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Fort Lauderdale is the perfect city to explore, party and relax.  And to get around, you need the perfect partner.  Advantage Car Rental is the rental car company that you can trust in Florida

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On your next visit to Florida, Avis Rental Cars will make your visit the best.  Renting a car at Avis is easy and hassle free.  Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your trip and our friendly staff will help.  Get the BEST discounts at Avis Rental Cars.  Start saving money right away by going to our web site and see the GREAT discounts that are offered today.
Avis Discount Offers.
Avis Discounts

Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 600 Terminal Dr. 3rd Flr.

Avis Car Rental Jacksonville Intl. Apt.

 2400 Yankee Clipper Rd.

Miami Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 3900 NW. 25th St.
Avis Car Rental Orlando Intl. Apt. - 1 Apt. Blvd.
Tampa Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars

 4030 George J. Bean Pkwy. Ste. 1109

Things to do in Florida

    Universal's Islands of Adventure Universal's Islands of Adventure Orlando, Florida Wizard's World
    Situated in the city of Orlando, but not in the downtown area that is often quite congested, in fact, more like a world of their own, that the company did construct itself is the best attraction in the city for families that are looking to spend a fantastic day of adventure, excitement and thrills. The park's overall theme is one of a journey of explorations, where you will depart from the main port, or entrance, into six, and now seven, unique islands of adventure. The latest and greatest, of course, is one that the entire world has learned about and that is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that opened in 2010 and became the seventh island. The park welcomed some 4.5 million visitors in 2009, making it number 9 in the United States as far as rankings, but that was before the new adventure of Harry Potter opened, so the numbers will certainly have increased during 2010, although the rest of the nation was going through a difficult economy. The themed islands include; Port of Entry, Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Lost Continent and Seuss Landing. The islands are as exciting as they sound, with plenty of adventures for every member of the family, and not a moment to spare either, because it is a large park, with many places to see and visit, along with a few meals or snacks that are needed to help you keep your energy up to par and more if you're able. It is a fantastic adventure to be sure, and one that really can't be finished in one day, because of the enormous crowds of people that visit here, that in turn, create long lines that wait for each and every ride, although the lines in Potterville is longer than the others since it is a new one, and one that children of all ages desire to see and visit. There is so much to do here that it would be impossible to describe it all at one time, so the best idea would be for you to visit their website, when you have some time and peruse it at your leisure; but be sure to do it before you come so you aren't one of those families that is left standing around in one spot for a few minutes trying to decide where to head first and how to get there. Be sure to get a map that shows all the sights that you want to see and then chose the ones that you believe to be less crowded, because the best ones will fill up with long lines right off the bat and you may spend half the morning or day waiting in line for a chance to see Harry Potter. There are plenty of places to see and rides to visit, so that you'll never be disappointed unless you don't get to visit or ride what you really wanted to in the first place. Wear very comfortable shoes, and not open shoes, like flip flops, since you might be riding those outrageous Twin Dragons that will tear off any shoes not tied to your feet. Wear clothes in layers if it is in the seasons other than summer, which is hot, humid and hot. Be sure to bring a lot of lotion, suntan lotion for you and your family as it will be worn off within a couple of hours and will need to be reapplied. Bring one of those light ponchos for rain and bring a backpack so you can put extra socks and clothes in it. And hey, have a great time!

Budget rent a car Florida

Budget Rent-A-Car  is one of the best rental car businesses in the industry.  Budget has the best customer service staff in the car rental business that are friendly and courteous.  Budget also has the printable coupons that help you SAVE money with better rates.
Budget Printable Coupons

Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 600 Terminal Dr. 4th Flr.
Budget Car Rental Jacksonville Apt.
 2400 Yankee Clipper Rd.
Miami Intl. Apt. Budget Rental Cars  
3900 NW 25th St. Ste. 403

Budget Car Rentals Orlando Intl. Apt. 
 1 Apt. Blvd. Terminals A & B
Tampa Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 4030 George Bean Pkwy. Ste. 1109

    Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville, Florida
    The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville is well known as MOCA Jacksonville and is a cultural resource for the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida that is now one of the biggest contemporary art facilities in the southeastern United States, with exhibitions of regional, national and international artists. It was started in 1924 as the Jacksonville Fine Arts Society, and was the first institution in the region devoted to the visual arts. It would be incorporated in 1948 as the Jacksonville Art Museum and in 1978 would become accredited by the AAM. It would move into its permanent home in 1999, the old historic Western Union Telegraph Building on Hemming Plaza and be renamed to its current name that same year. There are six floors that total some 60,000 square feet of display space, with a museum shop, the Cafe Nola, educational rooms, a theater/auditorium and the galleries. The museum has grown into the cornerstone of the downtown revitalization and has enjoyed excellent growth and quality. It contains 800 outstanding pieces of magnificent artworks and includes works by Ed Parchke, Joan Mitchell, Hans Hofmann and James Rosenquist, along with many other great contemporary artists. The museum would become part of the university in 2009 so that it could become part of the college's resources. MOCA primarily collects works that were produced from 1960 to the current day and includes works of photography, prints, sculpture and paintings. Other famous artists works housed here include; Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Longo, Alex Katz, Helen Frankenthaler, Philip Pearlstein, Jules Olitski, Jim Dine and Paul Jenkins.

