepper tossed with oil, vinegar and Gorgonzola cheese; pear and pecan with sliced pears, leaf lettuce, red onion, goat cheese, frosted pecans and raspberry vinaigrette.  The famous prime rib is offered in 11 ounce junior, king 16 ounces and extra large cut at 32 ounces with au jus and baked potato.  Poultry, pork and more offers; chicken piccata, stuffed pork tenderloin or rack of lamb.  Fish and shellfish offer; baked stuffed shrimp, baked stuffed Maine lobster tail, broiled wild salmon or pan seared sea scallops.  A wonderful menu that will tantalize your taste buds.

       Copper Beech Inn Ivoryton Connecticut
   Copper Beech Inn Ivoryton Connecticut



 Stuffed Maine Lobster Hawthorne Inn Berlin Connecticut

Prime Rib Hawthorne Inn Berlin Connecticut

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  • Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center Connecticut
    The museum will give you a wonderful experience of life through 18,000 years of history, Native and natural with two libraries containing information on the cultures and histories of all Native Indian tribes in the United States and Canada.  With life size dioramas transporting you into the past, changing exhibits that show you the reality of life and live performances that thrill you with their arts and cultures of centuries; you will be amazed.  The natural world will take you from the past, 18,000 years ago and bring you forward through glaciers and the land; early mammals of the northeast; mysteries of the megafauna, 17 to 14,000 years ago, 14 to 12,000 years, 12 to 10,000, 10 to 8,000 years, 8000 to 4000, 4000 to 350 years ago and then 350 years ago to the present.  The society and culture portion of the museum will take you through the ancient hunting communities, a family in 1500, the early fur trade that helped build this country and helped with the discovery of much of it, explaining why the Europeans came over here, impacts of diseases, what happened after the Pequot war, the land grant, Natives and Christianity, holding onto the land and the new generation of leaders.  The Native lifeways explain and show all the tools, lifestyles, agriculture, clothing and transportation methods of the Native Pequot Indians.  The main exhibit galleries hold the most mesmerizing of all the exhibits and will enthrall you; giving you a lot to think about in our lives and cultures.

  • Old Lighthouse Museum
    The old lighthouse museum was once a beacon for ships coming into Stonington by Long Island Sound.  It was built on the point in 1823 and stood 30 feet high with a big lantern that held ten oil lamps and parabolic reflectors.  It was seen 12 miles out in the ocean, but storms and erosion took its toll, and in 1840, the lighthouse was taken down and moved to its present site, where it was used until 1889.  In 1927, it became a museum of the historical society with 6 rooms full of marvelous relics that showcase the lives of the shipbuilders, farmers, pottery makers, blacksmith, merchants and fishermen that worked and lived in this area centuries ago.

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  • Fort Griswold Battlefield State ParkFort Griswold Battlefield State Park Connecticut
    In the Revolutionary War, the city of New London was the home port of many privateers that harassed the British supply ships trying to bring their cargoes into New York City, where the British were stationed.  The booty or cargos were brought to the warehouses in New London and stored there until something could be done to move it.  These huge warehouses brought great wealth to the merchants and ship owners that called the city home.  In 1781, the city needed a fort to protect it from any invading English ships, however, the biggest structure in progress was the one called Fort Trumbull, but it  was unfinished.  Somewhat further along, but on the opposite shore was Fort Griswold, which had a great view of the harbor and countryside, but not an up-to-date or effective fort.  But it was in decent condition in 1781 and the magazines were full.  That summer, the British wanted to distract Washington from his goal of marching south, so they decided to start a diversion in New London which was a big supply center, and destroy the rebel pirate ships.  Benedict Arnold was given the task, having just deserted the Americans the year before.  On September 6, 1781, the British invaded the city and destroyed most of it with fires.  Colonel Eyre, the English commander sent a message to the fort to surrender, but Colonel Ledyard declined.  The message was resent with the understanding that no quarter would be given.  The answer was the same and the British advanced on the fort, but artillery fire killed many and wounded more.  The well trained and disciplined troops kept going and soon hand to hand combat was happening.  They made their way into the fort and Colonel Eyre told his men to stop fighting, but men on both sides continued. Two different versions have been told, but the Americans said that the colonel surrendered his sword and was killed with it and the rest of the defenders murdered.  The British denied this.