Enterprise rent- a- car Florida

The BIGGEST savings are waiting at Enterprise Rent-A-Car for your next vacation or trip.  Enterprise will give you the best selection of new quality cars to choose from and the best staff to help you with that decision.  Check out the Enterprise GREAT savings and see.
Enterprise Savings

Ft. Lauderdale Consl. Enterprise Rental Car
 600 Terminal Dr. Ste. 404

Enterprise Car Rental JAX Apt. - 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr.
Miami Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - 3900 NW. 25th St.
Enterprise Car Rental Orlando Apt. - 9400 Apt. Blvd.
Tampa Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - 4030 George Bean Pkwy.

Local Restaurants in Florida

    Sette Bello Ristorante Ft. Lauderdale
    Pasta entrees; linguine con vongole is little neck clams in garlic wine sauce; Sofia's gnocchi is housemade potato gnocchi with pomodoro sauce & fresh mozzarella; bucatini amatriciana is slow cooked San Marzano tomatoes, pancetta, onions & pecorino cheese; penne integrale shrimp, spinach & sundried tomatoes sautéed with garlic & olive oil with whole wheat penne; vitella, pollo, e carne pizzaiola scallopine sautéed with tomatoes, garlic & oregano served with spaghetti; veal chop parmigiana served with side of pasta; free range chicken scarpariello roasted with sausage, olives, mushrooms, pepperoncini & fire roasted peppers in aged balsamic wine sauce; on the bone chicken cacciatore sautéed with mushrooms, onions & red peppers with fresh oregano & pomodoro sauce; chicken Milanese breaded chicken breast, pan fried topped with salad; bistecca fiorentina 14oz. dry aged angus NY strip steak grilled & topped with sautéed wild mushrooms & onions served with roasted potatoes & veggies; scampi jumbo shrimp sautéed with fresh garlic in a lemon wine sauce served with rapini; fra diavolo sautéed prawns with garlic & spicy pomodoro sauce over capellini; ai ferri grilled jumbo shrimp, citrus marinated & served with baby arugula.

    The Oceanaire in Orlando
    Entrees; shrimp scampi served with tomatoes, garlic & olive oil linguine; Chesapeake Bay style crab cakes with creamy mustard mayonnaise; baked stuffed shrimp with crabmeat stuffing with creamy linguini pasta; Black & bleu Mexican red grouper dirty with caramelized onions & bleu cheese butter; baked stuffed flounder stuffed with baby bay shrimp, blue crab & brie cheese; sesame crusted Indian ocean bigeye tuna with wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger & ocean salad; seafood mixed grill is grilled fish, shrimp, scallops & baked stuffed shrimp with dirty rice & grilled asparagus; grilled steak & shrimp is sliced beef tender, asparagus & béarnaise; cioppino is San Francisco's fisherman's stew; old fashioned fried jumbo shrimp with matchstick fries; fish & chips are beer battered served with matchstick fries; pan roasted whole Mediterranean bronzoni with little neck clams, mussels, garlic & fresh herbs; grilled jerk Costa Rican swordfish with pineapple salsa & cilantro oil; seared Ecuadorian mahi mahi Louie is topped with jumbo lump crab meat & lemon caper butter sauce.


Veal Chop Parmigiana Sette Bello Ristorante Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Chicken Cacciatore Sette Bello Ristorante Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



 Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes The Oceanaire Orlando, Florida





Hertz Car Rental Florida and Hertz Rental Cars have teamed up to give their customers the most cheap locations in the rental car business.  Hertz has more cheap locations around the nation that HELP.
Hertz Cheap Locations

Hertz Rental Cars Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Apt.- 600 Terminal Dr.
Jacksonville Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental
 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr.

Hertz Rental Car Miami Intl. Apt.- 3900 NW. 25th St. Ste. 410
Orlando Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 1 Apt. Blvd.

Hertz Rental Car Tampa Intl. Apt.- 5503 W. Spruce St.