  • General William Hart House
    Once the home of General William Hart, this 1767 home is where the Old Saybrook Historical Society resides.  Listed on the National Register of Historical Places the beautiful Georgian home contains most of its original architecture and has two chimneys, one on each side of the house, that service the eight interior corner fireplaces.  General Hart was an accomplished rider and merchant trading with the West Indies.  During the Revolutionary War, he took the First Regiment of Connecticut Light Horse militia to Danbury fighting in the Tryons raid.  He also armed his ships and began privateering the British ships in the area.

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  • American Clocks & Watch Museum Bristol ConnecticutAmerican Clock & Watch Museum 
    In the clock making town of Bristol, Connecticut, you will be immersed in the thousands of clocks and watches that will bring you through the history of watch and clock making.  These beautiful and exquisite timepieces will remind you of the past or other experiences that have happened in your lifetime.  This is described as the best collection of American made clocks and watches anywhere.  There are also some of the foreign designs.  Step inside and listen to the sounds of ticking, chiming and striking that goes on every 15 minutes of the day.  The museum and research library are housed in the Miles Lewis homestead, with the Ebenezer Barnes wing of historical review and showpieces, while the modern items are housed in the Edward Ingraham wing.  A historical early American sundial graces the garden with magnificent wildflowers and herbs adding to the seasonal displays of color.  The home was built in 1802, and purchased in 1953, with the original character and charm of the mansion kept while modifying the stairway to make it safer.  The carriage shed was converted into a caretakers apartment, and the museum was started with the help of Edward Ingraham and various businessmen interested in creating the museum.  When it opened in 1954, there were 300 clocks, few watches and about 50 books.  It was the first museum dedicated to horology.  In 1958, the name was changed to its present one, because of its scope and membership.  In 1956, Fuller Barnes donated funds to create the Barnes wing with its paneling coming from the original 1728 Barnes homestead and the beams coming from the Lewis Clock Company factory in Terryville.  Today it houses over 1500 watches and clocks of every type and description.

  • Noah Webster House
    Located in the city of West Hartford, the Noah Webster house was built in 1748, and sat on 120 acres of farmland.  It was made a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and was the birthplace of the famous lexicographer, and author of the first American dictionary.  His father mortgaged the farm and farmhouse so that Noah could attend Yale University and it was occupied until 1962, when it was donated to the city.  Opening in 1966 containing many items of antiquity that belonged to Noah and many of his early works, including; early editions of Webster's Dictionary of the American Language and Blue-backed spellers; plus glassware, a desk, china and two of his clocks.

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  • Gillette Castle State ParkGillette Castle State Park East Haddam Connecticut
    Set high on a hill overlooking the Connecticut River, the castle was the former home of stage actor, playwright and stage manager William Gillette, who is known for his performances of Sherlock Holmes.  Gillette saw the hill while on his houseboat sailing along the river in 1913.  He went up and saw the incredible views and bought 115 acres of land.  By 1919, the castle was finished at a cost of a million dollars and he designed the castle himself.  It was 5 feet thick at the base and 3 feet at the top, and he designed a trolley to bring the material up the hill.  It took 5 years to construct with 24 rooms and 47 doors; using hand carved puzzle locks that were designed by Gillette also.  The main salon was 30 by 50 feet with ceilings at 19 feet.  A complex design of mirrors were used so that he could stage great entrances at the right moment using these surveillance mirrors.  He called it seven sister and had a small train system built 3 miles long; traveling around the property, over numerous bridges and a tunnel.  He strolled the grounds with famous visitors, like Albert Einstein, Calvin Coolidge and Yukio Ozaki, former mayor of Tokyo. 

  • Sherwood Island State Park
    The park encompasses 235 acres of land in the Green Farms area of Westport, with Mill Pond on the west, and New Creek on the east.  A group of farmers settled the land in the 1600s, and began farming.  Around the same period, Thomas Sherwood and his family arrived and began milling.  In 1787, his descendants settled the island and started a grist mill on Mill Pond, and all through the 1800s, they grew potatoes and onions to be shipped to New York.  The mill declined as the farmers left because the land was farmed out.  In 1914, the state park commission decided it was the only area for a shore park, and in 1914, when the first property was bought, the island became the first and oldest state park in the state.

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