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Miami, Florida
    Vizcaya, or the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens as it is known now is a magnificent landmark villa and estate of the former businessman James Deering of the Deering McCormick-International Harvester fortune, that is situated on the Biscayne Bay in the Coconut district of Miami, Florida. This elegant early 20th century estate includes; native woodland landscaping, the beautiful extensive Italian renaissance gardens and the historical village outbuildings complex. Miami-Dade County owns the estate now, which had originally 180 acres of shoreline mangrove swamps and thick inland native tropical forests. Deering was a conservationist and wanted the development of his estate to be constructed along the shore line so that the forests would be protected and not bothered in any way. The marvelous villa would be constructed between 1914 and 1919, but the gardens and village would be continued until they were finished in 1923. In the period around WWI, supplies and building tradesmen would be difficult to acquire in the state, but since the villa was adapted for the subtropical ecoregion, entwining the historical European aesthetic traditions into its dense growth. Deering would use the villa as his winter residence from 1919 until his passing in 1925. His advisor, collaborator and major visionary in creating the entire estate would be Paul Chaflin, a former art curator, interior designer and painter who would become the project's manager, as he assisted Deering in his art collections, his purchase of antiquities and architectural designs of the project. Deering passed in September, 1925, onboard the steamship SS City of Paris on its way back to the states, and after his death, he would bequest the estate to his two nieces, Ely Deering McCormick Danielson and Marion Chauncey Deering McCormick. As the years rolled by and the hurricanes took their toll, the two ladies would start selling off the surrounding land and outer gardens, and in 1945, they would donate important parts of the estate to the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Augustine, Florida and Miami's Mercy Hospital. Just fifty acres surrounding the villa and outbuildings, along with the formal gardens would be kept, until 1952, when the county would acquire the beautiful estate for a million dollars. Deering heirs would donate the villa's furnishings and antiquities to the County Museum, and the estate would open in 1953 as the Dade County Art Museum.

Alamo Car Rentals Florida

Get the BEST discounts and help for you and your family from Alamo Rental Cars on your next vacation.  Alamo will get you the best deals in the car rental business.  Alamo has the BIGGEST discounts online now.
Alamo Discounts
Alamo discounts 

Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 600 Terminal Dr.

Alamo Car Rentals Jacksonville Apt.
 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr.

Miami Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 3900 NW. 25th St.
Alamo Car Rentals Orlando Intl. Apt. - 1 Apt. Rd.
Tampa Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 4030 George J. Bean Pkwy.

    Bonnet House Museum and GardensBonnett House Museum and Gardens Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    The Bonnet House is also called the Bartlett Estate and located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. It would originally be acquired by Hugh Taylor Birch in 1895 for a wedding gift to his daughter, Helen and her husband, artist Frederic Clay Bartlett in 1919. Bartlett would have a plantation style house constructed on the property and then winter there with his wife and child from a previous marriage, named Frederic Jr. Helen would pass on in 1925, and then Bartlett would marry Evelyn Fortune Lilly, the ex-wife of Eli Lilly, continuing to use the house as a winter residence until Bartlett passed in 1953. Evelyn would continue to live there until her passing in 1997, however, she had deeded the estate to the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation in 1983 that now operates the historic house museum. The house has many temporary exhibits displayed throughout it, with frequent lectures, impressions and music series being provided to the community there. The house contains all the original furnishings and ephemera, as if the owners had just stepped out for a moment. Some of the most extraordinary pieces include a rare set of Davenport dessert plates that were made in Staffordshire, England, an outstanding veiled bust by the Italian sculptor, G. B. Lombardi and a big beautiful collection of Spode china that was made in the highly sought-after design of Indian Sporting. What makes this house extra special is that the owner was a gifted artist, with many of his excellent offerings located around the house, that includes murals and faux painting that is spread around the main house. Frederic was more than just a gifted painter, he was also an astute collector, so he and his wife Helen would acquire a priceless collection of paintings that includes Georges Seurat's pointillist masterpiece, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Paul Gauguin's Day of the Gods and Pablo Picasso's The Old Guitarist. Besides being an artist, avid collector and connoisseur of the good things in life, Frederic soon discovered that his third wife, Evelyn, was a gifted painter in her own right and with his encouragement, she would begin painting prolifically for five years in 1933, and her works would be featured in gallery exhibits in New York, Indianapolis and Boston, and today are showcased in the Bonnet House's Carl J. Weinhardt gallery.

Thrifty Car Rental Florida

  Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business for many years.   Thrifty Rental Car have more cheap locations that offer GREAT deals.  Thrifty has so many cheap locations in the nation that you are sure to get the BEST deals around.
 Thrifty Cheap Locations

Ft. Lauderdale Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 600 Terminal Blvd.
Thrifty Car Rental Jacksonville Intl. Apt.
 2400 Yankee Clipper Rd.
Miami Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 3900 NW. 25th St.
Thrifty Car Rental Orlando Intl. Apt.- 9302 Apt. Blvd.

Tampa Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Tampa Intl. Apt.

    Henry B. Plant MuseumHenry B. Plant Museum Tampa, Florida
    The Henry B. Plant Museum can be seen in the south wing of Plant Hall that had been part of the Tampa Bay Hotel, and sits on the campus of the University of Tampa concentrating on the turn of the 20th century Victorian lifestyle that had been that of the old hotel's guests. It showcases the elegance of the Gilded Age and the start of Florida's thriving tourist industry, and is open to the public. It would become a National Historic Landmark in 1972. The huge hotel was constructed by railroad mogul, Henry B. Plant, at a cost of more than $2.5 million and believed to be the most elaborate of the eight hotels that Henry constructed to anchor his railroad line. It spans six acres and is a quarter mile long, equipped with the first elevator in the state and it is still in use today. There are 511 rooms, but some of them are suites that contain anywhere from five to seven rooms themselves. These rooms would be the first in the state to have electric lights and telephones, with the majority having private bathrooms, with a full size tub. It was constructed of concrete steel reinforced and advertised as being fireproof because of that. The grounds themselves would cover 150 acres and included a casino, golf course, bowling alley and racetrack, as well as an indoor heated swimming pool. All total, there are 21 structures on the hotel's property that used a Moorish revival architectural style and chosen by Plant since it's exotic appeal would be favored by the widely traveled Victorians that came here to visit. It has six minarets, three domes and four cupolas, and in the 1990s would be restored to their stainless steel state. During its operations from 1891 to 1930, it would welcome thousands of guests and hundreds of celebrities. When the Spanish-American War started, Plant convinced the US military to make use of his hotel as a base of operations. The hotel would host generals and other high-ranking officials that would use the rooms to stage military invasion strategies, during which time, the enlisted men would use the grounds for their camps. One Colonel Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders would stay there before heading to Cuba, while Teddy had a suite and during the day would lead his troops in battle exercises on the grounds. Other famous visitors during the heyday included; Babe Ruth, the Prince of Wales, Sarah Bernhardt, Stephen Crane and Clara Barton, as well as many others. The babe would sign his first major league baseball contract in the Grand Dining Room, and according to the local stories here, he would hit his longest home run at the old Tampa Fairgrounds Stadium that was also located on the grounds. It is a very interesting and beautiful estate to visit and spend some time, just wandering the halls and other places in the hotel that had been the place of such exalted visitors.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Florida

Dollar Rent-A-Car has the new printable coupons where you can SAVE big money.  You know that you will get the best deal on a quality vehicle when you use a company that has a name like Dollar. Now is the BEST time to check out the printable coupons from Dollar.
Dollar Printable Coupons

Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 600 Terminal Dr.

Dollar Rental Car Jacksonville Intl. Apt. - JAX Intl. Apt.
Miami Intl. Apt. Dollar Rental Car  - 3900 NW. 25th St.
Dollar Rental Car Orlando Intl. Apt. - 9201 Apt. Blvd.
Tampa Intl. Apt. Dollar Rental Car  - 5503 W. Spruce St.

    de la Cruz Collectionde la Cruz Collection Miami, Florida
    The de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space can be found in the design district of Miami, Florida, opening in 2009 when the Art Basel Miami Beach was held, actually becoming an extension of Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz's home, which is where their magnificent collection is located, and is still free for viewing by the public. The collection is still continuing with their educational mission, providing student workshops, permanent installations, rotating displays, site-specific projects and lectures series that are held during the year. Carlos' mother, Dolores Suero Falla, was painted by the famous painter Salvador Dali in 1955 and inspired the 2010-2011 exhibition about surrealism and offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the magnificent painting and the relationship it has with the other works of that genre. Artists that have been included in this outstanding exhibition include a who's who of contemporary artists that do include more of Dali's works, as well as artists like Carlos Alfonzo, Rachel Harrison, Sigmar Polke, David Altmejd, Jim Hodges, Ugo Rondinone, Alex Hubbard, Jorge Pardo, Sterling Ruby, Sarah Braman, Alistair Frost, Nick Lobo, Diego Singh and many more.  Carlos is a Cuban-American businessman that just happens to be the chairman of the Board of CC1 Companies, Inc. that includes Coca-Cola Bottlers Trinidad and Tobago, Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers and CC1 Beer Distributors, Inc.; which all together employ some 2500 employees and have a yearly sales of $800 million. He has received many awards for his charitable works, and enjoys deep sea fishing and collecting contemporary art. So much so, that he and his wife, Rosa, own one of the 200 top private art collections in the world today. 

National Rental Cars Florida

National Car Rentals will get you on the road quickly and without any hassles.  National Car Rental is offering the BIGGEST savings in their history.  Check out the HUGE National savings deals today.
National Savings.

Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 

 600 Terminal Dr.

National Rental Car Jacksonville Intl. Apt. 
 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr.

Miami Intl. Apt. National Car Rental - 3900 NW. 25th St.
Orlando Intl. Apt. National Rental Car Rental 
 Orlando Intl. Apt.
Tampa Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 
 4030 George J. Bean Pkwy.